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So, you’re dead. But because you believed in your religion you are aware and in what you would call heaven.

That’s your belief. But what are the facts as we can see them? Are there things that we have studied or observations that we have that can tell us about what happens next? Actually, there are.

That you, are just information. That information is your memory, your morals, your situation, how you feel. All the religions say the same thing and call it a soul. This is all structured information within you and within the cloud. You are after all nothing but information. So, your specific piece of information meets…

A being of light. While there are myriad religious images showing angels and light this description comes from people who have died and been resuscitated. This would amount to eye witness accounts but that type of thinking would have to be quickly dismissed by real scientists. But how would real scientists look at all the information? What would that collective look of not just life after death but consciousness looks like? What would you think?

So that is what this atlas is, a series of maps that are interconnected, what connects them is what our collective consciousness says our reality is. What the common story is across all faiths, races, and peoples. Here is that Icon:

So, we are met by a being of light, may or may not meet relatives and after our initial arrival are brougth to the processing center. This is what you encounter. This is the administration and processing procedure of the afterlife that you will process through for those choosing to be reborn, or if you will, reincarnated. The indication from all sources seems to indicate you can choose to be reincarnated or not. So, let’s assume you want to be reincarnated. Here is the process.

1- Departure from earth after your death
2- Homecoming-meeting people you know in the afterlife
3- Orientation-adjusting to a condition of non-local consciousness
4- Transition-arriving at your home group of souls
5- Placement-There are 6 levels of souls that indicate advancement
6- Life Selection-Choosing your new life on earth
7- Choosing a new body-not just gender but health and condition
8- Preparation for embarkation-connecting with a group of souls you will be traveling with
9- Rebirth

You are going to follow this path from your death to your next life in a moment. First, I want to explain the sources from which this information is taken. Then we will continue on your journey. This information was not culled from religious literature but rather scientific observations.

There were 3 types used. First is NDE’s near death experiences, second is children who remember prior lives and third is past life regression. You could dismiss these stories as they have been in the past, but as information processing has grown, we no longer can. The odds against chance calculations we use to determine our reality from the sun coming up tomorrow morning, to batting averages to stock prices tell us this is our reality. Let’s explain what these things are and give examples of each.

For NDE’s take the case of Mellen-Thomas Benedict, in 1982 Mellen-Thomas Benedict dies and for nearly 2 hours was monitored with no vital signs. His story of his afterlife experience is full and complete and matches other NDE stories but his particularly, because he was “dead” for so long, contains more information. Early on this type of story was easy to dismiss, even though it supported the concept of an afterlife and heaven, but it seems there are hundreds of millions of NDE’s regardless of race or gender telling the same story. Raymond Moody’s the cardiologist question still stands to this day. How could all these people who don’t know each other telling the same lie?’ So, we have millions of people experiencing what they call a religious or spiritual event, when in actuality they are non-locally conscious.

A word about being non locally conscious, we all have it and experience it in greater and lesser degrees based on our own appreciation of what it is and how to use it. Another category that experiences non local consciousness is Children who remember prior lives.

Well conducted studies indicate that about 4.2% of Americans have reported a near death experience. The population of America is about 328 million people so about 14 million people have reported NDE’s. But research has revealed that most people do not immediately report an NDE experience so that would indicate this number is much higher. If we extrapolate this to the global population of 7.5 billion, we have more than 300 million people experiencing NDE’s.

For Children who remember prior lives take the case of Suzanne Ghanem who claimed she was Hanan Monsour.

Suzanne Ghanem was able to identify fifteen separate relatives and their relation to her prior incarnation. The odds against chance of this happening are exceptionally high, the equivalent of 15 heads coming up in a row in coin flips.

The higher the odds against chance, the more probable it is this is our reality, even if it is unaccepted within the structure of our understanding. Her odds against chance doing this as a child is off the charts.

