short form study guide

A Short Form Study Guide for the Science of Reincarnation

The Science of Reincarnation is a science. A science is made up of parts called disciplines. Each discipline examines a different part of the science. The science is made whole when each discipline interacts with the other.

A scientific paradigm explains where the science is based on the total of the disciplines and posits where the science is headed.

Observations -The anecdotal disciplines
Observations are examining things in the real world. Sometimes we cannot explain what we are seeing. The anecdotal disciplines are observations that cannot be explained by our current understanding of science.

1-Children who remember prior lives. This is a child between the ages of two and five who claims to have lived a prior life. Studies began more than 50 years ago at the University of Virginia to study children who made these claims. These children also had memories from before they were born describing the environment through their perception of it. The current state of the examination at the University of Virginia is they are coding 2500 cases with 400 variables seeking trends.

2-Near death experiences. NDE’s are becoming more and more common as the quality of medical care increases. NDE’s are events where someone dies, is clinically dead for a period of time, and then is resuscitated. It is estimated that over 4% of Americans have had NDE experience which is more than 13 million people. People who had NDE’s describe a common process. They can have an out of body experience, OBE where they look down upon their own body.

3-Past life regression. A past life regression is when someone is regressed, or hypnotized, or enters a meditative state where they claim to access information from a prior life.

Our science cannot explain why we have these observations. They are anomalies, things our science cannot explain. However as a group when they describe the environment that exists when they weren’t alive they describe a common landscape. The odds against chance that this would occur is improbably high suggesting some form of root cause among the three different types of observations.

Nonlocal consciousness: nonlocal consciousness is best explained by looking at examples of it. The anecdotal disciplines listed above are examples of nonlocal consciousness. That is knowing about something without being able to be there.

Other examples of nonlocal consciousness below are examined through the experiments that defined them, the researchers who did them and organizations that funded them.

1-The Intention Experiments at Princeton University at the PEAR research Center. These experiments which built on previous research proved non local consciousness. The replicable results could not be explained by our current understanding of physics.

2-Remote viewing is a form of clairvoyance developed at the Stanford research Institute and used by the US government for military applications.President Carter acknowledged its use in locating a downed Soviet military plane in Africa in the 1970s. This built on the work done at Princeton. It was funded by the CIA, FBI, US Navy, NSA, and other organizations within the US Government. Remote viewing was also used by the British during World War II at Bletchley Park and the individuals were called sensitives.

3-Clairvoyance is the faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. Clairvoyance now been proven with DNA evidence that would stand up in court of law. First proven in the field of archaeology at the University of Toronto. It is used commonly in law enforcement.

4-Meditation Experiments – Value systems are different between particulate consciousness and wave consciousness. That is because the conditions are different in each environment. Mediums who have spoken to the dead say the dead tell them that their reality is better than ours and is as real to them as this reality is to us.



Many scientists do not agree on a unified field theory; that is where the four forces, the strong force, the weak force, electromagnetism and gravity have been reduced to just one force. Yet there are many scientists that do think this has now been theoretically explained. This theory reduces the four forces to just one, electromagnetism. This has profound consequences for the study of consciousness.

Physics – Our understanding things that our physical world is built upon has changed greatly in the last 30 years. The particles that make up our world are not particles at all but vibrating bits of energy that fade in and out of existence.

These particles have a particular state and a wave state. Each of these states have different attributes and conditions while existing simultaneously. This has led to theories and studies of how nonlocal consciousness works. Scientists working at Stanford, Princeton and the US government consider nonlocal consciousness proven to 10 to the 27th power. This means it is a fact.

Which means we’ve proven the mind’s ability to reach outside the body.

The very energy that make up the particles is electrical in nature. That energy is the core of who we are and makes us a part of the electrical universe. We have particulate states and wave states of consciousness.

As the work on subatomic physics and consciousness has evolved it has begun to sound more and more the way religions describe an afterlife. Both narratives, science and religion, begin to sound the same.

The question we seek to answer is if we retain conscious cohesion in a wave state. In short when you don’t have a body are you still you?

Before we go on to the technology discipline of this science first we should look at the probabilities of this being so, because like all sciences this science is based in math.

Statistics/probability – The practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample. When calculating whether the probability of the environment described by the first three anecdotal disciplines is our reality, the odds against chance calculations are showing that reincarnation as described in those anecdotal disciplines may well be our reality. In fact of all the narratives regarding what happens to us after death this has now become scientifically the most statistically probable.

The odds that reincarnation is indeed a fact become stronger as more disciplines are cross connected and added to the data.

Fractal Geometry – The development and application of fractal geometry in the 1980s spurred the development of cellular technology. The two underlying principles of fractal geometry are iteration and self-similarity. Everything in nature has a fractal pattern from the architecture of your heartbeat to the makeup of a forest. The unfolding fractal patterns is called a fractal process and we now have fractal process events when examining reincarnation mathematically.

First event process
The first is our technological ability to put data on a disk upload that data to a cloud and then reload that data to another disk.

Based on Moore’s law we can now calculate that artificial intelligence will overtake human intelligence by the year 2040, 24 years from now. Estimates are now being made and work is being done on how long it will take to upload human consciousness to a machine. Once thought the realm of science fiction the actuality has now come within the crosshairs of our science.

Second event process
Our own observations of the first three anecdotal disciplines. The case could be made from our observations that this is already happening to us as a natural process and this case would be more statistically likely than any other scenario.

Third event process
Our wisdom traditions. Our wisdom traditions, commonly known as our religions or belief systems indicate that this process is already happening. The promise they all make is a continued consciousness after our bodies death.

Fourth event process
An example of a fractal process is the case that bacteria have now been discovered to create a common mind. These are repeated patterns if extrapolated support the anecdotal observations.

