This is a community platform where each of our different disciplines has their own boards. These include but are not limited to, reincarnation science, past lives, reincarnation, NDE’s, past life regression, nursing, physics, neuroscience, clairvoyance, nonlocal consciousness, and more.

r/reincarnationscience is currently the primary sub Reddit of the international Association for the science of reincarnation. The sub Reddit is monitored by scientists, group leaders and Vettors. Ask any questions you may have about the science of reincarnation, the Association, the Institute or work done or going on. If you wish to volunteer a good place to talk to others about what research is being done and how you can help. If you are computer/Internet driven there many places in our organization that need assistance. Translators in all languages are needed.

The remaining list are those related sub Reddit’s that are pertinent to various aspects of the science. We need design help to design a flag so that we can recognize each other when we are out on Reddit. Someone to simply do this small project would be appreciated.

If there sub Reddit’s that you would like to see added please contact us. We also need someone to manage this list. If you have an interest in something that is not on this list use the search feature on the Reddit site.

r/askscience 7,200,000 subscribers. Questions asked or questions submitted will be answered and debated.
r/translators 8,034 subscribers.
r/translationstudies 2100 members a community for professional translators about translation.
r/documentarys 5,000,000 subscribers I can find film makers of documentaries here.
r/futureology 5,000,000 subscribers a sub reddit devoted to the field of future studies and evidence based speculation about the development of humanity, technology and civilization.
r/reincarnation 1500 readers this sub Reddit is on personal experiences or questions regarding reincarnation. Eager scientists should sift this data point base.
r/pastlives 2100 readers this sub Reddit deals with reincarnation looking backward in time, children telling their parents they remember prior life, or people remembering a prior life. Another category for eager scientists.
r/futurelives is a sub Reddit that doesn’t exist yet. It needs to be opened and managed by one of our members. There are many possibilities to what we are seeing. We may be four dimensional creatures having a three-dimensional experience. This sub Reddit will explore strategies and applications to design future lives based on the methodologies and probabilities of past life studies. Have fun children.
r/neardeathexperiences 37 readers this sub Reddit is about near death experiences.
r/NDE 395 readers against stories of near death experiences.
r/IANDS should be open for the members of IANDS to run their own sub reddit. In this sub reddit they could look for candidates for studies by listing their needs here and cross posting to the other categories. This would cost nothing.
r/pastliferegression both small beginning groups.
r/pastlifehypnosis another small beginning group.
r/IASOR this sub Reddit is for discussion and management of the international Association for the science of reincarnation. It is where funding requests are discussed and officers selected. As the details are announced they will be announced in the sub Reddit.
r/nursing 26,000 members this sub Reddit is about nursing but with 5% of the population of the first world experiencing near death experiences annually then it would be incumbent upon those doctors and scientists who study near death experiences to write a text and protocol, to create an international standard, so that this can be taught in the best way. Currently that means writing the nursing course to teach how to treat a near death experience, putting that course on a mobile website platform in 30 different languages for free.
r/student nurse 7500 members the course that I mentioned above should be taught to the student nurses as part of their curriculum.

r/nurse 1000 subscribers believe it or not this is a sub Reddit for witty banter on nursing related topics.
32,000 subscribers. What this science already proves is that it is advancing the most fact-based and logic driven narrative among all the after death ideologies. It is imperative that our members engage in this sub Reddit because here in this interchange you will actually be able to teach your enemy’s cadre that the ideology they seek to impose is factually wrong while still supporting the core fact that humanity’s evolution has climbed the vine of religion. Be mindful to stop that if you are speaking to a student of 19 in Saudi Arabia that convincing him that Wahhabism is wrong, that the religious police should be disbanded, women should be allowed to drive, this is the social upheaval that will occur. Historically the House of Saud drew if it’s support from the religious leaders of the various tribes. When the money flowed from the oil the religious leader’s fundamental view was institutionalized. This is the ideal logical root of radical Muslim fundamentalism. The Saudis pay off ISIS not to attack them and they pay off the Americans in the form of arms purchases. There was a female politician in Sweden who objected to the fact that Saudi women were not allowed to drive and no other Swedish politicians came to her support because the Saudis buy $9 billion a year of Swedish armaments. It is inevitable that Iran will get a nuclear weapon at some indeterminate point in the future. The McDonald’s theory of war stipulates that no two countries with McDonald’s franchises have ever gone to war with each other. We are not asking Muslims to stop being Muslims and Christians to stop being Christians we are saying they are all human and when science looks at this question from the point of view of being a human we are treated all the same. When you then say if I incorporate whatever your belief system is into the total equation this is what we find and you state the current most probable case you will shake the foundations of social and political structures.
r/worldpolitics 150,000 subscribers posting on the sub Reddit from the science of reincarnation would advance the position that the science of reincarnation holds which is gender, racial, and religious equality. Clear and unmitigated support for scientific research in this area. A past life regression study on volunteers emphasizing transgender individuals would be interesting.
r/worldnews 9,800,000 subscribers true fact China passed the law making it illegal for the Dalai Lama to be born anywhere but on Chinese soil. The Dalai Lama has said that he may choose not to reincarnate, which by the way is supported by the statistical and anecdotal evidence that can be found in our science department. If something from the science of reincarnation makes it to the front page of world news please let the organization know.
r/forhire 56,000 subscribers if you are one of our members or wish to provide services to our members fly the IASOR Reddit flag.

Now this list needs to be filled out by our members. Redditors we need to add the sub Reddit’s that are covered by mediums, healers, military and political strategy, funding, slave labor, physics, quantum healing, quantum biology Islam, Buddhism, Zen Christianity, Judaism. If it relates back to studying the science of reincarnation or doing the science of reincarnation or any of the support facilities needed for funding requests organizations and conventions then it belongs on this list.
r/remoteviewing another small group.
r/politics 3,100,000 subscribers.
r/buddism 87,000 subscribers they already believe it but you have to convince them you have proof or could study reincarnation scientifically.
r/mediation 147,000 subscribers, a good place to find candidates for studies.
r/socialengineering 66,000 subscribers a good place to discuss uses for the science already done.
r/psychic 3115 subscribers a good place to look for candidates for studies.

Total 20 million.