When Hanan was twenty, she married Farouk Monsour, a member of a well-to do Lebanese family. Ten days after Hanan died, Suzanne Ghanem was born. Suzanne Identified & Named 13 Past Life Family Members By the time she was two, she had mentioned the names of her other children, her husband, Farouk, and the names of her parents and her brothers from the previous lifetime-thirteen names in all. In trying to locate Suzanne’s past life family, acquaintances of the Ghanems made inquiries in the town where the Monsours lived. When they heard about the case, the Monsours visited Suzanne. The Monsours were initially skeptical about the girl’s claims. They became believers when Suzanne identified all of Hanan’s relatives, picking them out and naming them accurately. Suzanne also knew that Hanan had given her jewels to her brother Hercule in Virginia, prior to her heart surgery, and that Hanan instructed her brother to divide the jewelry among her daughters. No one outside of the Monsour family knew about the jewels. Before she could read or write, Suzanne scribbled a phone number on a piece of paper. Later, when the family went to the Monsour’s home, they found that the phone number matched the Monsour’s number, except that the last two digits were transposed.

As Suzanne, Hanan was reunited with the Monsours, her past life family, and demonstrated love and affection for Farouk, her past life husband. For them to accept her as Hanan, Suzanne had to not just identify them but communicate little known facts about her prior life.

The math: the odds against chance that a child between the ages of 2 and 4 as she grew through this experience are simply so hi we have to accept this as true, even though most people can’t. That is what this map is about, recalculating what we think about consciousness against all the new things we are learning.

For past life regression take the case of the actor Glen Ford who not only remembered a prior life as a music teacher, he remembered the town in Scotland where he lived, his name, and went to the town and found the grave stone. The man whose gravestone it was, was a music teacher who lived the life that Ford described.

When Ford was approached about a movie about Dutch psychic Peter Hurkos, he decided he should first study the topic. So, the fiftyfour-year-old actor witnessed some demonstrations by Hurkos and interviewed experts, and in December 1975 he underwent three past-life hypnosis sessions during which he described what appeared to be five previous lives he had led. Dr. Maurice Benjamin conducted the experiment before witnesses with a tape recorder running. The hypnotized actor was regressed back to childhood and beyond, and he described what were presumed to be memories of past lives. In the earliest experience, Ford described himself as a bachelor music teacher named Charles Stewart of Elgin, Scotland, who had died in 1892. Stewart had loved horses but had hated his job teaching music to young schoolgirls. While being questioned about his life as Stewart, Ford agreed to demonstrate his musical skills and played passages from Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach. Ford later listened to the tapes of the interview with interested skepticism. He shared Stewart’s love of horses and had, since his early years, been considered a natural with the animals. On the other hand, he could not play the piano. His own theory was that perhaps Stewart’s antipathy to music and love for horses had carried over to him.

Levels of organization in the afterlife as described by multiple people and situations which are calculated as odds against chance. This means by that calculation this is our reality. This is just our first step though in our travel through the maps of this atlas.

Here are those icons:

Those 3 observations, things we see, can’t explain, support our common religious and by the measures we use to judge what our reality is tell us the common narrative is our reality means this is proof that our consciousness transcends our deaths and there is an afterlife.

Now here is the rub, what we are seeing with this idea is a mapping of that conscious afterlife and an emerging scientific understanding of it. To accept this new idea, one has to understand why and how. With our emerging knowledge of information processing a process is emerging that will make us challenge our beliefs and modify our global and individual actions based on this new information and understanding of it.

So instead of thinking you are body that has a soul, or a soul who inhabits a body think of yourself as nothing but information. That’s all you are, organized information. That information stays organized whether you have a body or not.

The math calculated as odds against chance across these 3 categories using a meta-analysis means this is true and a certainty:

What we find is that when we lay our common religious experiences over our common observations:

We get the following bullet points that affects us all equally.

You will live multiple lives. At some point if you wish to stop reincarnating you can. It is said you learn more and faster if you reincarnate but it is not a requirement.

