Preface to the Science of Reincarnation 101 The College Textbook

IASOR 101The science of reincarnation is part of the cognitive sciences. It is a science that is just now emerging and will in the next 50 years grow to enormous proportions. This science will be the place that your grandchildren come to design their next life.

For the new student the science is broken into three parts. The first part of the science is evaluating what we see. This includes children who remember prior lives, past life regression and near death experiences. In a larger sense these three examples are examples of nonlocal consciousness. Categories such as clairvoyance and remote viewing are part of nonlocal consciousness but so is quantum mechanics, quantum biology and neurology. This part of the science of reincarnation is what is covered primarily in the science of reincarnation 101, version 3.

The second part of the science of reincarnation is being done at Google’s deep mind and IBM’s AI program. Artificial intelligence is projected to pass human intelligence by the year 2038. In 2016 we’ve just connected an artificial eye to the optic nerve. By 2038 we should be able to connect the processor to the cerebral cortex. By 2050 we should be able to upload consciousness to a cloud in the very wealthiest of us would be able to purchase new bodies grown in a lab and download their consciousness to them. The science of reincarnation textbook for this has yet to be written.

The third part of the science of reincarnation is the study of the cultural political and social ramifications of this scientific leap. It is touched on here at the end of this textbook but the approach is broadened in the next textbook in this science The Applications of the Science of Reincarnation 1.0.

As with anything new there will be dissent, failure, in startling success that will seem mundane almost immediately after it happens. We welcome you to the course and the journey.

SOR 101 Version 3 – The Science of Reincarnation 101, freshman college level textbook

Version 3: note to reader, this textbook while complete now is constantly going through revisions adding both articles and science. It has been a collaboration of many people those who worked directly on it and those who supported its creation. The real authors of this document though, are the scientists named herein, the ones who did the studies and science upon which this work is based.

Welcome to the Science of Reincarnation 101, the first year college level course. What follows is your online textbook. Most people are unaware of the vast amount of scientific data that supports this new science. This book is going to present this information in an easy to understand way that covers the entire science and is presented for the college freshman.

You can contact this text book on through the sub Reddit r/reincarnationscience. It is there you can ask questions or make comments about this science.

We are seeking to present a cohesive scientific view of reincarnation. We call it the science of reincarnation.
To start we need to redefine the traditional textbook for the global digital age. The narrative explaining the science of reincarnation is written for the casual reader, and it is designed to be translated into every language on earth so there is a global standard for this science.

We ask translators to translate this textbook into your local language and we will post that translation on our web site under the banner from your language. The web site is

If you are human this information applies to you. It is estimated by 2039 Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have equaled human intelligence. This means in 30 years a robot could be reading this text book and pondering the same problems.

In a real way this is how the ground is changing under our feet.

How many bits can be uploaded from a disc to a cloud and restored on a new disc? How many bits does the human mind hold?

Here is a short video explaining where we are in the process of uploading a mind to a computer. If we can do that we can upload it to a cloud. Can we upload our brain to a computer?

Let’s start by redefining what a global textbook is. It is a course of study offered at many different educational levels, reading the narrative and watching the videos are easy and fun. But if you read the attached studies it seeks to be the most cohesive presentation of all things science related to reincarnation.

Its goal as this newly defined form of text book is global education at all levels in every language in one document. It should be forever free on the above website.

This evolving science seeks to examine a common scientific consensus built on logic and facts to explore possibilities for humanity’s future.


If you are a casual reader or just want to audit this course then only read the narrative. This will give you a complete overview of the science of reincarnation. This does not mean that you should stay out of the data mines or not read any of the embedded articles. It simply means that just reading the narrative gives you both an easy and complete understanding of the science. Some of the articles like the Glenn Ford article in past life regression are a fun short read and when links are provided to the amazon pages of recommended books Amazon has the look inside feature which gives you the highlights.

If you are a college student and are taking this course it is a three credit course. You are responsible for the information in the narrative, reading Stephan’s paper in the opening chapter, all of the information in section 4 and then must write a paper interconnecting 2 or more disciplines of this science. Required articles will be marked with an (S). As this course will start out being an elective by most universities it will be up to the teacher and student to design his area of research from there.

Each chapter will have a brief comment explaining the aspect of the science that that chapter covers and then we’ll have links to underlying articles by scientists actually doing the studies we discuss.

Occasionally as we go through the chapters there will be data mines. These are bodies of information that support a particular type of research. An example will be chapters and papers from the University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies. While we are going to show a few articles per chapter the data mine will connect to the online University of Virginia’s library for papers and books that cover this particular topic. Another data mine will be on near death experiences, all data mines will be clearly marked.

These data mines will allow individual students the opportunity to go beyond the introductory course into the depth of research being done in the individual disciplines of this science.

Videos – There are short videos in some sections that are used as examples of a category. More videos can be found on our Videos page. Casual readers should watch the videos. They will be marked.

IASOR – This text book is the authorized text book of the International Association for the Science of Reincarnation (IASOR). This book will point out and suggest areas of future study. This organization will seek to fund and support those studies. These studies will be in the area of connecting different disciplines of this science. The organizations corporate structure and plan for the implementation of these goals can be found on their web site,

Now one last thing before we begin is we must agree who you, the reader is.

It does not matter if you are red, white, black, brown, yellow, gray or purple, male, female, trans, bi or gay, or Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist or any category not mentioned here.

Scientifically this is the most accurate information available and this is what you are if you are human.

Your body is called a human biome. That means of the 100% of the cells that make you, 50% are organisms that live within your body. Same for everyone.

All the matter in all your cells changes every 2 years, your stomach lining once a day, your skin every 2 weeks, the calcium in your teeth and in your bones every 2 years.

Same for everyone.

So where are you? How does the memory stay when all the matter changes? If reincarnation is your mind going into a new body then technically if you are 50 you have done just that 25 times. Nobody has the same body when they were six.

So what is really going on?

Reincarnation is not proven. Not even close. There are some interesting suggestions in that direction, but proof in science requires an extremely solid case that everyone agrees with, and that does not exist. E.g., psi and/or nonlocal consciousness does not imply reincarnation. Nor do NDEs. And especially not past-life regressions. -Dean Radin -Lead scientist at the noetic institute

Doctor Radin has examined this evidence. He is right. Reincarnation is not proven. Dean is not just the lead scientist at the noetic institute, he is respected because he is always willing to listen and his judgements are evidence based and logic driven.

These interesting suggestions that Dean refers to can be evidence based anomalies, things that turn up scientifically that we cannot explain. They can also be new proofs that can sometime surprise us. It is these suggestions that need further examination.

This book will try to explain what is going on in an emerging science that is being called the science of reincarnation. Leave your dogma at the door and make your own evaluation. It’s easy to understand, it’s not rocket science; it’s the Science of Reincarnation.

The Science of Reincarnation is already being done. It is comprised of different disciplines each called something different because they are each studying a different aspect of this emerging science. The textbook examines the current overview and its interrelated and moving parts.

What is already proven and what this science might predict are astounding. That a scientist with Dean Radin’s reputation would be so specific in his refutation only means that he holds the proof to the highest standard. The current proof falls short but is far more sophisticated than that same proof offered just 10 years before. To get an overview of what is and is not scientifically accepted and what is occurring in the cognitive sciences we only need look at Stephan Schwartz’s paper.

CHAPTER 1 – Scientific Introduction

A scientific overview of the Science of Reincarnation (S)
Stephan Schwartz’s paper “Six Protocols, Neuroscience, and Near Death: An Emerging Paradigm Incorporating Nonlocal Consciousness” is an overview of nonlocal consciousness research as it exists today. Starting here should make it clear to the student that this is a science course within the science curriculum and non-science students will find this tough going.

But Political Science students need not stay in the hard sciences area of this science no matter how fascinating it is, because there is real work to be done in this science in its political and social ramifications and how it will change the underlying balance of power on both a global and local scale.

The political science of the Science of Reincarnation will be discussed in the later chapters. You can skip to the probable realities section 4 if you are already familiar with this body of scientific work.

Stephan Schwartz would be first professor emeritus of the science of reincarnation if he would accept the title. It’s not just because of his first class science work but because of the political positions derived therefrom.

If you want to know the political position of IASOR simply read Stephan Schwartz.