Another example is our ability to bring back someone who has been clinically dead, for example an NDE.
Each event process cross supports the data we see from the other event processes.

Our body viewed in a new way

The body we currently occupy is really a human biome. That means of the hundred percent of the cells in your body 50% of those cells are other organisms for instance bacteria in your intestines. Of the remaining cells that are “you” all the matter in those cells changes completely every two years. Your stomach lining changes every day, your skin cells change every two weeks, even the enamel in your teeth and the calcium in your bones changes completely every two years.

Your consciousness is what is permanent about you until your death not your body. So where is it located? Does the fact that you replaced all the matter in your body in the last two years mean your consciousness has moved to a new body? Do you still have the same body you had when you were six?

Much recent work is been done to locate consciousness and memory. It has been found that memory has been stored as a waveform throughout your body.

Transplant memories-As our medical technology has developed we are now able to transplant body parts from a donor body. An example of transplant memories is the Clare Sylvia case where she received organs from a recently deceased teenager who died in an auto accident. She then reported memories from his life she could not have known as well as developing new tastes in this instance for Chicken McNuggets and beer and other women.

The Machine Intelligence Research Institute is one example of the research being done today.

This is not just about artificial intelligence, but storing and manipulating consciousness. We now measure the computing and storage power of the human mind.

The future-in 1965, nominally 50 years ago, could we have predicted the science fiction comic Dick Tracy’s watch would be reality 50 years later? Today we are uploading as much data by actual count as the processing capacity of the human mind both on a disk and then sending that data to the cloud and returning it to a new disc. We are already working on digitizing the human mind. While there is no overarching study saying that there are individual studies solving the component part problems.

Given that is another iteration of the fractal process we are now beginning to outline the process we need to make reincarnating in a new body a reality.

Scientific development requires us pushing back horizons our sight. It allows us to collectively look at designing our future world and our reentry into it. Changes here represent changes there. Changes here repairing global warming and restoring equilibrium to the Eco system means a better environment upon reentry.

Social Change
Political and social consequences are too numerous to discuss but for the sake of explaining this part of the science we will provide one example.

This science shows that people live multiple lives in different genders races and cultures. Of all the different scenarios this has the highest mathematical probability and the greatest basis in reason and truth. This renders apostasy laws, blasphemy laws, and gender and racial restrictions and genital mutilations a moral evil and factually and scientifically wrong.

While the first world can reasonably accept the science and logic of the case the second and third world where the greatest radicalization occurs has the following model

Here is a graphic showing the number of Muslims who believe killing people who leave Islam is correct.

This leads to this illogical and scientifically incorrect position.

The following article declare women’s rights un-Islamic.

If all religions are subject to scientific laws then things like apostasy laws, blasphemy laws, celibacy laws, claims of infallibility, hereditary kingship’s, religious moral authority, gender or racial restrictions, and imposition of dress codes by force have no moral or legal justification and are a moral evil by scientific and logical evaluation.

This change is akin historically to other transformative scientific moments. For instance the realization that the earth was not the center of the universe. Clerics were killed or imprisoned for expressing this emerging scientific truth at the time.

Keep in mind that there are two audiences here reading this. There is a first world audience reading this and a third world audience where education is restricted by gender, resources and equality issues. Their access to this presentation is through their cell phone and often the readers are young and their first look at the world is through the internet.

The only way to change these misconception is through a global education process.

So how to proceed?

There is only one race, the human race, we are all a part of it. If consciousness has a wave form collectively it is consistent with what we see elsewhere in nature and this wave form collective consciousness has a leading and trailing edge. In 1986 time magazine had a headline that read Afghanistan leaps into the 16th century because the king now had a prime minister.

If education is the key and what we have described is our reality then educating the world will eliminate radical ideologies in a generation if we can effectively educate the next generation. Having the discussion with the current radicalized generation will serve as the platform to educate the coming generation and present these new ideas.
Propagating information and education to the rising billion through cell phone technology makes this goal achievable.

The message is simply the scientific truth told honestly.

While this scientific proof invalidates previously held beliefs and Supersedes and contravenes any religious law restricting education, gender expression, racial or cultural discrimination or blasphemy or apostasy laws it does not invalidate any religion but rather reinforces what religion have long promised, a life after death.

There is no shame for any religion to acknowledge what science has shown us, in fact their doing so represents their acknowledgement of the creators own hand and design. The fact that we now have a growing body of proof is a testament to not just a religion but all religions. Religions run by men have men’s imperfections. More informed men make more informed decisions.

A feature of this science is that it is so unbelievable. But at the same time the science is proving our religious beliefs. The science is proving what the religions have taught us about an afterlife is not only scientifically true but is becoming within the reach of our technical ability. That is what makes it so confounding.

At the very end of this regardless of who you are or what you are this science treats all life forms the same. It has been said that “we are all equally screwed by this”.

How you should act – if these facts resonate with you regardless of who you are you should act in the following way.

You should act locally. You should share this information gently. If somebody disputes it acknowledge their point and back away. This is generational changing information and older individuals with entrenched beliefs will have difficulty understanding or may not have the ability to understand.

Progress is relentless and as a race the technology and understanding of how we might structure a program so that we can reincarnate is going to open up an awareness to a world that will change how we operate in this one.


The effects of this science are the same for everyone.

The scientific work will continue and be unstoppable.

There are flaws in the above presentation but they will be filled out by the continuing progression of the work that has been done and is being done.

This science must be taught globally to eradicate the causes of radicalism. Education can stop what bullets and wars cannot.

The resultant social and cultural changes are inevitable.

The current state of the science is that the phenomena presented here is valid because there are simply too many scientific indices making this case improbably high as our reality.