When you die you are not judged but evaluated, and you are part of that evaluation process

It does not matter what religion you are or if you do not believe in a religion at all. You can change religion from life to life.

It does not matter if you follow the religious law of a specific religion rigorously or not and it does not matter if you change religions, what matters is that you are a good person.

Souls change gender, younger souls tend to reincarnate in one gender predominantly but older souls split their lives 50/50 between genders.

How would this information if accepted as the truth change the world right now? Apostasy, blasphemy and celibacy would have to be written out of religious law by forward thinking clerics. If you don’t think that is possible the Pope has now accepted the fact that we might meet aliens. Would you have thought a pope would have said that 30 years ago? Things change, this is about figuring out and keeping pace with that change.

So we have seen that our observations support the religious view that there is an afterlife and that the odds against chance calculations say this is a certainty. An Atlas is a group of charts or map and to draw them we must cut and measure.

To do this we must see if the narrative of our hypothesis is a fractal of our real-life observations. Let start with transgenders. For the next diagram all you need to know about transgender people is that they exist and are self-determinant. That means they self-identify.

There are other categories to add to this emerging map of intersections that our consciousness compartmentalizes. That is people who are transgender. We see them in our reality present, but the narratives of how that conscious awareness occurs is in the narratives of our observations group.

So how does all this work? Five hundred years ago we would have said magic or god. Today we say data management.

So how does data management enter into the afterlife and belief. We can run experiments to see if prayer works.

Let’s explain it this way, you were built with matter called cells, they were built with atoms and they were built with quantum particles which are not particles at all but vibrating bits of energy. That energy is organized into you. That energy is a quantum state where both life and consciousness exit in another form. But still you.

Now I want to introduce you to Stephan Schwartz and we are going to skim his paper the 6 Protocols and I want to thank him personally for allowing me to do it. His comments are in bold

A group of disciplines focuses on the local mind: the neuroscience, the physiological mechanics of an organism’s consciousness. These scientists are often not interested in nonlocal consciousness and, indeed, may believe it could not exist. Yet by pushing forward to the edge of the physical, they have begun to unravel how the nonlocal becomes local in spite of themselves because nonlocal awareness projects itself into the physiology of their consciousness research.

This is because matter/chemistry/biology is built on physics as I explained before Stephan began.

Another new subdiscipline, posits the following: life is a molecular process; molecular processes operate under quantum rules. Thus, life must be a quantum process. Experimental evidence is beginning to accumulate that this quantum view of life processes is correct.

Now all of this consciousness science turns on Plank’s assertion of 1934? That consciousness is fundamental and matter is derivative. That means you were conscious before you were born and don’t remember, in fact those memories fade in children who remember prior lives by the time they are 7 or even sooner, for some they never forget. Back to Stephan.

Exploring Planck’s assertion is work that explicitly studies nonlocal consciousness through experimentation. These studies fall basically into two categories: nonlocal perception, the acquisition of information that could not be known through psychological sense perception and nonlocal perturbation, consciousness directly affecting matter, including therapeutic intention/ healing. Today there are six stabilized parapsychological protocols used in laboratories around the world exploring these two categories of phenomena. Under rigorous double or triple blind, randomized and tightly controlled conditions, each of these six has independently produced six sigma results; six sigma is one in a billion-1,009,976,678-or the 99.9999990699 percentile

To the non-scientist this means it is 100% certain. Here are 6 areas we are studying:

A double or triple blind protocol in which a participant is given a task that can be accomplished only through nonlocal perception, the acquisition of information that could not be known with the normal physiological senses because of shielding by time or space or both. Sitting in a room 2000 miles away, in answer to the question “Please describe the current circumstances and conditions of the target couple,” you could not know they were at that moment standing beneath a waterfalls in the mountains of Columbia standing next to the water surrounded by greenery, watching two flying parrots. But nonlocal perception can and has provided just such information many thousands of times under conditions that even skeptics have had to acknowledge are impeccable.

A protocol similar in intent to remote viewing in which an individual in a state of sensory deprivation provides verifiable information about film clips being shown at another location.