If Radin embodies the scientific values of IASOR then Schwartz embodies its political opinion. At the end of the science section we will revisit Stephan, but for now his article 6 protocols is the first paper. Required reading for students. (RS)

Pdf 6 Protocols Paper
If you want a teacher in this area you could find none better than Stephan Schwartz. This is a link to his file on

Section 1-Observations
Short Form
The Science of Reincarnation is a science. A science is made up of parts called disciplines. Each discipline examines a different part of the science. The science is made whole when each discipline interacts with the other.
A scientific paradigm explains where the science is based on the total of the disciplines and posits where the science is headed.

Observations – The anecdotal disciplines
Observations are examining things in the real world. Sometimes we cannot explain what we are seeing. The anecdotal disciplines are observations that cannot be explained by our current understanding of science.

1-Children who remember prior lives. This is a child between the ages of two and five who claims to have lived a prior life. Studies began more than 50 years ago at the University of Virginia to study children who made these claims. These children also had memories from before they were born describing the environment through their perception of it. The current state of the examination at the University of Virginia is they are coding 2500 cases with 400 variables seeking trends.

2-Near death experiences. NDE’s are becoming more and more common as the quality of medical care increases. NDE’s are events where someone dies, is clinically dead for a period of time, and then is resuscitated. It is estimated that over 4% of Americans have had NDE experience which is more than 13 million people.

People who had NDE’s describe a common process. They can have an out of body experience, OBE where they look down upon their own body.

3-Past life regression. A past life regression is when someone is regressed, or hypnotized, or enters a meditative state where they claim to access information from a prior life.

Our science cannot explain why we have these observations. They are anomalies, things our science cannot explain. However as a group when they describe the environment that exists when they weren’t alive they describe a common landscape. The odds against chance that this would occur is improbably high suggesting some form of root cause among the three different types of observations.

How we experience aspects of reincarnation in our daily lives.
The following chapters make up the anecdotal disciplines of this science. Studying the science of reincarnation is not just learning about the individual disciplines of this science but how the individual disciplines interact with each other.

This textbook makes the case that a new science is emerging. This textbook will look back 50 years to measure scientific advancement from that point to the present and then look forward 50 years examining what we might expect. To do that it will present the individual disciplines of the science and try to accurately show where they are cross connected and where they are not.

This textbook also makes the case that the science of reincarnation is already being done under a variety of names. This is not done to obfuscate but rather delineate. The people doing this science are hard-working dedicated individuals relentlessly pursuing scientific truth. It is their judgments that make or break this case on the science of reincarnation. It is their high standards to which the science of reincarnation must be held.

That said it is their own genuine scientific curiosity that has led to the wonderful point at which we are at. Let us look at one example of scientific development in the last 20 years.

We can take data that is on a 5 inch disk, load it into a computer, upload that data to a cloud, download that data from a cloud, and in print it on a totally new disc.

There is some evidence to suggest that one day we might be able to do this with humans.

There is also some evidence to suggest that it might already be happening with us.

There are some places within this science that people have suggested we do studies.

These are not hard or expensive studies to do.

These studies will be done because the scientists themselves will drive it to that end.

They will get there faster if they have support and slower if they do not.

This textbook seeks to examine it all.

The anecdotal disciplines are near death experiences, past life regression, and children who remember prior lives. Not once did I use the word reincarnation. 60 years ago if you had a near death experience or a child who remembered a prior life it was considered paranormal and a one-off event. Today the number of these events are staggering, affecting every race, culture and gender.

All three of these disciplines describe the same thing, that reality that we inhabit after our deaths. What makes this new assessment so important is that each of the descriptions of this reality are similar from each of the three disciplines. When calculated the odds against chance that we see happening is improbably high.

Let’s put that simple words, when one of the 2500 children that are currently being studied at UVA describe what it was like before they were born they all describe the same thing. These are children between the ages of three and five. When someone has a near death experience they also describe this experience in the same way that children do. When someone is regressed with past life they also describe the same landscape/reality.

Using simple probabilities the likelihood of all of these diverse people describing the same thing would be astronomical. But we have no idea what this “thing” actually is.

Is this then our reality? We are going to see how the pieces of this puzzle fit together to suggest that we actually do reincarnate. We are also going to see where the “suggestions” fails to prove reincarnation and what might be done to help clarify whether this might turn into a proof.

These three disciplines describe it from three different viewpoints: going to be born, having just died, or being hypnotized or regressed to a life before you were born.

What makes this so important is that you can actually meet and talk to the people who experienced it and there are hundreds of millions of them. They can include your next door neighbor.

To meet them you simply go to their conventions. Near Death Experience researchers and experiencers go to the annual IANDS convention, for remote viewing there is the IRVA convention and for past life regression just go to a Weiss or Newton event. A complete convention guide can be found on the IASOR web site.

Near death experiences

What we learned from Stephan’s opening article is that there are over 13 million reported cases of NDE’s in the United States alone. That is 4.2% of the population. Extrapolated on a global scale that is a potential 290 million near death events.

So if we assume the world has a level of healthcare equal to that of the United States 290 million people have had this experience.

Criticisms of assuming that near death experience extend this proof to a consciousness continuing afterlife are that these impressions are caused by the neurochemicals and electrical events in our mind as we die.

This is not inconsistent with NDE’s being a brain response. After all, everyone who has reported an NDE has a brain, so there’s already a clear similarity that has nothing to do with reincarnation, or psi or whatever.

Some features of this though that are hard to explain is the fact that people when describing this experience after they are dead describe a remarkably similar landscape.

One issue becomes the fact that children who remember prior lives and people who undergo past life regression also describe a similar landscape. Yet aside from some randomized concurrent data points there is no conclusive proof connecting some of these disciplines. And yet others are connected.

Some believe that education is about making informed choices when not all the facts are available. That honestly states where the science of reincarnation is today. There is more research to be done and this type of research should move to the very top of our “to do” list because it is research into the very core of who and what we are.

Science is about calculating probabilities when we don’t have certainty so we can gauge the probable truth since we don’t know the absolute truth.

What is new about the science of reincarnation is that it is connecting in a formal teachable way the aggregate probabilities of all the events were seeing.

In short what is our most probable reality?

Raymond Moody pioneered the examination of near-death experiences. If you are a casual reader and want an overview read the jacket cover from Raymond Moody’s book on the link provided below. However if you are a student taking this course what follows is the required PDF.
The article for this chapter is Raymond Moody’s free PDF.

To make this easier for the student I am also providing the PDF to the Amazon page so he can read the jacket cover and come back and plumb this topic to a deeper level.

Now that we have an overview what follows next is one of the best individual NDE commentaries out there. Thomas was dead for a long enough time before he was revived to have had a deeper experience than most. He reports he visited a variety of heavens, or after lives. His read is simply informative. Thomas Benedict Mellen.

There is another category of NDE that is the life suspension protocol during critical operations. In short the body is chilled, the heart stopped and blood drained from the body people have had OBE’s or out of body experiences. (This category needs to be expanded)

Finally I am offering the first data mine which is a link to the recommended reading list on the IANDS website.

IANDS is a 501(c)(3). IANDS, The International Association of Near-Death Studies, is the most preeminent and authoritative organization on the study of NDE’s. It is comprised of doctors’, researchers and experiencers.
Here is the link to the IANDS fact sheet.

They are preeminent in this field and examining their position briefly will begin to show the topography of the landscape of the science of reincarnation for all 501c3’s.

The condition here we are about to describe is called Collateral Benefit. Collateral Benefit occurs organically like collateral damage can. Collateral Benefit is when naturally occurring conditions are beneficial to the organizations/organisms in their environment. (See the section on 501(c)3’s)

The largest NDE research site in the world in 23 different languages is The Near Death Experience Research Foundation.

Past Life Regression

Past life regression is one form of nonlocal consciousness. Past life regression looks at past lives. Remote viewing looks at places remotely and in different time periods. Clairvoyants and mediums also work in the same way. All of these examples are examples of nonlocal consciousness.

Now here is a scientific friction point. By any measure past life regression has not been proven to be a form of nonlocal consciousness. Clairvoyance has been proven with DNA evidence and remote viewing has also been proven by an accepted scientific method.

