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The Matrix of Consciousness By Bob Good

With coauthors Dean Radin, Stephan A Schwartz, Titus Rivas, and Cathie Hill
April 10, 2020
Press Release

The book The Matrix of Consciousness will be published this summer on Amazon

The Matrix of Consciousness is a scientific look at consciousness in all its manifestations. In many of its manifestations it transcends the 3 spatial dimensions and the one temporal dimension that define our everyday reality. This book is about how new discoveries are changing how we view ourselves and our impending deaths. In our evolving view of consciousness and reality, our death most likely means being born into a different state of cognition. This matrix of consciousness introduces a new real science, the science of reincarnation, which is incorporated into this emerging matrix as part of the information and spatial topology. The upload and download of consciousness after death and before birth is a fractal of the upload and download of information to the cloud.

The Institute for Advanced Consciousness StudiesThe Association for the Science of Reincarnation

September 30, 2020
Press Release

The Institute for Advanced Consciousness Studies |

IASOR has announced the founding of the Institute for Advanced Consciousness Studies (TIFACS), The purpose of TIFACS is to promote the study of phenomena that strongly challenge prevailing theories of the mind‐brain relationship, and as such these topics tend to be ignored in academia. They includes (a) the nature and source of artistic, musical and mathematical genius, (b) autistic, acquired and spontaneous savants, (c) near death experiences (NDE), (d) terminal lucidity (people with advanced Alzheimer’s who become remarkably lucid just prior to death), (e) multiple‐witness sightings of apparitions of the dead, (f) extreme mental control of physiology, (g) psychic abilities (i.e., telepathy, clairvoyance), and (h) mystical, contemplative, and psychedelic states. These and related phenomena are all well‐established, either because they are self‐evident (genius, savants), repeatedly demonstrated through modern scientific experiments (psychic abilities, extreme physiological control), or have been meticulously documented for decades or even centuries (NDEs, terminal lucidity, apparitions, mystical and related states of consciousness).

TIFACS announces the publication of its Prospectus

April 3, 2020
Press Release

The Institute for Advanced Consciousness Studies (TIFACS) announces the publication of its Prospectus

Note to the reader who ever you may be: This is a working project that is not launched, not live and may never be. It is here under construction as it is discussed and changed and clarified. No proposals are offered and no money sought at this time. This is not intended for distribution.

TIFACS ( has published its Prospectus, its operational statement of intent. This is how the money is procured, from who and by who, to whom the money flows and the derivatives and ROI of the research and the social and political ramifications.