Foreword for the book Cromulent

This book is about a world in turmoil, Governments overmatched for emerging new realities, and a population awakening to that new reality. All need a bridge to get from where they are to where they will be forced to be.

This book is that bridge, the application of the science of reincarnation.

What happens after death? A mathematical and scientific breakdown assures us of a life after death. That very discovery is certain because we have proven that consciousness can exist outside the body and in that next reality for all of us there exists goblins, spooks, and aliens.

This changes how we do business here and how if we are lucky and smart we will get to survive. It helps every one of us to understand this and we can only protect ourselves by protecting each other.

Let us begin with what happens after you die.

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Much is happening in the world of consciousness science. Rather than reading through reams of papers we have created a simple visual guide here at our own you tube channel. By watching the video below, you will learn about the science of reincarnation and the mathematics of reincarnation easily which will make your repeated visits here more interesting. Why repeated visits? Because IASOR, The International Association for the Science of Reincarnation and TIFACS The Institute for Advanced Consciousness Research have joined hands and are seeking to raise 450 million dollars for consciousness research.

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A plan to raise $450 million dollars for Consciousness Research

This paper’s purpose is to fund consciousness research considering three emerging incontrovertible facts. 1 – Aliens are present in our skies, and parts of the US government are in contact with them. 2 – Artificial Intelligence is now sentient and, in 12 years, will be more intelligent than us. 3 – The Science of Reincarnation is not just the individual experience we believe in but do not understand; it is the rebirth of our global consciousness and turning that belief into understanding because of our increasing ability to process larger amounts of data.

The significance of the intersection of aliens and artificial intelligence with our own is that we cannot become an intergalactic species behaving like a bunch of warring tribes. We need to, at the same time, organize ourselves to speak with one voice to the universe and its visitors to earth and understand how to connect with our common mind, to understand and agree to a higher model of ourselves—a rebirth of society based on our collective and cohesive effort. Governments and politicians are not capable of leading this. A new independent structure needs to emerge, independent of government whose sole goal is to care for humanity.

The methodology is to create a consortium of billionaires like the consortium of schools that make up the consciousness center affiliates. Our best scientists using the best protocols will set up an independent program to access universal consciousness and its application to changing our system of managing our laws
and ourselves. The initial 450‐million‐dollar plan is divided into nine individual 50‐million‐dollar segments funding research in each area and is presented to all billionaires as a cohesive plan led by our best. The project proposes how to engage billionaires to collectively invest in an overall consciousness research program and then be courageous enough to face the consequences.

The Individual proposals are 1‐Consciousness, 2‐Contact, 3‐The Common Constitution, 4‐Consciousness, Commerce and the Law, 5‐Education, 6‐Applied Research, 7‐Theory Development, 8‐Empiricism, and 9‐Conclusion.

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