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Why this document is important to you.

We have determined that reincarnation has been proven scientifically based on a preponderance of the evidence and the underlying mathematics.

Reincarnation however is one modality of consciousness and this document maps your consciousness across your own death and the journey you are on. In that sense it provides you a new perspective on your life and what is to come.

You may not believe this premise. The only way you can know is to go on the journey this map provides and examine the facts for yourself. Then make your own determination.

This is an atlas, a series of maps, of human consciousness. Who should read this and why?

If you are under 35 it tells you what the future will be like and how to navigate it to be successful, protect your family, and how to do it.

It is a map like no other and to understand consciousness and how it operated we have to go beyond your death and back again. And we have to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. In short, you have to be convinced this is the case. That will be done with science and math.

If you are over 35 you may not well be able to respond to this information because it more than challenges your beliefs, in incorporates them and over turns them resulting in a model that rewrites religious law across all religions and changes the very structure of how we globally govern ourselves and manage our planet based on our understanding of our reality by writing a common constitution based on wellness and wealthness to be implemented across 195 countries of the world.

Wellness – Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving.

Wealthness – Wealthness is the act of profiting from providing services and conditions to attain better physical and mental outcomes. This goes to the implementation of those laws to achieve this. There are huge business opportunities in this science to those business men who understand its significance. All of this can be reduced to one thought, the amount of data that we can manage will soon surpass all the data that comprises our bodies and our lives. Reincarnation is just another way to manage that data.

If time can be likened to a stream these maps will help you navigate as go downstream in your life. You can best navigate the stream if you can manage the current. What you are is information.

One final word about how you personally will react to this information.

If you are from the greatest generation born before 1945 you are most likely dead.

If you are a boomer, born between 1946 and 1964 your belief system is so entrenched that this information will be difficult to believe.

If you are Generation X born between 1964 and 1981 the college graduates of this generation will see rather than a belief system, a data management system.

If you are a millennial born between 1981 and 1998 you will see this information as environmentally sound with good social values.

If you are a Generation Z individual born between 1998 and 2021 you will see in the upload and download of information to cloud the fractal similarity to birth and death and you will see that we are nothing but data coded in our DNA and the quantum energy that produces that state. You will also understand that in your immediate future we will be able to upload and download more information to the cloud than is contained in the human body.

Let me tell you what we know about you if you are reading this.

1- You are conscious
2- You were born on Earth
3- You are mortal and at some point, in some way you will die and you acknowledge that.
4- After that no one is sure what happens, or where your consciousness may go. This atlas maps the journey of your consciousness after death based on the best scientific information we have. This looks at what you believe scientifically, and why you believe it.

A lot of people believe something and through science we seem to know something, but no one has mapped all our information in one place. That is exactly what we are doing here. So, your journey into this atlas of time, space and consciousness begins here, when you die.

How you use this atlas is to go from your departure from earth, your death, to the place you believe, be that a specific religion, or no religion, or something in between.

That is in Tile 4. There you will see circles overlaying circles mentioning your friends, science studies, and growing awareness. There are 12 Tiles to this atlas, you are in Tile 1 explaining this, at the beginning of Tile 2 you are dead beginning your trip to whatever afterlife may await us.

The mathematics that supports this atlas and this science are laid out and point to this model of consciousness being our reality. We understand that many of you may not understand the math, what you will understand are the experiences that make up the data points because someone in your family experienced one of the many events that make up our data. Or it was you who experienced it.

Science has already proven the effect of prayer which is harmonic intent. This science transcends military data acquisition capabilities to the heart of what we are, not a body that possess a soul, but rather a soul who lives through many bodies. This atlas is a map of those journeys as verified by mathematics.

So as funny as this may sound, we are going to show you scientific proof of your beliefs, at least some of them anyway.


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