A measurable psychophysical response that occurs before actual stimulation, such as the dilation of a participant’s pupils while staring at monitor screen before the pictures appears.
Or, it is a change in brain function before a noise is heard.
Many protocols also involve time dislocation to the past or future to be successful. It is routine today to do remote viewing experiments in which the session data are collected and judged against a randomly chosen target set before the target in that set is randomly selected.

The REG protocol is actually two major protocols. The first constitutes studies in labs where an individual intends to affect the performance of a physical system, such as a random number generator.

The second is the Global Consciousness Project (GCP). Psychologist Roger Nelson of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research group studied the individual data coming out of the PEAR studies and understood the implication. Looking at the individual results in his lab he asked: Might it be possible that a mass of people having an individual but linked experience, some major highly emotional world event, could collectively produce a nonlocal perturbation effect?

And here we get to the science of what makes prayer work and underpins the beliefs of every religion who says you will have another life. The evidence says you will not be judged but evaluated and helped to grow. It doesn’t matter to this process if you believed in a religion or didn’t or what one you believed in or followed their rules or left a religion. This science invalidates things like apostasy, balsamy and celibacy. This science rewrites religious law.

At present, models of consciousness can essentially be subdivided into two distinct broad categories.

Models of the first type: physicalist models holding all consciousness as being contained within an organism’s neuroanatomy.

Models of the second type: nonlocal models-historically conceived of as esoteric/spiritual/or religious, and distinguished by the assumption that a significant aspect of consciousness is not limited to the neuroanatomy, hence nonlocal.

This implies an awareness and intelligence and self-reference after death, in short what the religious would call a soul. That soul is comprised of ordered information. As we have advanced through the last century, we have changed how we handle information and where the future will go can be summarized by this article from the MIT Technological Review. As both realistic and strange as it seems we can draw 2 thoughts. That the model they present is incomplete and once complete can be designed to.

In short, we will be able to upload and download ourselves to the cloud. What the religions want you to believe and the technology and emerging model of consciousness would support that this is happening to us already.

In each case it is the transfer of information. Our technology constantly changes our belief system. Our science is proving a larger understanding of the universe and where and how we fit in.

Whether you believe in a religion or not this model of death and rebirth or upload and download is simply an information transfer. In fact if you believe in a religion this provides proof of your belief. If looking at this model not from the perspective of our parents but ourselves we have to realize that we are increasing the amount of information we can both process and digitize.

Regarding the development of AI, by 2020 IBM is promising us a brain in a box. The difference between human and artificial intelligence is that on the human side we measure synaptic operations per second (SOPS) while on the AI side these transactions are measured as floating-point operations per second (FLOPS). That means to create a brain in a box we will have artificially created something that is two liters in size, has one kilowatt of power, and can do ten million transactions per second, the same wattage and processing power of a human brain.

By 2035 artificial intelligence will be smarter than humans. When AI is smarter than humans, what will it believe? How can we design a belief system for AI without analyzing our own belief system? Will it choose to be a Muslim? A Hindu? A Christian? When AI is smarter than us, will it have a religious belief system at all? Will this emerging scientific model be it?

And therein is the social problem to be studied and addressed. How will an intelligence smarter than us, within the lifetime of everyone living who is 50 or less impact our society ad how do we manage that change? Funding in research is our only defense if we wish to grow. So how do you fund that research so that it is collective, cohesive and beneficial to all? Here then is a plan to do just that, it is inclusive, logical and analytic and relies on cold metrics and an intent to produce health and wellness.

The information that we are able to store and transfer is increasing. The point at which we are able to digitize the amount of information contained in the human mind is being measured.

Where this goes is to here, This from the MIT Technological Review.

Hossein Rahnama, a researcher at Ryerson University in Toronto and a visiting faculty member at MIT’s Media Lab is building is building an application called augmented eternity. The following bold is excerpted from the article:

Hossein Rahnama knows a CEO of a major financial company who wants to live on after he’s dead, and Rahnama thinks he can help him do it.