Recap: Clairvoyance proven with DNA evidence, Remote viewing proven to 99%+ and past life regression not proven at all. We have connected Children who remember prior lives to NDE’s and while clairvoyance and remote viewing is considered proven past life regression is not.

Yet past life regression has helped many, just ask the people who flock in droves to the Weiss or Newton Institutes.
At those institutes what we have is good doctors doing good work therapeutically but in order for the protocol to be incorporated into the larger scientific paradigm more studies need to be done. There is great difficulty in designing the studies and greater difficulties in getting them funded.

People come to the Firms like the Weiss Institute, Brian Weiss or the Newton Institute, Michael Newton, to connect with the departed loved ones or to find answers to problems in their own lives.

Past life regression therapy has shown to be effective and many people are helped. But this is therapeutic rather than clinical studies. That means that scientist who do clinical studies considers scientists who don’t do clinical studies to not have finally proven their case.

So let’s look at an individual past life regression case, that of Glen Ford, the actor.

The Glenn Ford article which is only one page of easy reading and recommended for the casual reader. (CR)

Now this typifies the nature of how we interact with this information on the science of reincarnation. The article is factual but incomplete. It does not mention that Ford was regressed again and that it was found he lived prior life as a cavalry officer in France where he was killed by a jealous lover. This regression was done under the auspices of UCLA and during the regression Ford was able to speak fluent French with the dialect of a lower-class Parisian of the period from a specific neighborhood even though he could not speak French in this life. In short the documentation is excellent.

IASOR seeks to fund scientific studies to examine the validity of the past life regression protocol, contact us through r/reincarnationscience.

Here is a fast tutorial on how to do a past life regression on yourself. You don’t need an expert and the basic advice given is the same procedure for preparing for all non-local consciousness involvement, meaning it’s useful for remote viewing or clairvoyance. Once prepared the difference is where you look.

Both Brian Weiss and Michael Newton are two noted practitioners of past life regression. They both run seminars where they attract thousands of followers. Their two websites follow.
Brian Weiss
Michael Newton

There is a large data base that is privately held that could be mined. Having access to this data base on past life regression could provide the raw data to connect past life regression with the other anecdotal disciplines.

A scientist must be transparent allowing the community to view his research. These men are well respected, successful and helped thousands but their work is opaque, their case studies protected, (They want to protect the privacy of their clients is the reason. Many of their clients would come forward if asked.) But no effort is made to create the studies needed to link a past life regression with the other anecdotal disciplines.

The point here is that there exists a large database from both organizations that can be mined. A call for candidates to participate in studies would have a significant demographic to access.

Other scientists do not regard their work as clinical but rather therapeutic. This leads to articles like the next one accusing Weiss in particular of fraud.

If allowed access to this data base for other scientists to do probability studies, physical examinations, and a variety of other tests and examinations.

This textbook regards the individual as the ultimate place where decisions are made, that means that Weiss and Newton should ask their individual patients if they would be willing to participate in third-party studies to advance this science. The patients themselves should be aware and informed about the science of reincarnation in its totality before making any decisions.

Weiss is a courageous man coming forward with his medical experiences and disregarding criticism. It is for future researchers to build on his work. They will be standing on the shoulders of a giant.

One last interconnect here, clairvoyance has been proven with DNA evidence in archaeology. There is now a field called clairvoyant archaeology and we will discuss that in the physics section. The reason to mention it here is that this proof of reincarnation is interconnected. If nonlocal consciousness is been proven then in a very real sense the landscape that were looking at in the anecdotal disciplines is our reality.

Children who remember prior lives

This is a 6 minute video example of a child who remembers a prior life. There are thousands of cases like this from all cultures, this is a typical example of this anomaly.

It was Carl Sagan in his 1995 book Demon haunted world who said these cases deserve serious study. Ian Stevenson began those studies at the University of Virginia. In 1968 Chester Carlson, who invented the Xeroxing process, left $1 million in his will to the University of Virginia to continue these studies. It is this funding that continues supporting that program at UVA today. Jim Tucker is currently continuing the work with the child cases that Ian Stevenson did. Ian took his first research trip in 1961. The research division was created in 1967. So the program is over 50 years old. The first entry in this chapter is the link to tuckers book life before life and the Amazon page. What I want you to do here is read the jacket cover and into the first 10 pages of the book on the look inside feature at Amazon.

Now some may question me as to why I would put a commercial link in a college textbook. The short answer is because there is more benefit to doing it than not doing it.

Tuckers book life before life

The following is another data mine. It connects you with the perceptual studies library at the University of Virginia.
Data Mine UVA

The University of Virginia

Do you believe what you see, do you see what you believe?
This next article is not about the science but about the perception of the science and the associated problems.

This article “The Science of Reincarnation” appeared in the UVA alumni magazine. It explains how the science of reincarnation is applicable to the children who remember prior lives and how that science is being done. His subsequent article title and the negative reaction by the UVA alumni is the lesson here.

Now 3 points about this article.

1-Jim Tucker is on the cutting edge of this emerging science. While the article dealt with that it did not put this important work into context of the overall science.
2-UVA leads in this area.
3-The response from the UVA alumni is totally understandable and justified.

The University of Virginia is the cream of the Christian conservative South. The respondents to tuckers article were reflecting the views of what they were taught. It was their way of processing new scientific information that in some instances was discordant with their belief systems. By saying discordant we mean to say that this science information supported their beliefs in a new and tangential way at the same time supporting other belief systems in the same way.

The respondents’ opposition to this information underlies the support for doing this science in the conservative Christian American South. Duke university researchers led by J B Rhyne did seminal work in nonlocal consciousness research. NDE researchers such as Bruce Grayson have been affiliated with the University of Virginia. Edgar Cayce, a noted American seer and medium, did his work in Virginia Beach. So the opposition comments to the article’s title is far outweighed by the fact that the conservative Christian American South has a history of pursuing research like this, supporting it and then processing that information. This may one day lead to the science of reincarnation being taught as a fully accredited scientific course of study at these very institutions.

Until that happens what the first year student in the science of reincarnation should know is that he is stepping onto an active ideological battlefield. Not only are the luminaries of this science arguing probability with each other, but the institutions themselves are against those probability studies being done. The reason is the resultant narrative could totally undermine the narrative that supports the institution. Here a clear example UVA even though it’s a state institution it is a Christian school with a clear strong Christian conservative undercurrent. If what Tucker is doing it UVA scientifically is proven true then the entire Christian faith would have to reassess what they are teaching and it would be the science that would be teaching them.

We’ve seen this fight in every age, 350 years ago Galileo was sentenced to house arrest for scientific observations. Recently the Pope said there is probably life on other planets. Science is what drives our understanding of the world around us, belief comforts us for what we do not know. When science changes our understanding of the world around us our beliefs are forced to conform to the new reality. That movement creates the resultant friction and the student of the science of reincarnation should calculate that dynamic when forming his opinions.

This battle between emerging science and entrenched belief takes place in every classroom every police station and in every political campaign on the planet.

If you are going to go in to a career in the science of reincarnation you are going to have an exciting career ahead of you.

We see this interaction continually through the science and human history.

Link to the Tucker article.

Connecting NDE’s with the Children who remember prior lives CWRPL

The following paper connects children who remember prior lives with people who experienced NDE’s.
The following paper written by Stevenson explains there is no connection between hypnotic past life regression and children who remember prior lives.

Now I present these papers in this way for a reason. As of December 2015 when I spoke to the University of Virginia’s perceptual studies department this is their current position.

The contention this textbook makes is that this is the result of political and academic pressures rather than scientific analysis. Once nonlocal consciousness is taken into account then the position must shift to there is a connection between past life regression and the other anecdotal disciplines and more studies and analysis need to be done.

In the next chapter we are going to see that nonlocal consciousness has been proven and that studies could be easily done to connect children who remember prior lives to the past life regression experience.

Section 1 review
The current situation is that we have hundreds of millions of people experiencing either a near death experience, a child who remembers a prior life or a past life regression and all of the narratives are essentially the same.

The common narrative if we take an aggregate of all the stories is that after you die you are still conscious, you are still you. That you change gender, race and religion from life to life.

Our science is showing that we can store information in the cloud. This is similar to what we are seeing from the anecdotal stories of this group.

