applications of the science 1.0


In 1955 I was six years old. My family was in Havana Cuba and I was taken to see the tomb of Christopher Columbus. It was something you would teach a six-year-old, Christopher Columbus discovered America and he was buried here in Havana.

30 years later I was in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. I went to see the tomb of Christopher Columbus. You see Christopher Columbus is buried in Santo Domingo. His tomb here is slightly more impressive than the one in Havana although as the years go by I have less memory of what that one looked like.
20 years after that I was in Toledo Spain and I visited the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Of all the Columbus tombs this is the most impressive. I told the guide I was with about visiting the other tombs. The guide nodded and told me that most people rest in peace but Columbus rests in pieces.

Fair enough I said, why not do DNA testing so we know for sure Columbus’s final resting place. Well he responded then someone would have to lose. None of the three locations would agree to do that.

This is an example of these three countries choosing belief over fact. They are not alone, choosing the belief rather than choosing to know the truth.

You cannot conduct science like that.

You cannot conduct war like that.

Chapter 1

3 People
A Jew, a Muslim and a Christian sit down in front of you and you say I’m sure there is one thing we can agree on, that if you smoke cigarettes you increase your chance of getting lung cancer.

We could not prove that one of them was going to get it, and one or two may not believe what you’re telling him. But as we move through 300 people and 3000 people and 3 million people trends begin to expose themselves and we seem to leave proofs and enter probabilities.

We are lied to regularly, in this case by the tobacco companies. But this is an endemic situation in the world where regardless of your race religion or sex you are regularly sexually assaulted by your clergy. You see we can assign probabilities to that too.

We demand proofs, absolutes in a world where they don’t exist. So we live a bookmaker’s life assigning probabilities everything we do from the minute we open our eyes to after we close them.

We can’t say what’s going to happen to any specific individual but we can say what the probable trends are.

There was a time when the world was flat, and then it became around.

There was a time when thunder was Zeus throwing thunderbolts, and then it became the differential between ion charges in clouds.

This would be accepted by our three initial individuals, that Zeus was no longer throwing thunderbolts. Now if those individuals were fundamentalists they may out of hand say the science was wrong because it did not conform to their beliefs. Yet if they got lung cancer they would try and seek the best scientific treatment that would be available to them.

It’s what the science shows

What the science shows if you are fat you are likely to die earlier than someone who is skinny. It really doesn’t matter your race, your skin color or your gender, it matters that you are either fat or skinny and your genetics can point you in any direction. You can be some radical fundamentalist ideologue who disagrees with that but then you can be an idiot too. And idiots abound, while the food companies regularly lie to me, so do the scientists they hire and the politicians they employ. Next to me in the audience listening to them I have people who lack understanding and insight and parrot what they hear. But at the end of the day when I look at a population of really old people I don’t see too many fat ones.

It’s what the science shows.

Now a couple questions for you the reader:
1-Do you believe what you see?
2-Do you see what you believe?
3-Who are you going to believe, someone else, or your own eyes?

So what does the science show about reincarnation? It’s a tricky question because the closer you come to solving it, fewer people want you to solve it.

What the science of reincarnation shows is that the great probability scientifically speaking is that you will have the opportunity to live again. The data shows that you will change race, gender, and religion from life to life. The data shows you will have consciousness and choices after you die.

Of all the narratives that describe what happens after you die this is the one with the highest degree of probability.

Each religion has their own narrative, each one tells you they’re right. But suppose we could say to a high degree of probability one of them is right, the others really wouldn’t want us to know about that. This information would shake up a lot of power structures. So we are regularly lied to here as well.

This science is showing that your consciousness is still you after your death and is being proven in neuroanatomy and quantum physics. This is scientific proof you have a soul, but just as you experience birth and you will experience death, this is what will most likely follow.

But what about the religions?
Regardless of what you are there will be more like you wherever it is you’re going.