Rahnama is creating a digital avatar for the CEO that they both hope could serve as a virtual “consultant” when the actual CEO is gone. Some future company executive deciding whether to accept an acquisition bid might pull out her cell phone, open a chat window, and pose the question to the late CEO. The digital avatar, created by an artificial-intelligence platform that analyzes personal data and correspondence, might detect that the CEO had a bad relationship with the acquiring company’s execs. “I’m not a fan of that company’s leadership,” the avatar might say, and the screen would go red to indicate disapproval.

While most older people haven’t amassed enough digital detritus to build a working artificial intelligence, Rahnama posits that in the next few decades, as we continue to create our digital footprints, millennials will have generated enough data to make it feasible. Even as we speak, the digital remains of the dead accumulate. Something like 1.7 million Facebook users pass away each year. Some online accounts of the dead are deleted, while others linger in perpetual silence. “We are generating gigabytes of data on a daily basis,” Rahnama says. “We now have a lot of data, we have a lot of processing power, we have a lot of storage capability.” With enough data about how you communicate and interact with others, machine-learning algorithms can approximate your unique personality-or at least some part of it.

But the model we have advanced indicates that this is already happening to us and our development in data processing is a fractal expression of our reality. That means there really is a heaven as we believe, but its structure as revealed by our observations and experiences is more homogeneous than our separated belief system would indicate.

The outer ring in the next diagram all points to a non local consciousness that operates for all of us. It explains the efficacy of prayer, clairvoyance and a consciousness of life after death.

The inner ring is our reality as represented by what we believe and what we see.

So where is the mind then? This from Stephan again.

“Recent evidence suggests that a variety of organisms may harness some of the unique features of quantum mechanics to gain a biological advantage. These features go beyond trivial quantum effects and may include harnessing quantum coherence on physiologically important timescales.”

This work is of enormous importance because it is building step-by-step to the most refined quantum physicality. But even its most ardent exponents recognize that it has not given us the fullness of the mind. It has not answered what CU Smith of the Vision Sciences Laboratory at Aston University calls the “hard problem”-the neural correlates of consciousness (NCC).

The neural correlates of consciousness may not be physiological after all, but the energy measured in our bodies by devices such as the EKG and MRI. That energy exists in our bodies in something call microtubules and George Hammond in the following excerpts explains how we theorize microtubules cause life after death.

What this simply means is that we are measuring the energy in the microtubules and are deconstructing its code like the code we write and send on a trip to be stored in the cloud.

With this energy you are alive, you are present, without it you are dead and gone. But the energy is still you and present in an 11-dimension reality and it returns to confine itself to 3 spatial dimension s and one temporal dimension.

What we are is our own code.

MICROTIBULES How Microtubules Cause Life After Death
Quite recently a “2nd line of argument” has now become the existence of “microtubule_consciousness” so called… and its super phenomenal characteristics which actually makes such a thing as Life After Death scientifically plausible!

For those not familiar with microtubules let me brief you. It’s been recently discovered neurons are full of microscopic hollow tubes called microtubules shown below and light travels thru them and memory is recorded in them by light. Microtubules inside a neuron Magnified 250,000 times Light inside a microtubule

Microtubules remain alive for 30 minutes after death, and I believe that Life After Death is caused by these optical signals. Light is so fast it can download a 3-year (proper time) Afterlife in a split second just like a computer downloads a 3-hour movie in a few seconds.

Finally, the all important argument for this theory, is the notion that while the neuronal system cannot produce a “glorified body”, the microtubule system can. The reason for this I believe is because the existing neurons that would have been connected to the “missing growth deficit body cells” are not capable of actually “firing” so they never appear in a dream (the former fact is evidenced by the rare but well known accidental firing of these unconnected neurons causing a congenitally missing phantom limb to suddenly appear, full sized) . So while we never achieve a glorified body in a dream, I believe the microtubule system inside these normally “inactive growth deficit neurons” is largely functional so that the microtubule system as a whole, does possess a “glorified body” (a phantom fully grown body similar to a phantom limb), but quite obviously the only place it could appear is in the Afterlife, since it is exclusively a microtubular phantom. It appears to me then entirely scientifically plausible, that we do end life as Angels in a spiritual world! Therefore, I conclude from this startling new evidence, that Life After Death, is today scientifically very plausible!