The odds against chance that all of these people are telling the same lie is astronomical. But is this proof? The answer is no. It is simply at this point for these disciplines a statistical abnormality.

For the institutions and power structures that would suffer significant change if this were proven true this then is a wonderful place to be because it leaves them whole. Their future however is going to be quite different.

Section Two – Experiments
Short Form
Nonlocal consciousness: nonlocal consciousness is best explained by looking at examples of it. The anecdotal disciplines listed above are examples of nonlocal consciousness. That is knowing about something without being able to be there.

Other examples of nonlocal consciousness below are examined through the experiments that defined them, the researchers who did them and organizations that funded them.

1-The Intention Experiments at Princeton University at the PEAR research Center. These experiments which built on previous research proved non local consciousness. The replicable results could not be explained by our current understanding of physics.

2-Remote viewing is a form of clairvoyance developed at the Stanford research Institute and used by the US government for military applications. President Carter acknowledged its use in locating a downed Soviet military plane in Africa in the 1970s. This built on the work done at Princeton. It was funded by the CIA, FBI, US Navy, NSA, and other organizations within the US Government. Remote viewing was also used by the British during World War II at Bletchley Park and the individuals were called sensitives.

3-Clairvoyance is the faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. Clairvoyance now been proven with DNA evidence that would stand up in court of law. First proven in the field of archaeology at the University of Toronto. It is used commonly in law enforcement.

4-Meditation Experiments-Value systems are different between particulate consciousness and wave consciousness. That is because the conditions are different in each environment. Mediums who have spoken to the dead say the dead tell them that their reality is better than ours and is as real to them as this reality is to us.



Many scientists do not agree on a unified field theory; that is where the four forces, the strong force, the weak force, electromagnetism and gravity have been reduced to just one force. Yet there are many scientists that do think this has now been theoretically explained. This theory reduces the four forces to just one, electromagnetism. This has profound consequences for the study of consciousness.

Physics-our understanding things that our physical world is built upon has changed greatly in the last 30 years. The particles that make up our world are not particles at all but vibrating bits of energy that fade in and out of existence.

These particles have a particular state and a wave state. Each of these states have different attributes and conditions while existing simultaneously. This has led to theories and studies of how nonlocal consciousness works. Scientists working at Stanford, Princeton and the US government consider nonlocal consciousness proven to 10 to the 27th power. This means it is a fact.

Which means we’ve proven the mind’s ability to reach outside the body.

The very energy that make up the particles is electrical in nature. That energy is the core of who we are and makes us a part of the electrical universe. We have particulate states and wave states of consciousness.

As the work on subatomic physics and consciousness has evolved it has begun to sound more and more the way religions describe an afterlife. Both narratives, science and religion, begin to sound the same.

The question we seek to answer is if we retain conscious cohesion in a wave state. In short when you don’t have a body are you still you?

Before we go on to the technology discipline of this science first we should look at the probabilities of this being so, because like all sciences this science is based in math.


Nonlocal consciousness-Statistics-Fractal geometry

What is probably true statistically?

Statistics/probability – The practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample. When calculating whether the probability of the environment described by the first three anecdotal disciplines is our reality, the odds against chance calculations are showing that reincarnation as described in those anecdotal disciplines may well be our reality. In fact of all the narratives regarding what happens to us after death this has now become scientifically the most statistically probable.

The odds that reincarnation is indeed a fact become stronger as more disciplines are cross connected and added to the data.

Fractal Geometry – The development and application of fractal geometry in the 1980s spurred the development of cellular technology. The two underlying principles of fractal geometry are iteration and self-similarity. Everything in nature has a fractal pattern from the architecture of your heartbeat to the makeup of a forest. The unfolding fractal patterns is called a fractal process and we now have fractal process events when examining reincarnation mathematically.

First event process
The first is our technological ability to put data on a disk upload that data to a cloud and then reload that data to another disk.

Based on Moore’s law we can now calculate that artificial intelligence will overtake human intelligence by the year 2040, 24 years from now.

Estimates are now being made and work is being done on how long it will take to upload human consciousness to a machine. Once thought the realm of science fiction the actuality has now come within the crosshairs of our science.

Second event process
Our own observations of the first three anecdotal disciplines. The case could be made from our observations that this is already happening to us as a natural process and this case would be more statistically likely than any other scenario.

Third event process
Our wisdom traditions. Our wisdom traditions, commonly known as our religions or belief systems indicate that this process is already happening. The promise they all make is a continued consciousness after our body’s death.

Fourth event process
An example of a fractal process is the case that bacteria have now been discovered to create a common mind. These are repeated patterns if extrapolated support the anecdotal observations.

Another example is our ability to bring back someone who has been clinically dead, for example an NDE.
Each event process cross supports the data we see from the other event processes.

What you read at the end of the last section would lead you to believe that there is no connection between children who remember prior lives and past life regression. That is simply not true. When the physicists accepted the proof of nonlocal consciousness it connected the two prior categories in a way that left no doubt that they are both part of a larger whole. Quoting from Stephan Schwartz’s article in the opening chapter we have an excellent overview of the attitude of most scientists in this field.

“Today there are six stabilized parapsychological protocols used in laboratories around the world exploring these two categories of phenomena. Under rigorous double or triple blind, randomized and tightly controlled conditions, each of these six has independently produced six sigma results. Six sigma is one in a billion — 1,009,976,678 — or the 99.9999990699 percentile. These six protocols each has its own literature. The results of all these studies are based on the sessions being double or triple blind and properly randomized, and that a pre-agreed analysis, including statistical evaluation for variance from chance, be part of the process. That is, we don’t need to get bogged down in antiquated arguments about sleight-of-hand, secret cuing, and the like, although this remains a staple of nonlocal consciousness research criticism. This kind of criticism stopped being apposite several decades ago. As far back as the mid-90s, after studying the data from just one of these four protocols, remote viewing, stalwart denier University of Oregon psychology professor Ray Hyman had to grudgingly admit, “… the experiments [being assessed] were free of the methodological weaknesses that plagued the early … research … the … experiments appear to be free of the more obvious and better known flaws that can invalidate the results of parapsychological investigations. We agree that the effect sizes reported … are too large and consistent to be dismissed as statistical flukes.”

In each case there is also a large enough body of research from enough different institutions, done by enough researchers that we have some idea of the process and how successful it can be. The studies, as I have noted, break down into two categories: Nonlocal Perception, and Nonlocal Perturbation.”

Russell Targ’s book The Reality of ESP, a physicist’s proof of psychic abilities lays out the case for this especially well. Here is the link to the Amazon page for this book where you can look inside the book. I direct you to forward page xii-xiii. The Reality of ESP

Jessica Utts, a nationally recognized statistics professor from the University of California at Davis, said the following assessing the reality of remote viewing in research the US government previously funded.
“Using the standards applied to any other area of science, it is concluded that psychic functioning has been well established. The statistical results of the studies examined are far beyond what is expected by chance… That means that is reliable enough to be replicated and properly conducted experiments, with sufficient trials to achieve the long run statistical results needed for replicability.”

While neither Tucker nor Stevenson before him yet find scientific support for connection between the children on past life regression physicists have proven nonlocal consciousness. This would mean that there is an unfound connection between the children and past life regression.



The science of reincarnation is not a physics course so this explanation is for the non-science readers.

The evolution of our understanding of physics over the last 30 years is the wrecking ball of our old understanding. The change is enormous and even the scientists who have made these discoveries have not processed the social and political implications of them.

This simple explanation many scientists may find too simplistic. Our bodies are made up of cells which are made up of atoms which are made up of subatomic particles which are pure energy. In order for our bodies to be structured the way they are the energy that makes them up needs to be structured in the same way. That means our consciousness is not derived from our bodies but rather that energy. We see this in the fact that our bodies replace every cell every two years. Our stomach lining sheds every day our skin every week even the material in our bones changes completely every two years.

That means the person who was you two years ago has been totally replaced. Yet our consciousness is what is permanent not our bodies.

Since our consciousness is not dependent upon our bodies then we have another indicator that our consciousness has the ability to survive our deaths.

We will see how this permanent consciousness has different wave states because particles have a particulate state and a wave state.

It seems “you” are stored in the energy.

