About the institute

Simply put our mandate is to provide scientific facts on reincarnation, not fiction and put that information on all mobile phones and related media in all languages on the planet and in a way appropriate for each age group.

The education department at the Institute for the advancement of the science of reincarnation is compartmentalized in the following manner and equally weighted in the following manner.

Information is totally useless if no one knows about it. The coming paradigm means that every person in the world has access a cell phone. That includes poor kids in Islamabad, Mosul and Buenos Aires. They have access. We have access.

The science of reincarnation must be explained in their language and at their grade level. Many will come to it and understand it. If you are human this science affects you equally. If it’s true for one of us it’s true for all of us whether we accept it or not. But in order for it to stay in front of people who would look away you need to popularize it. That means it must have its own brand, its own music in the language of the person and its own superheroes.

It is the intention of the Institute to build intellectual playgrounds for all people. In doing this, creating this structure, you create a constant stream of people who hear it and come to look at it. When you do the science of reincarnation and you are creating that science you play the music of it.

We are doing fact based logic driven studies to determine if there’s consciousness after death and if there is what form it takes. All work must be peer-reviewed and anyone is allowed to submit papers, study requests, funding requests and those studies will be crowd funded, crowd sourced and crowd evaluated so we know what the most probable scenario is and we can stop having these stupid religious wars. It is a goal of the science of reincarnation to reach and teach at risk populations in at risk locations aberrant ideologies are factually wrong. The common core of religions is essentially correct and the science is mathematically validating the wisdom traditions of our race.

The goal here is the cut off the flow of recruits to these aberrant ideologies within a generation. The science of reincarnation believes that guns and bullets have proven no match for the strength of aberrant ideologies and an enlightened ideology systematically delivered and taught will solve this problem. People will still kill each other for money power and a variety of other reasons, but they don’t become armed insurgents who have a policy to go and murder 150 people at a time.

The baseline for the arts is Transcendence the rock opera. The main characters are Jewish, but this should be rewritten by the children of each culture the way they would like. In future versions the main characters should be Buddhists, or Christian or Muslim because wherever they are going we all are going.

Transcendence the rock opera is based on the reincarnation series of science fiction books. We invite artists, writers, singers simply to submit stories, pictures, and documentaries. We will promote them on this site invite promoters to review that work.

Our research department is broken into two components. One component is seeking people to volunteer time and resources to do the studies. We are also looking for studies to fund. Our research department has a direct connection with our arts department in that our arts department will produce kick starter videos to fund research projects. We need volunteers across the board. We need volunteer translators. We need volunteers in at risk locations who would like to tell their neighbors about what is occurring in science. In short we would like to tell them about the birth and organization of the science of reincarnation and what it really is.

The other part of the research department is actually doing the research. In that regard the Institute for the advancement of the science of reincarnation IASOR is not a research facility but a marketplace where the market itself directs what needs to be funded and what needs to be done.

No doubt IASOR directors of the future will have their own agenda and term limits should be set on the director’s chair. A director’s term is four years, he is elected by the members in that voting year. It does not matter what type of membership you hold you get one vote. There is a two-term limit so that the director only has an aggregate of the eight years to be director.

His job is to maintain the open architecture of the marketplace that exists at IASOR. He is to solicit funding requests for studying the science of reincarnation and to scientifically study how we might do it so that we understand the mechanics of it.

He directs the organization that accredits colleges so that we can teach at higher levels where the research needs to be done. He also directs the field research the local teaching organizations and getting the products and services of our members to those locations. For instance IANDS will develop in end-of-life certified nursing program at some indeterminate point in the future the IASOR field offices need to be able to disseminate not just our educational material but the services and goods of our affiliated members.

It would be naïve to think that this emerging science would not change the current political and religious paradigm. If you change sex, race and religion from life to life you would improve your future lives if there was the totality of this science actively taught and practiced now. So we are for gender equality racial equality and religious equality. That means we want to see bathrooms for women built in India and they don’t have to pay to go. Our field offices mandate is to lobby local politicians.

We believe governance should be by logic. Leaders can see failed options as well as successful ones, economically Kansas vs. Minnesota. Two different policies two different results. Leaders in Washington should come up with a baseline of successful strategies and establish an optimal norm. That is leadership in governing not special interests.

To read our political opinions of how logic should effect action here is who most represents the views of this site best. Go to Stephan Schwartz – The Schwartz Report

There are some who will object to this function of the science of reincarnation and where it might lead organizationally. Neither the dissenters nor the supporters have any choice in this matter. The Catholic Church imprisoned Galileo but the sun was still the center of the solar system. This science is showing something so profound that we all have a right to know. We are going to be able to prove that our consciousness lives again and at that point as a race how we approach awareness will change.

Many may wonder what this organization is. The people who work here use aspects of the science of reincarnation that have to do with non-local consciousness. For instance our remote viewers are predicting that the US Military will reopen and re-fund the SRI program of the 70’s and 80’s in a new and more robust way.