So, what will this look like in 20 years?

What this Atlas does is aggregate and integrate all scientifically resourced material on reincarnation and cognitive science to show where the research has been and where it needs to go.

Well that is where we need to build out the algorithm and this is what that model looks like, What we draw from this

Where research should go both interdisciplinary and discipline focused.
1- Religions that have data on NDE’s or vice versa
2- Religions Mellon Thomas-Benedict visited
3- Religions exist by a process of intent in the cloud
4- Overall structure does not care what religion you are or whether you believe or not

The following framework of organization of the cloud and reincarnation comes from separate studies It indicates souls move in and out of levels and in and out of groups of souls. What we see in one dimension we see in another dimension but from a different perspective.

1- Soul Groups-Mentioned in 1-2-3 on point map
2- Soul Groups
3- Soul Group Levels 1-2-3-4-5
4- Mellon Thomas Benedict/Travel
5- Target magnetic field
6- Consciousness Field
7- See/communicate-dead relatives an example of the non-local connection embedded within you.

This energy is you, this non-local energy. By becoming alive it/you limits your senses so you can taste coffee and feel sexy. These feelings do not exist in the way they do here in an 11-dimension space where you are the energy that you call your soul. This is what this scientific proof is, its hypothetical, but it is clearly the most clear and concise explanation of our perceived reality backed up by the mathematics that underlies our facts. Around this truth we posture from our own cognitive bias

So the conclusion. What are we saying here and how does the effect you in one paragraph that’s easy to understand? We are saying you are the energy, not the body you currently wear. That the people engaged in drawing this map are like Magellan charting America. That this information changes how we worship, how we rewrite our religious laws throwing our apostasy, blasphemy and celibacy religious law. It changes how we govern ourselves in writing a constitution based on wellness that counties can adopt portions of to the scientific and factual benefit of all citizens rich and poor alike because all should be engaged in this noblest of human work, the exploration of ourselves.

Need to do research on this, lets look at where that research has been done and where its going by looking at the institutions doing the research and what needs to be done.

To do that we need to fund research. Here’s how.

PROCEED TO TILE 3 Present life.

He talks about 2 things phantom limb phantom body ghost body in literature but a fractal representation of reality. This means you have it now and your consciousness is a unit of measure. Measure that electrical pulse that is there when you are alive and gone when you are dead. You see your body as your life but your body is one fractal event for your soul or phantom body or electrical awareness however you choose to call it. That’s what he says in 650 words and I just said in 90 words.

Quantum soul


1- Using odds against chance set theory and fractals we create the most mathematically possible model of reality. This math foundation goes directly to coding and data management. We are at the end of the day nothing but information, and how our individual fractal bit fits into the overall.
2- And here are why fractals are so important, mathematically they prove this model is right. Nature doesn’t make one of anything so your being alive is one event in a string of lifetimes for you. You don’t need to understand the math to understand this is right. A fractal is an iteration: one of: each is self-similar. Leaves, branching patterns in trees and in your lungs, your veins, you can see that. We believe in this afterlife and now our ability to process information is confirming those beliefs and removing barriers that exist between us and retard our growth and this propagates into how we govern ourselves and model our future.
3- Transplant memories/phantom limbs. How does quantum energy come into matter, the matter of your body? That quantum energy is you. Water of which you are made up of primarily retains memory. Your body houses a quantum body made of pure energy. That water brings retained memory over to your body in a transplant memory case and if you loose a limb that quantum body retains the limb in full and you can feel it. That is the explanation of how this works.

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