I direct the reader to the book Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra for a more complete understanding. Here is the Amazon link.

This information is nearly 20 years old, his book published in 1990. Work today continues trying to unravel this wave particle duality. The next data mine is the Noetic Institute where work is being done using mediums trying to find that wavelike connection.

Edgar Mitchell, an American astronaut, along with the number of scientists at Stanford set up the Institute of Noetic Sciences. IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) is our next data mine.

The Noetic Institute

Its current lead scientist is Dean Radin. In his book The Conscious Universe he goes over business military and commercial applications of this emerging science.

This science, the physics upon which the science of reincarnation rests, is accepted by the Iranian Atomic Energy Commission and The Indian Institute of technology. They too would not say they’re studying reincarnation. But very nature of the physics that they are studying says the same thing to all scientists. Can you imagine what would happen to a scientist in Iran if he said he was studying reincarnation?

The science of reincarnation must examine the real challenges of doing this science when it would disrupt the power structures that support the core research of it.

What all this science information means is that you stay you as you shed all your different bodies, if you’re 50 you have had 25 of them, and you stay you after you die until you begin a new cycle. Each cycle is evaluated after it’s over in the next cycle is designed for you to continue your growth. Sometimes you have to repeat a grade. This is what the science seems to be saying to us.

The best and easiest explanation of an exceptionally complex process can be found in the book The Field – the quest for the secret force of the universe -by Lynn McTaggart. The first link here is the link to her Amazon page for this book. I encourage the casual reader to at least look inside the book, which is a feature of this link. For the student taking this course this book is required reading.

“At our most elemental, we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge.” (This means that our cells are made up of atoms which are made up of subatomic particles which are made up of energy. In spite of the fact we see ourselves as bodies, what we really are composed of is pure energy.) …Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in the field of energy connected to every other thing in the world.” (xxiii)

“Matter at its most fundamental level could not be divided into independently existing units or even fully described. Subatomic particles weren’t solid little objects like billiard balls, but vibrating and indeterminate packets of energy that could not be precisely quantified or understood in themselves.”(p10)

“Quantum physicists had discovered a strange property in the subatomic world called “non-locality”. This refers to the ability of a quantum entity such as an individual electron to influence another quantum particle instantaneously over distance despite there being no exchange of force or energy.” (p11)”

“In quantum physics, however, it was discovered, the state of all possibilities of any quantum particle collapsed into a set entity as soon as it was observed or measurement taken. To explain these strange events, quantum physicists had postulated that a participatory relationship existed between observer and observed- these particles could only be considered as “probably” existing in space and time until they were “perturbed” and the act of observing and measuring them forced them into a set state, -an act akin to solidifying jello.”(p11)

What they had discovered is totally at odds with how we view the world. Now two points here before we continue let Lynn give you the first one.

“The most important quality common to all these researchers was a simple willingness to suspend disbelief and remain open to true discovery, even if it meant challenging the existing order of things, alienating colleagues or opening themselves up to censure and professional ruin. To be a revolutionary in science today is to flirt with professional suicide.”(13)

Both the student and the casual reader must understand the social embedded resistance to change in the academic and scientific communities. To extrapolate the discoveries in physics with the science of reincarnation is to tell you that the entire life you have lived is only a portion of the life you have already lived and are going to live. That what you see is fate or karma are simply mathematical formulas of cause-and-effect.

Our body viewed in a new way
The body we currently occupy is really a human biome. That means of the hundred percent of the cells in your body 50% of those cells are other organisms for instance bacteria in your intestines. Of the remaining cells that are “you” all the matter in those cells changes completely every two years. Your stomach lining changes every day, your skin cells change every two weeks, even the enamel in your teeth and the calcium in your bones changes completely every two years.

Your consciousness is what is permanent about you until your death not your body. So where is it located? Does the fact that you replaced all the matter in your body in the last two years mean your consciousness has moved to a new body? Do you still have the same body you had when you were six?

Much recent work is been done to locate consciousness and memory. It has been found that memory has been stored as a waveform throughout your body.

Transplant memories-As our medical technology has developed we are now able to transplant body parts from a donor body. An example of transplant memories is the Clare Sylvia case where she received organs from a recently deceased teenager who died in an auto accident. She then reported memories from his life she could not have known as well as developing new tastes in this instance for Chicken McNuggets and beer and other women.

But is there scientific proof of wave form action that would affect us like this prior example is claiming?

The reader has to ask how all of this affects him
In France they used a state of the art surgical technique for heart transplants and kept the heart of a male Hartley guinea pig alive on a purpose built scaffolding. They then applied acetylcholine and histamine, two known vasodilators, then atropine and mepyramine, both antagonist to the others and measured coronary flow, and such mechanical changes as beat rate.

“The only unusual aspect of the experiment was that the agents of change weren’t actually pharmacological chemicals but low frequency waves of the electromagnetic signals recorded using a purpose designed transducer and a computer equipped with a soundcard.”

In short they digitized a chemical like atropine, then shot the sound waves of that chemical at the heart and the heart responded to the wave signature of the chemicals like it would the chemicals themselves. OK not the sound waves but the electromagnetic waves of that chemical signature. I explain it this wave so even the most rudimentary student can have a grasp of this experiment.

But if these cells are made up of energy then where and how is our memory stored? Especially since the cells change all the time. So the question really is where are “you” stored?

There is much evidence to say that what is regarded as “you” as your body changes is not stored in the cells but in the energy of “you” and that energy however directed there is manifested in those cells as effect much as we see the effect in the hearts of the Hartley guinea pigs when we direct wave energy at their hearts.

We see this not just in wave experiments, or our understanding of how the mechanics works, but very mathematics that support it which lay in the fractal geometry of its makeup.

The casual reader may struggle with the complexity of the science but that complexity doesn’t make it less true and it draws a straight line to social outcomes.

These social outcomes can be seen in healthcare policies of the Catholic Church, blasphemy laws, apostasy laws, infallibility claims and celibacy restrictions.

Social Change
Political and social consequences are too numerous to discuss but for the sake of explaining this part of the science we will provide one example.

This science shows that people live multiple lives in different genders races and cultures. Of all the different scenarios this has the highest mathematical probability and the greatest basis in reason and truth. This renders apostasy laws, blasphemy laws, and gender and racial restrictions and genital mutilations a moral evil and factually and scientifically wrong.

While the first world can reasonably accept the science and logic of the case the second and third world where the greatest radicalization occurs has the following model.

Here is a graphic showing the number of Muslims who believe killing people who leave Islam is correct.

This leads to this illogical and scientifically incorrect position.

The following article declare women’s rights un-Islamic.

If all religions are subject to scientific laws then things like apostasy laws, blasphemy laws, celibacy laws, claims of infallibility, hereditary kingship’s, religious moral authority, gender or racial restrictions, and imposition of dress codes by force have no moral or legal justification and are a moral evil by scientific and logical evaluation.

This change is akin historically to other transformative scientific moments. For instance the realization that the earth was not the center of the universe. Clerics were killed or imprisoned for expressing this emerging scientific truth at the time.

Keep in mind that there are two audiences here reading this. There is a first world audience reading this and a third world audience where education is restricted by gender, resources and equality issues. Their access to this presentation is through their cell phone and often the readers are young and their first look at the world is through the internet.

The only way to change these misconception is through a global education process.

So how to proceed?
There is only one race, the human race, we are all a part of it. If consciousness has a wave form collectively it is consistent with what we see elsewhere in nature and this wave form collective consciousness has a leading and trailing edge. In 1986 time magazine had a headline that read Afghanistan leaps into the 16th century because the king now had a prime minister.

If education is the key and what we have described is our reality then educating the world will eliminate radical ideologies in a generation if we can effectively educate the next generation. Having the discussion with the current radicalized generation will serve as the platform to educate the coming generation and present these new ideas.
Propagating information and education to the rising billion through cell phone technology makes this goal achievable.

The message is simply the scientific truth told honestly.

While this scientific proof invalidates previously held beliefs and Supersedes and contravenes any religious law restricting education, gender expression, racial or cultural discrimination or blasphemy or apostasy laws it does not invalidate any religion but rather reinforces what religion have long promised, a life after death.

