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Tile 3 has two intertwining threads. First it explains the research that has already been done and where it has been done and second what needs to be done and how to fund it. In order to map non local consciousness, we have to map the research facilities and then design a plan for what each needs to do.

The Institutions listed below have all done Consciousness Research but a total map of their intersecting points has never been compiled. The list includes Colleges and Universities who have contributed to non-local consciousness research in the past, and what they have done. The list also includes organizations both governmental and NGO who are doing work in the non-local consciousness field now and how that work has to coalesce to provide us with a better picture of our reality.

To have a point on any of our interrelated maps a point must have an odds against chance probability of 100% and be substantiated by multiple sources.

There are 2 purposes of this atlas:
1- To map consciousness across all its manifestations
2- To direct funding to Universities who are willing to expand the work of those Universities whose prior work has made this atlas possible

To begin the list, we are going to start with what we could call legacy schools. They are schools who are pioneers in emerging scientific fields and their collective work needs cross disciplinary studies done:

1- University of Edinburgh
2- Duke The math department-odds against chance j b rhine
3- University of Toronto Clairvoyant Archeology
4- University of Miami-Past Life Regression-Weiss: The structure of the transition points in Tile 3 explain how our consciousness moves from death to rebirth. This is not supposition. Repeated individuals have described this process in detail and has been confirmed as a structure by Michael newtons research. The odds against chance of this structure described in the same words and terms by thousands of people make it a point on our afterlife cloud map. How this structure interconnects with the overall structure of consciousness and is buttressed by it can only be seen by being able to look at the entire structure at one time.
5- UVA University of Virginia: Children who remember prior lives. This research has been going on for 60 years and the odds against chance of this being accurate is 100%. There are two issues here, one it supposes we reincarnate. Two the word reincarnation is an anathema to science and scientific research. That must finally be put to rest and science must follow the scientific model in its examination of this data, that takes more than courageous scientists, it takes willing investors who search for truth and knowledge. The fact that the studies at UVA support the Miami model brings us to a new point outside of transit points in tile 3, it brings us to soul groups as an independent place for souls to aggregate. These soul groups will be mapped in Tile 4
6- UNLV-Near death Experiences-Moody. NDE’s University of Nevada Near Death Experiences

How could all these people who don’t know each other tell me the same lie?
1- NDERF The Near-Death Experience Research Foundation
2- Mellon Thomas Benedict
3- Time-re non local consciousness
4- Princeton’s Engineering anomalies Lab
5- Stanford Time
6- IRVA The International Remote Viewing Association

Included in our research roadmap are organizations that need funding. These NGO’s include Government organizations who funded the Stanford and Princeton research include the NSA, CIA, FBI, and the US Navy.

TIFACS Schools Today
A map of non-local consciousness. If psi has been proven then what is the landscape that exists non locally and cognitively?

What the science of reincarnation is the culmination of various disparate disciplines in science coming together to form a specific science, the study of reincarnation. How this came about and how this science is operating today can be found in the schools doing research under various scientific disciplines. These disciplines can be called computer science, electro biology, archeology or consciousness science. In order for us to map this science we have to break it down into its component parts. The model is each school has different disciplines to work in but then the schools have to come together for common symposiums and cross discipline studies. This list will grow and become more refined over time.

The first thing you need is a research hub to support the satellite studies. Dean’s first comment was as follows.

Who does the money go? How are charitable donations divided up?

At the present time, the most probable candidate for the consortium hub is the University of Arizona, in Tucson. Their existing Center for Consciousness Studies, which is the host for the biennial “The Science of Consciousness” conferences, is one of the world’s most-recognized academic centers for interest in this field. We also have a one-degree-of-freedom link to the president of that university, and given that all universities today are in need of cash given the covid disruptions, they are going to be far more open to our proposal than they might have been in more “normal” times.

Other universities with faculty who would probably want to participate in our consortium will likely include the Univ. of Virginia (the DOPS people), the Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, West Georgia University, University of Washington, and possibly Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, Univ of California at Irvine, Cambridge (UK), Oxford (UK), Padua (Italy), and a rash of others.

Proposed Hub: University of Arizona, Tucson
Short list of universities with faculty who are likely to participate in our consortium. In each case, one or more faculty have been identified who we are 95% certain will want to join this effort. Once this gets off the ground, I suspect that faculty at hundreds of universities and institutes around the world will want to join.

U of Virginia
U of Colorado at Boulder
U of West Georgia
U of Washington
U of British Columbia
U of California at Irvine
Georgia Institute of Technology
Brown U
Columbia U
Harvard U
Stanford U
Chapman U
Rice U
Linköping University (Sweden)
Witten/Herdecke University (Germany)
University of Zurich (Switzerland)
U of Edinburgh (UK)
U of London (UK)
U of Cambridge (UK)
U of Padua (Italy)
U of Adelaide (Australia)

Related organizations:
Galileo Commission and This Link, which shows many other universities with faculty who are interested in these ideas:

What are they going to do with it, what are our initial goals?
The consortium will host an initial two-year discovery phase to explore the case for a more expansive study of consciousness, mapping the current landscape, the theoretical and empirical challenges, and the opportunities (basic science, educational, applications). From that in-depth analysis, recommendations for future efforts will be made. Much of the case for this effort is discussed in the Galileo Commission Report.

The basic idea is that scientists and scholars are beginning to acknowledge that materialism — the highly effective scientific worldview developed over the last 3 centuries — is not adequate to explain all aspects of reality. This is leading to reconsideration of other worldviews and a revisioning of materialism as not the only way to understand reality, but a special case of a more expansive worldview. Given the history of ideas, the evolution of worldviews is expected to occur as we collectively learn more about the nature of reality. The “new” worldview places obvious aspects of reality like consciousness front and center, and it includes commonly reported experiences that have been ignored or explained away by academia, including mystical, spiritual, and psychic experiences. These are no longer seen as merely interesting anomalies, but as fundamental aspects of reality that must be taken into account to gain a more comprehensive understanding of who and what we are.

The need for this effort is not merely academic. The world today is based on the doctrine of materialism, and a persuasive case can be made that the many and increasingly deadly consequences of that nihilistic doctrine now threaten our very extinction if we do not gain a better understanding of reality and our role in it.

Bob has suggested that the chair of consciousness be called the Dumbledore Chair of Consciousness Studies and is asking Daniel Radcliff to head a campaign to procure 5 million dollars in funding for that chair and that this department of consciousness studies study transgender cognition and as a interdisciplinary mapping study compare that to children who remember prior lives as categorized at UVA under Stevenson/Tucker and also connect to past life regression studies done by Weiss at the University of Miami. All math analysis can be done at Duke.

9- Amsterdam Pim von Lomel
9- Amsterdam Titus Rivas
11- Austrailia Cathy Hill
17- Religions and belief systems
18- AI

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