Welcome to the international Association for the Science of Reincarnation.

The Association is both the community and the marketplace for anybody in any aspect that connects with the science of reincarnation. The list is endless but it includes scientists, artists, politicians and religious figures. If you are human it includes you equally both as an observer and participant.

To speak to anyone who has a specific interest about the science of reincarnation and get a reaction from a local group one simply need to click on any of our ever-growing list of sub Reddit’s under the Reddit tab in our home page. Our home sub Reddit is r/reincarnationscience. This sub Reddit will be monitored by Vettors. The Vettors job is simply to sift the bullshit the travels informationally through our daily lives.

These Vettors will cull the latest scientific information and studies that are double-blind and peer-reviewed and place them in the textbook the science of reincarnation 101. The Vettor’s will self-organize and submit proposals to what should be added and deleted. If an article is deleted it goes into our electronic archive so it can still be accessed.

While the Vettors come from the Association they work at the Institute for the Advancement of the Science of Reincarnation and the variety of Vettors can be seen in the institute’s educational department overview.

The association’s mandate which also needs volunteers at all levels specifically translators and entrepreneurs in all countries is to provide a marketplace.

A brief word of explanation; if it if you know of a local candle maker somewhere deep in the mountains of a remote region but his candles work therapeutically on sinuses then you should market that connection here. There are healers who come to the site who need resources. There are others who come trying to find someone to heal them. This site is to simply facilitate those connections.

This is about team. People who are healers, are not aggressively competitive people yet they operate in the world that is. For those people to have community because individually they are pushed to the fringe would empower and support them all.

Now you know what this association is about. It’s going to be crowd run and crowd funded, it’s going to invite the leading scientists of our time to freely discuss their ideas and what they feel is the course to navigate this science on and while they have that discussion the crowd is going to participate.

We cannot rely on governments or institutions or NGOs to give us the truth we must find it for ourselves. In that crowd sourcing we lead the aforementioned institutions on the right course. It is a collective decision but in that collective decision is the following intents.

To fight war with truth because the truth is the wars we fight are senseless. Guns and bullets are not the answer because if they were this would’ve been solved a long time ago.

So the science of reincarnation with cognizance and seeking to improve what seems to be our extended existence by improving the world we seem to come in and out. The Science of Reincarnation has a clearly stated political policy which we want to implement as well as designing the future scientific and social policies.

With every cell phone issued and every individual connected we can provide the latest and best information on what the course of our collective consciousness may be and finally put our hand on the helm.

That would mean any statistically aberrant ideologies would be void factually and have no bearing on our true reality. What this means societally for example in just a few instances would be priests should be able to immediately marry, women are immediately equal and allowed to be educated in all Muslim countries and not be required to wear any of the local indigenous restrictive religious clothing except by their own choice. Religious police anywhere should be dissolved.

Yet people would still be whatever their religion was prior to this change. Because being a science it realizes that Islam along with Christianity Judaism Hinduism and Buddhism were the vines along the path tha our collective consciousness grew. According to the data we’ve been each religion race and sex over over our previous lifetimes.

This is our probable reality and when we teach this in local areas we should we speak in the language of the area and in an age-appropriate way to make this view the norm among the next generations children. We all are the association’s ambassadors and should explain SOR (The Science of Reincarnation) like this.

Simply say the following: you know science keeps getting better and better you see cars and planes rocket ships. Well our science with who we are inside is getting better too. We can now see down past the cells to the particles to the very energy of what makes us up.

The religions are right when you die you’re still conscious you have a soul but what we’re finding out is that we’ve lived many times and been many religions. You’re going to live again but you’ve also lived many times in the past and you don’t have to get killed for leaving the religion you’re in because no religion has a right to say that.

Did anyone just hear apostasy laws fall?

Now what we’re explaining here is a symbiotic relationship between the marketplace and the Institute. The marketplace knows GMO’s are bad but corporatocracies can now buy governments. So can religions.

This association is but one of many and I speak now to the many organizations that are going to come and read what we are about. I say this to you: link with us. You don’t even have to link back with our association if you don’t want. We will make sure people who visit us know that you occupy a part of our universe and list you in the SOR directory.

We encourage our members to do business with each other, our job is simply to give you a platform to make that connection.