There is no shame for any religion to acknowledge what science has shown us, in fact their doing so represents their acknowledgement of the creators own hand and design. The fact that we now have a growing body of proof is a testament to not just a religion but all religions. Religions run by men have men’s imperfections. More informed men make more informed decisions.

A feature of this science is that it is so unbelievable. But at the same time the science is proving our religious beliefs. The science is proving what the religions have taught us about an afterlife is not only scientifically true but is becoming within the reach of our technical ability. That is what makes it so confounding.

At the very end of this regardless of who you are or what you are this science treats all life forms the same. It has been said that “we are all equally screwed by this”.

How you should act
If these facts resonate with you regardless of who you are you should act in the following way.

You should act locally. You should share this information gently. If somebody disputes it acknowledge their point and back away. This is generational changing information and older individuals with entrenched beliefs will have difficulty understanding or may not have the ability to understand.

Progress is relentless and as a race the technology and understanding of how we might structure a program so that we can reincarnate is going to open up an awareness to a world that will change how we operate in this one.


The effects of this science are the same for everyone.

The scientific work will continue and be unstoppable.

There are flaws in the above presentation but they will be filled out by the continuing progression of the work that has been done and is being done.

This science must be taught globally to eradicate the causes of radicalism. Education can stop what bullets and wars cannot.

The resultant social and cultural changes are inevitable.

The current state of the science is that the phenomena presented here is valid because there are simply too many scientific indices making this case improbably high as our reality.

The thought the world was round and not flat were difficult concepts for minds to grasp when they were introduced and because of that they were denounced. But truth is a relentless fuck. Its steamroller’s the author of this document as well as the reader. We are both its victims. Or its beneficiaries.

This is not the final scientific proof of reincarnation in this document. We are turning a corner however where actions and studies open an entirely new world of opportunity and growth. Whether you agree with it or not, the science of reincarnation, there is simply too much opportunity for me personally to be restricted by old world ideologies. Each and every one of us has to make the choice of how we bring our ancestors into the future. They deserve our reverence and respect and is upon their work that we stand. But what worked for them in their environment with their resources is not our environment and our resources. We have an obligation to them and ourselves to do the work that we need to do and to find the courage to do it. Here, here is the hinge upon which the science of reincarnation turns.

If the turnaround time from reincarnation to reincarnation is as little as 10 years you are in a very real sense designing the future you return to. If you read the underlying anecdotal documents this is happening on other planets as well. Your life is like a sporting event confined to a field of play and a time limit. You are here to be educated. But as a race we are growing in our understanding of the time space in which we live in and our interaction with it.

It’s not one sign pointing in this direction its math, it’s physics, it’s biology, it’s quantum biology, it’s psychology, it’s neurology it’s religion. But our acceptance of this new science of reincarnation stands religion, politics, and gender norms, all on their heads.

Our old understanding
The brain is a discrete organ and the home of consciousness. Consciousness is a product of the chemicals and matter that comprise our bodies. Our minds are isolated from the world and we are separate from our environment. Cells communicate through chemicals and the coding of DNA. Nothing travels faster than the speed of light. Time is linear, we cannot look at yesterday or tomorrow.

Our new understanding
The brain perceives and makes its own record of the world in pulsating waves. These waves exist in both inside and outside the body. So our consciousness then exists inside and outside our bodies.
People are indivisible from their environment. Consciousness is not an isolated entity but can connect regardless of time and space. In short information derived by non-local consciousness efforts transcend time and space. We can look at yesterday and versions of tomorrow. Versions because it has not yet jelled. Remember the reference to Lynn Jell-O comment. It’s like that.

Now if you go back to the anecdotal disciplines this is the science upon which our perception of our reality rests. There are several things we need to deal with here.

1-The scientists as a demographic/ not businessmen, Radin review and applications becomes critical here

Its current lead scientist is Dean Radin. In his book The Conscious Universe he goes over business military and commercial applications of this emerging science.

2-Resources must move into this area of research, but clearly with the catholic hospitals example in the next chapter and the Muslim world even more regressive that is tough.

3-An open mind and dialogue are essential because the benefits are too large to ignore.

4-There is tremendous opportunity, not without its downside, for DIY funding and research in this science.



So here is where the gears begin to grind if our new understanding is as above then old vales need to change. An example is as follows with the catholic healthcare system.

Link to the Schwartz report Catholic hospitals
Judge sides with Catholic hospital in fight over contraceptive healthcare

All the evidence that’s been presented so far in the preceding chapters has been done by preeminent scientists. Every data point that used in the analysis has been vetted. When you take this information and put it against any of the information the religions present this argument is fact-based and logic driven and all they have are old books. I can show you people who had NDE’s and what the machines recorded when they were dead and then alive. Religions only have stories.

Now why should you go fight for a story or be killed because you don’t want to believe it anymore or have to wear restrictive clothing or not be allowed to drive? If this narrative were taught in the same way that religions were taught you would teach people to have an argument when recruiters come to recruit for aberrant ideologies.

At the very same time you propagate this fact-based paradigm you shake the very foundations of your own belief system. Welcome to the science of reincarnation.

Studies have shown that people born in the year 2000 test smarter than people born in the year 1900. Much of that difference has to do with the world we live in and the speed with which we all have to absorb data. We fight wars with modern weapons based on outdated beliefs.

This science now diverges into many different paths. This science incorporates its own science into implementing and propagating this education globally without the help of governments, NGOs, or other independent actors. We can now go deeper into the different aspects of this science as outlined in Chapter 1, or we can go into the social and political ramifications of not fighting religious or ethnic wars? We must logically balance the resources we have that addresses a system where 62 people have more money than 3.5 billion people.

But there is one thing that deserves to stand out from the others that I’ve mentioned and that is the retooling of the global war machine. Money and resources spent on weapons will need to be redeployed if war continues to reduce.

The next article is about storing consciousness in a machine. Our engineers are working on it. But if they can store data in a machine and they can store data in a cloud then is that what is happening with our consciousness? What we are seeing from the earlier chapters indicates this is already happening. The math section, supports multiple lives, because life is based on fractal geometry. We may be four dimensional creatures having a three-dimensional experience.

We may someday develop the ability to have multiple lives and the cognition to plan them. The alternative is that we are that already and are simply becoming increasingly self-aware. If that is the case then restrictions religions impose and religious wars themselves are simply exercises in self-flagellation.

The Machine Intelligence Research Institute is one example of the research being done today.

This is not just about artificial intelligence, but storing and manipulating consciousness. We now measure the computing and storage power of the human mind.

The future-in 1965, nominally 50 years ago, could we have predicted the science fiction comic Dick Tracy’s watch would be reality 50 years later? Today we are uploading as much data by actual count as the processing capacity of the human mind both on a disk and then sending that data to the cloud and returning it to a new disc. We are already working on digitizing the human mind. While there is no overarching study saying that there are individual studies solving the component part problems.

Given that is another iteration of the fractal process we are now beginning to outline the process we need to make reincarnating in a new body a reality.

Scientific development requires us pushing back horizons our sight. It allows us to collectively look at designing our future world and our reentry into it. Changes here represent changes there. Changes here repairing global warming and restoring equilibrium to the Eco system means a better environment upon reentry.

Fractal geometry
What is emerging is a mathematical proof of reincarnation. The next link is to Benoit Mandelbrot’s book the fractal geometry of nature, the link is again on Amazon so you can look inside of it.

The basis of this entry is that all life has a fractal pattern. This math was developed in the mid-80s by Benoit Mandelbrot and is used extensively in designing the intent is to go inside the cell phone in your pocket or purse but is also seen in the architecture of your heartbeat, heartbeats have fractal patterns, as well as how coastlines are measured and how forests arrange themselves. If it is alive it has a fractal pattern.

In the anecdotal disciplines of the science we are beginning to have enough data points to look for fractal patterns to emerge. Once that is done the proof that we reincarnate will be irrefutable.

The Fractal Geometry of Nature

Luminaries are letting false narratives stand and that is misleading. They are factually right there is no connective studies between PLR and CWRPL. But, and it’s such a big but, non-local consciousness is considered a fact. What does this mean, we understand scientifically how prayer works and how reincarnation works.

Clairvoyant archaeology- the story of Clairvoyance being proven with DNA evidence in Archeology
To be filled in in the next version, version 4 source for those who want the information now is to reference The Secret Vaults of Time by Stephan Schwartz.


