How to become a member of IASOR
The International Association for the Science of Reincarnation

With a special thanks to Stephan Schwartz for his 8 rules of change.

We each make choices each day based on our logic or belief system. IASOR recommends you base your decisions on reality and offers the “Best Current” view on what our reality is upon our death using logic, facts and the scientific method.

Take your belief system and stack it up against the science of reincarnation logic system. What you will find is your belief, whether Islam, Christian, Buddhist or any other denomination supports SOR and SOR proves each belief system. You can consider the Science of Reincarnation the common denomination.

The Science of Reincarnation while a science in the cognitive studies is part of the emerging field of Neurotheology. But it’s a geometric Venn diagram, Neurotheology is part of SOR but so is future planning, governance, financial and exploration.

IASOR seeks to distill a logical model about what happens after death from a fact based and peer reviewed matrix and design a model to manage it.
You become a member by supporting this idea in your everyday choices from things you buy to the conversations you have.

There are 8 rules members agree to and follow:

1- All members individually, and the group collectively, must share this common intention.

2- The individuals and the group may have goals, a fact based model, but they may not have cherished outcomes.

3- The individuals in the group must accept that their goals may not be reached in their lifetimes and be ok with this.

4- The individuals in the group must accept that they may not get either credit or acknowledgement for what they have done and be authentically ok with this.

5- Each person in the group, regardless of gender, religion, race, or culture must enjoy fundamental equality, even as the various roles in the hierarchy are respected.

6- The individuals in the group must foreswear violence in word act and thought.

7- The individuals in the group and the group itself must make their private selves consistent with their public postures.

8- The individuals in the group and the group collectively must always act from the beingness of life-affirming integrity.

These 8 rules are based on Stephan Schwartz’s book The 8 Laws of Change
This is the only way to become a member.

You can contribute and be a patron to support IASOR but being a patron does not confer membership.

You can be a member, and not be a patron.

There is no cost other than your own individual actions to become a member.

The criteria for being a member is a common intention to learn the truth by using a fact based model regarding the nature of human consciousness and how to treat our world in a way that increases its wellness in all living things.

If you locally and vocally act this way where you are, then: You are a member.

Said another way those who are members align their chi to be in resonance with these ideas and support their implementation in every little way wherever they are.