Seeking Joint Venture Partner

Documentary film maker to produce 8 part series on the Science of Reincarnation.

We are seeking a joint venture partner, a documentary film maker, to produce a series on the science of reincarnation.

Using the Structure of Science Revolution written by Kuhn and regarded as one of the twenty best science books ever written we begin by talking about the huge scientific revolution we are on the verge of at the beginning of this century. To understand the science read the text book or The Science of Reincarnation by Bob Good. Here we just outline the episodes.

Episode 1 – Intro and context of the revolution. Kuhn in his book says no science becomes a science until it has a paradigm. The paradigm of any science be it chemistry or biology is explain the science and predict what that science will say along the lines of the paradigm. There are anomalies in science those results that are at odds with the paradigm and what it predicts. Sometimes the paradigms of the different sciences must change to accommodate the new experimental results. Sometimes the metaparadigm, that paradigm that encompasses all the other paradigm must change. This can take centuries or occur in an instant. We are on the precipice of a major change. The first metaparadigm was the genesis metaparadigm. All science conducted from the time of genesis until the 18th century was done under this paradigm. The one we are under now is the Grand Material Paradigm. It has several tenants, that consciousness is discreet, that is it is driven by bioelectrical postulates. As we will see in episode 2 that ain’t necessarily so.

Episode 2 – Clairvoyant archeology using The Secret Vault of Time by Schwartz as a guide we chart the development of clairvoyant archeology from 1900 to 2000 and from it being regarded as heresy to it being accepted as a standard methodology in archeology today. The problem with this is that there is no place in our current metaparadigm for the mind to reach across time and space. This is an anomaly.

Episode 3 – Reincarnation. Using the studies done for the last 50 years at the University of Virginia we see that there is a continual precession of children age 2-6 that claim prior lives. It has been proven they know about these prior incarnations. What we are seeing is an effect much like the effect farmers saw in the 1600’s when rocks fell from the sky. It took 200 years for us to understand the science of meteorites. What the University of Virginia is doing is creating a database for future scientists to mine. What they do not understand is the cause of the effect we are seeing.

Episode 4 – The soft sciences Archeology, sociology, OBE and near death experiences are all reviewed and totaled showing the anomalies that exist outside our current metaparadigm.

Episode 5 – The hard sciences Are there anomalies present here? We now inside the last 25 years have developed a theory to explain clairvoyance. It has to do with the non-local nature of subatomic particles. Put simply we are not made of cells or molecules but quantum particles and this ability of subatomic particles manifests itself in our macro world in the form of clairvoyance. That occurred at Princeton University beginning in 1979 and was called the intention experiments. Using Dean Radin’s book The Conscious Universe and Lynn McTaggert’s book The Field we begin to put together a new metaparadigm that explains where the science is going.

Episode 6 – The intention experiments. Again simply put if we could receive information could we send it so in 1979 Princeton University scientists devised a test by taking a computer a random number generator that was programmed to produce 50% 1’s and 50% 0’s and attach them to a screen so if someone sat down in front of the screen they would see 50% a picture of Jesus and 50% a picture of a goat. They then said to their subjects just by your intention we want you to make more pictures of Jesus appear and the subjects could. How confident can we be in this result? Over 25 years over 2,500,000 trials and the results are the same. How do you make a computer do something just by wishing it so? That is the change that is occurring and science is accepting. To get a fuller picture read the science section in the appendix.

Episode 7 – Theory and implications. This episode describes the world science is telling us exists.

Episode 8 – Conclusion. This episode describes how our world and perception of the world will change. If the leap in science was huge from 1900-2000 all you can say is “You ain’t seen nuthin yet.”