Section 3 – The Soft Sciences

Comparative religion – The Social sciences – Political science
The soft sciences are those social sciences that do not submit to the quantitative measurements of the hard sciences.

Let’s start with comparative religion. All religions promise a life after death. While each religion has different narrative versions we can distill common points that all religions advance.

The common religious narrative
They are as follows but not limited to: life after death, standards of conduct, an evaluation of life’s performance and a oneness that transcends and includes everything that we see.

The scientific narrative
The common points of the science of reincarnation that we see supported through its anecdotal information and the hard science support in physics and math are as follows but not limited to: life after death, standards of conduct, and evaluation of life’s performance and a oneness that transcends and includes everything that we see.

In short we have found our most probable reality supported by what we see and what we believe and created a common denomination supporting and affirming all belief systems, read that religions, but occasionally some belief systems become fact-based and logic driven and now we have entered a new understanding of our reality.

For example this occurs in our new understanding of prayer as outlined by one of the scientists Lynn McTaggart. The link is to her book The Field.

If we distill what she says simply it is as follows:

A quantum particle, what you are made up of, pops in and out of existence while you are sitting there. These particles exist simultaneously both as a particle and a waveform. This waveform exists within you and is you as much is the particle that makes up your hand.

Each of us is on our own specific wavelength. But when we go into a house of worship we sit there and harmonize our wavelengths making them stronger. As we saw from our nonlocal consciousness proofs, which are a collective examination of this wave consciousness, we cannot only see at distance but can effect change at distance.

This proof validates what our religious leaders have been telling us for centuries about the power of prayer. This is an example of how the science of reincarnation harmonizes our beliefs with our observations and produces a net explanation of our most probable reality. That’s a very hard thing for scientists to say and for the people who pay them to do the science to hear.

There are experiments going on similar to the one described below in the studies now going on we already mentioned at the noetic Institute.

Political science
I’m sure the student wonders what political science has to do with the science of reincarnation.

There are experiments going on similar to the one described below in the studies now going on we already mentioned at the noetic Institute.

While China has passed a law saying that the Dalai Lama must reincarnate on Chinese soil. This is a serious law for a serious political issue Tibetan independence. By forcing the Dalai Lama to reincarnate on Chinese soil gives the Chinese government control. They are in fact trying to extend their jurisdiction into the land of the dead. Here’s a link is provided to the Reddit article so the student can see the comments.

In fact government involvement in the suppression of the study of reincarnation has forced scientists to call it something else whether that be past life regression, near death experiences or children who remember prior lives. When studying nonlocal consciousness, and the consensus among leading scientists is that it is proven beyond doubt, they don’t relate it back to being able to reincarnate.

Social and political change that will be brought about by examining reincarnation scientifically and accurately will put pressure on our institutions and governments to address the consequences of their actions.

In many ways the science of reincarnation is what is called a moonshot science, advancing our scientific knowledge and understanding by a gigantic leap. It is inevitable and unavoidable and will usher in a new standard measurement to our actions in this life.

So let us bring into focus what we see and what we believe and look at the most probable reality.

The Charitable Foundation sector of the science of reincarnation
We are using IANDS as an example of but the following applies to all organizations like IRVA, IONS, IANDS, NDERF and the other 501c3’s and is an explanation of collateral benefits and how to maximize their benefit to individual organizations though direct action of those same organizations.

The transformational factors around these 501c3’s is a nutrient rich electronic environment that is going to help organizations like IANDS grow exponentially. You can call this collateral benefit. Here it is where one organization accidentally helps another. But that is a common event in this rich electronic stew.

IANDS are the pioneers of what they do, when no one knew what a near death experience was these people organized and taught the world. Exploration in any area takes courage and they have it.

In 1981 when they organized they did not have a web site.

To connect to their web site 5 years ago you needed a computer.

Today if an organization’s web site is mobile ready it only takes a cell phone. This means their message is not only global but, as this mobile based technology propagates, available in every remote corner in the world.

There is a ready market of translators who would be happy to translate already existing NDE courses. To local practitioners the translations would occur naturally through crowd sourcing, all they or any of the nonprofits need do is ask the question in the form the market would respond to.

That is key to understand this burgeoning dynamic, the community creates the market the market defines the community. The IASOR community already exists, the community is creating this market.

Whereas once where you made a call for papers, or candidates for studies with the mobile technology you can reach billions and segment your market.

Web based translation services abound so the future is bright for the leaders in the Near Death Experience area.

This transformative technology of interconnectivity will increase the support base of organizations like IONS, IRVA, and others. Social media has many tools, some of which are applicable in one place and not another. The tool box available to these nonprofits include reddit, mashable, kickstarter and Instagram, crowd sourcing and crowd funding. This is like a trellis already in place for these nonprofits to grow on. There is already a sub reddit for r/reincarnationscience on reddit as well as near death, clairvoyance and remote viewing.

But it the coming interconnectivity of their web sites that will spur future growth. That electronic interconnectivity will produce a cornucopia of resources as they begin to cross support.

Their websites will become intersections rather than a destinations as people navigate from one to the other. This goes to their use of social media and how their message goes out and how frequently their visitors come back. Expanding their link base will drive traffic to and from the other 501(c)(3)’s within the community and is a win-win whenever that linkage occurs.

They will have success when they segment their online course/message to different markets and age groups.

The information itself will flow to multiple languages. This can be accelerated simply and for little cost by soliciting translators on a crowd sourced basis and the translators putting those translations up as PDFs on their own local websites.

The creation of IASOR is an example of this nutrient medium. IASOR is but one pump in an electronic circulatory system. Here’s how it works.

IASOR has several membership levels but 2 particularly are simply different data bases.

The professional member database is comprised of professional individuals servicing a specific discipline in a local area. If you are professional dealing with NDE’s, past life regression, or any of the other disciplines this database will allow local people to find local professionals, i.e., remote viewers in Dubai, NDE experts in Delhi. It will allow local professionals to access a larger body of cross indexed information than they currently have access to now.

They can also market products and services to the other nonprofits as the market and opportunities there allow.

The service provider database is for those organizations and individuals that are involved in doing and managing the science to advance our understanding. Whether doing a call for papers, looking for candidates for studies, or funding for a particular program these two databases expand both the reach and the realm of the scientists. It is the service providers who submit kick starter videos looking for funding or crowdsourcing.

How IASOR works – IASOR’s function is to maintain the databases and to provide a platform for their members to cross connect with other members. Projects and proposals should be submitted to r/ask science and those uploaded go through r/reincarnationscience and finally to the homepage of the website.

IASOR is currently calling for funding requests to advance this science. These requests will be marked clearly as the reader continues through this document.

Submit at

This is not just for funding requests but this allows nonprofit’s to map out larger goals and to get that support not just in money but man hours.

This access to a larger community as cross connections come is not limited to resources but also sourcing, when you really need 5000 dedicated volunteers to implement a program. It is that kind of support that is emerging for the 501c3 community to draw on.

This greater strength will allow them to provide new services on a global basis and study and more fully understand what they are studying.

That coming cross connection between them ultimately will lead to the greater understanding of the scientific and biological connection between them because of the increasing resources brought to this study.

Let’s look at the math of how the process works using our social media toolbox as an example.

Once one of the organizations decides on a study they wish to run and have funded they structure the study so the cost is at the midpoint of the success rate for Kickstarter programs as outlined in the book Bold. There can be a series of studies so funding longer term is not a problem, but if we are seeking to propagate multiple study lines then this market strategy will optimize our results. Next we drop the request into r/askscientists on reddit. That has 7 million subscribers. A 1/100 of 1 percent would get you 700 responses. Now back to our friends at IANDS. Their total membership is 778 members as of 2/2016 per their web site.

If we add the related subreddits as found on the IASOR site we can get to a base of 20 million interested individuals and the numbers change once again to IANDS advantage. At .00001 return IANDS would still get 200 responses.

The cost to IANDS to actually make the request, very little if anything at all. This example applies to every nonprofit in the category. It is IASOR’s mission to help every nonprofit by uploading and advertising those requests for studies and support across all the member and related associations.

