Who we are

Bob GoodBob Good, Executive Director

It is an honor to be the first Executive Director of the International Association of the Science of Reincarnation. Many people have worked to create this organization and none more important than the scientists who have done hard science work to bring us where we are today.

Our organization’s goal is to not only fund and support research into reincarnation but to educate. There is an intersection of technology, cognitive sciences and belief systems, religions, which will change and sculpt our future.

Our job here at the association is to support the science being done in this area and to present that narrative and explanation. We welcome discussion and analysis and respect all faiths and belief systems. What we are discovering scientifically supports a religion’s belief in an afterlife.

But a common consensus view of the afterlife is emerging from NDE experiencers, children who recall prior lives and people who have gone through past life regression. This is supported by narratives from mediums, DNA evidence and new and more complete understanding from the fields of physics, medicine and technology.

Our job here at the association is to present this information in a meaningful way to a global population. This science affects us all in the same way. If you are human this science presents the most probable scientific case for the afterlife. We have much work to do but truly the future is ours to shape.