An important issue for you to remember in this discussion is as follows, since there may be some sensitivity and resistance to objective discussions on belief. This is about probability, that odds maker in all of us.

1-When you survey people who have had NDE’s they all tell a similar story, so it doesn’t matter what race religion or gender you are, all of us who had NDE’s tell basically the same thing.

2-When you survey children who remember prior lives they all tell a similar story to each other and that same story is similar to the people who had NDE’s.
3-When you survey people who had past life regression done, that same similar narrative to numbers one and two above is told. Sometimes to startlingly precision (The Glenn Ford case).

The resultant common narrative from these three conditions includes all belief systems, or religions if you like, and so this narrative becomes the highest probability.

What makes this narrative even more striking is that as we learn more about the quantum world of physics and emergent fields such as quantum biology supports this common narrative.

Our old perception of ourselves is that our matter creates our minds, what we are learning is our minds create our matter that live multiple lives.

The scientific proof is coming where we say it is an absolute. In the meantime though we need to understand that we are being born into that world when we die in this one. Our ability to store digital memory in the cloud is not dissimilar from our ability to store our consciousness in the ethereal cloud.

Then this reality then becomes our classroom and now our science sounds like our religion. The fact that they both support each other buttresses the probability that this is our reality.

That new reality has tremendous social and geopolitical consequences. It encompasses the overthrow of the Saudi monarchy by its own people. It implies an Islamic Renaissance as its thought leaders teach its rebels. That can only come with a redistribution of its wealth so that the common person has a good life, housing, healthcare and freedom. Gender equality within the genetic spectrum is now scientifically the norm, anything else would be abnormal.

Given the fact that this science proves that gender is transitive then those transitive individuals in our societies, which occurs everywhere, are equal citizens in all respects and simply represent particles going from one pole to another. Scientifically that both poles are equal are what makes a system stay in equilibrium. This simply means that the sexes are equal and one cannot exist without the other as is the case in any binary system.

What this science is showing is that each religion has its own heaven and as a soul you may believe in one religion One Life and another religion in another life and no religion at all in his life after that. If it’s happening in the realm where you are alive it also exists in the realm of when you are not alive.
That is what the science is showing.

This science is being done both stealthily and ubiquitously right now. Before we get into explaining where the science is at let’s meet the people doing the science, the organizations they are in, and a suggested roadmap for the future.

Each of the following organizations is doing some aspect of the science of reincarnation. There is cultural resistance currently in many places that would resist calling reincarnation the science or considered doing a science called reincarnation.

The reason is that this science will change the cultural powerbase of many organizations and religions. It will shake up the establishment.

So for you radical Islamists consider this an expose. The smart guys should read it, the ones who are running ISIS. Clearly you are brilliant and I say this seriously because the equipment you are using you have taken from the Americans and you are beating them with their own equipment.

The most fundamentalist imam should understand this because it fundamentally changes how his religion is viewed. There is no getting around this, his most wealthy and ardent supporters go to the finest European and American clinics for medical care. They use the most sophisticated weapons that exists today. This is the finest science on this topic that exists. If you are using sophisticated modern weapons to fight your enemy then you need to understand this emerging science.

The most fundamentalist Christian pastor should understand this because it fundamentally changes how his religion is viewed. There is no getting around this, his most wealthy and ardent supporters go to the finest European and American clinics for medical care. They use the most sophisticated weapons that exists today. This is the finest science on this topic that exists. If you are using sophisticated modern weapons to fight your enemy then you need to understand this emerging science.

The most fundamentalist Rabbi should understand this because it fundamentally changes how his religion is viewed. There is no getting around this, his most wealthy and ardent supporters go to the finest European and American clinics for medical care. They use the most sophisticated weapons that exists today. This is the finest science on this topic that exists. If you are using sophisticated modern weapons to fight your enemy then you need to understand this emerging science.

So let us look at the current community and marketplace of the people and organizations currently doing the science of reincarnation.