IASOR is calling for both funding requests and videos from scientists that need additional funding for ongoing studies who are seeking additional support. IASOR will take those videos, promote them on our web site and you tube channel and all funds collected will go directly to the scientists designated accounts. IASOR does not wish to handle the money, its goes through Kickstarter, for example, directly to the scientists. Submit requests through r/reincarnationscience.

More information can be found on the IASOR site.

Section 4 – Probable realities

We are back to Stephan Schwartz’s introduction and what our student has a choice of. There are two models of consciousness and Stephan does an excellent job describing them.

The following link is to the Schwartz report, Stephan’s free daily updated news stories pertaining to trends in our world. I recommend the student subscribe.

Once there go to archive and search reincarnation on his search engine. It’s the best reading on current science of reincarnation news stories.

“At present, models of consciousness can essentially be subdivided into two distinct broad categories: Models of the first type: physicalist models holding all consciousness as being contained within an organism’s neuroanatomy. Models of the second type: nonlocal models – historically conceived of as esoteric/spiritual/or religious, and distinguished by the assumption that a significant aspect of consciousness is not limited to the neuroanatomy, hence nonlocal. Physicalist models assume the causality principle, use standard logic, and are based on high quality reproducible experimental data. These models typically offer a plausible mechanism to account for the data. They basically follow the Cartesian analytic method and hold the view that science by deconstructing and analyzing a problem into simple parts that can be considered individually and, then, re-assembled to yield an understanding of the integrated whole. In essence, this mechanistic approach implies that consciousness is nothing but biological processes. Obviously all of this lies within the space-time domain. The models of the second type, universal to almost all human cultures, are by their nature holistic and non-reductionist. They all include the idea that the whole is more than the sum of its physical parts, and that consciousness encompasses more than can be explained by space-time. These models also universally recognize that understanding this aspect of consciousness requires both analysis and direct experience. In describing their experiences individuals persistently talk about “timeless-time” and “spaceless-space” in describing their experiences. When we look at both classes of models a number of salient questions arise:

Is there a reality behind each of these two classes of models of consciousness?

Are these two realities distinct and separate from each other or do they overlap?

Is it possible to use our standard scientific method to develop models that account for the second “non-scientific” transcendent reality as well?

What would be an appropriate scientific methodology that would allow one to start developing such a unified theoretical model?”

We come now to the three questions that are core to the science of reincarnation
1-Do you believe what you see?
Do you believe all the studies and all the data? Have you incorporated your personal belief system, whatever religion you choose?

2-Do you see what you believe?
Do you see Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed or any other deity that you can speak to directly? How do you analytically integrate the difference between your beliefs, what you are being told by others and what you can see the studies and the individuals in those studies? Finally when you put a mathematical probability against all options what do you choose?

3-Who are you going to believe what someone tells you or your own eyes?
This goes directly to accepting the responsibility for your own decision. No one has the authority to impose a decision upon you. The final arbiter is the individual. His decision is only evaluated upon the action he takes not the words he utters.

In the above acts we are all equal.

So we’ve come to the point that we’ve proven reincarnation is our most probable reality. We have a fact based logic driven paradigm supported by multiple data points from a variety of disciplines that all interconnect to form a cohesive whole. By incorporating everything we see, the anecdotal disciplines and the religious disciplines we have arrived at a common and inclusive narrative that is our probable reality.

Before going on in the study of the science of reincarnation the student must pass the following question. Do you believe that this is the truth? Is it easier to believe a religious narrative that does not offer facts or logic? If you think that this science correctly describes our reality you are ready to move on to the next section, social engineering future lives and societies.

This is the end of The Science of Reincarnation 101.
This course number was SOR 101
Section 5 begins the second course
The Applications of the Science of Reincarnation 1.0. This course number is SOR 102

We are looking for accredited colleges to begin to teach this course. Please contact us through r/reincarnationscience.


Section 5-social engineering/futurology/future lives

A look at what coming in section 5
In a very simple thumbnail if the science of reincarnation is correct, and this seems to be the highest probability of all alternative narratives then things like apostasy laws, blasphemy laws, theocracies, Divine right of Kings, gender inequity, and racial discrimination now have a factual basis in being false.

What follows is a link to a text of a Pakistani high school science course. This was obtained through Reddit and presented as such. Allowing science to be taught based on religion is like choosing stupidity. There is really no other way to say that and I mean no offense by it is just simply where the default logic of the science ends up.

This indictment is global. It indicts the science community of the Western world for not standing up to the facts that we can now verify. That same indictment stands for the Eastern world as well who have for eons presented the same information as a belief.

What this science calls for is a fact based logic driven paradigm that our best science and minds can present and then to teach that everywhere, in the language of the locals, at a grade level a high school senior can understand. This alone will change the world.

To the Al Qaeda cadre, to those individuals who are responsible for directing the fight against whoever they are fighting. You need the most recent information to conduct your operations effectively, this is the most recent information. It will show you how to remote view militarily and use that information strategically. This is a science.

To the American military; in the early 1960s we had a safety device on our ICBMs that protected us from a false launch. The Soviets had no such safety device. Upon learning this Pres. Kennedy declassified this information and gave it to the Soviets in an address at the UN. In doing so he exposed other strategic technological information in order to do this. It made the world safer, this is the same thing.

While the science of reincarnation will take political positions because it is a political science it understands the nature of power and talks to that power in this way.

Military manufacturing is a huge component of the global market. If there were going to be no wars I would have to short this sector. That is giving up a huge amount of income to the multinationals who operate in this sector.

It’s not the politicians or the people but the money that decides. Algorithms on concentration of wealth indicates that there are 227 top financial decision-makers globally. This bypasses politicians although Putin at a net worth of 40 billion is certainly in the category as are heads of banks, investment firms, multinational corporations and the variety of other category leaders. If the science of reincarnation does not pass muster in this very important group it will never gain traction. It almost doesn’t matter that this affects every one of them at a very deep personal level.

As Moore’s law pushes us to understand faster and faster the connection between intellect and physicality it is our beginning to engineer our future in future lifetimes that is the opportunity here. If the level that connects us all is not in harmony the future is bleak for the leaders of the present in future lifetimes.

Engineering solar power, clean air and water, ceasing operations like fracking can only make the world that you return to a better place. The alternative is a science-fiction dystopian future.

The science of reincarnation is about engineering that change. What the money will find is that there will be a Cambrian explosion of wealth that they will hugely benefit from and be able to transfer to future lives. The money must go from funding war to make money, to funding and supporting the rising billion people to make money. By raising people out of poverty and building infrastructure there is a greater return on investment than by paying for destruction.

Example women of the Third World who can now bank online through their cell phones whereas before only their husbands or fathers could have a bank account.

The neocons who push war as a solution are the paid employees of the organizations who would benefit from those wars. But after repeated cycles of war those same neocons for instance Tony Blair look for a narrative for counter radicalization. The war at that point had become a wound in the neocons side that would not stop bleeding blood and treasure. The science of reincarnation offers a counter radicalization strategy to both sides.

The Donald’s theory of war posits that no two countries with McDonald’s franchises have ever gone to war with each other. What this underlies our common interests. What the science of reincarnation offers is a counter radicalization narrative that is fact-based and logic driven and affects us all equally.

This is where the political science discipline of the science of reincarnation is going. Where it is today is that these brilliant scientists who’ve done such amazing work talk to each other in invitation only groups not on open forums like Reddit. They do not use the word reincarnation typically in the books that they publish. Past life regression, children who remember prior lives, near death experiences, nonlocal consciousness is proven, and the significance of what they have done is lost in the obfuscation.

Simply say it plainly, the greatest likelihood is that we have lived before and we will live again and these lives are learning events as we grow both individually and as a quanta of consciousness collectively as a group.

The money, the deciders, must take action in a positive way and the common consciousness of every person globally needs to direct them to do just that. That is what the science of reincarnation is about.

Finally we would like to introduce the student to the international Association of the science of reincarnation (IASOR). IASOR is the website where you can find the latest in the development of this emerging science.

Lastly before we begin we make an appeal for translators to translate this textbook into all languages. This information should be made globally available because this is the best aggregated scientific information that exists in the world on the science of reincarnation. This information should be free to everyone so they can understand it, study it, question it, and come to terms with where the science of our times is taking us.

The end – for now