Chapter 2

A Master Plan for the Science of Reincarnation
Creating a Community
Creating a Marketplace

When Planning Boards plan community development they create a master plan. This master plan lays out in steps how they envision the community will/should develop.

The Master Plan for creating the community known as the science of reincarnation will follow the example from community development planning boards.

It should be known that the following conditions apply to what follows. It is public knowledge, anyone can voice opposition to any part and no one is obligated to do anything they do not bind themselves to do.

This is the creation of a community and a market place.

Driving this effort is a loose confederation of individuals who operate under The Science Of Reincarnation web site. They have self-funded this web site. There are several commercial ventures attached to this group and their business plan is part of this document. But part of the business plan is to raise money and do pro bono work for the organizations who connect themselves to this community. The mandate of The Science Of Reincarnation individuals is to: earn money for themselves, earn money and donate to the organizations in the community, connect the community and build links and commerce so the community can fund itself and become move vibrant and finally to teach what this science is so the world can become a better place.

This master plan is open to everyone. But to lay it out and explain it we will restrict this presentation to the interaction between 6 disciplines or categories of the science of reincarnation.

Structure of the presentation
1 Overview and interconnection
2 Plan for each member
3 Income/cost benefit

Science of reincarnation Web Site Communities by category and consciousness route.

1 – Near-death experiences (NDE’s)

2 – Children who remember prior lives (CWRPL)

3 – Past life regression (PLR)

4 – Nonlocal consciousness studies (NLCS)

4a – Clairvoyance

4b – Remote Viewing
Is like plr using clairvoyance to look at objects not yourself, in plr you are searching for you.
Following are links to 120+ remote viewing sites – research, sessions, videos, forums, reports, observations, targets, tools and training. For an overview of the field see Daz’s Visual Map of Remote Viewing History.
ONE20+ (remote viewing links)

4c – Meditation

5 – Teaching institutes
Bachelor of Science Second-Degree: Clairvoyant Studies
(9 Course Program | 2 Semesters | Work at your own pace)

Here a link to their bookstore
Certification Programs
Scientific Clairvoyantology
Scientific Telepathology
Scientific Empathology

View List of other courses

Degree Programs
B.S. Clairvoyant Studies
B.S. Telepathic Studies
B.S. Empathic Studies

Introductory Courses
Psychical Ethics
Introduction to Paraphysics
Introduction to Parapsychology
Introduction to Extrasensory Perception
Introduction to Empathic Studies
Introduction to Telepathic Studies
Introduction to Clairvoyant Studies
Introduction to Atmokinetic Studies
Introduction to Cryokinetic Studies
Introduction to Umbrakinesis
Introduction to Pyrokinetic Studies

Helping their members/authors/researchers
– The International Journal of Parapsychology
– European Journal of Parapsychology

6 – Scientific Study of Religions

Political Study


Welcome to the CSL
For over 20 years, the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory has been the center for government-sponsored parapsychology research in support of its intelligence program most recently known as STAR GATE.

We invite you to volunteer to participate in an exciting experiment to explore how your nervous system can automatically predict the future. If you would like to learn more, please click here.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory is three-fold. To use the tools of modern behavioral, physiological, and physical sciences to:
– Determine which parapsychological phenomena can be validated under strict laboratory conditions.
– Understand their mechanisms.
– Examine the degree to which they might contribute to practical applications.
The laboratory is a center for interdisciplinary research devoted to understanding a wide range of human experience. In addition to exploring parapsychological phenomena, the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory’s charter extends to allied fields such as consciousness research, cognitive neuroscience, perception, physiology, psychology and physics.

Chapter 3

The Physical Sciences of the Science of Reincarnation

This chapter will be updated at a later date.


Chapter 4

The Political science of the science of reincarnation
A method for countering radicalization

This is written for both ideal logical sides in the Isis/radical Islam versus the… West.

Why teaching the science of reincarnation globally is a counter radicalism initiative anywhere.

Come on Bob you’ll never convince the radicals to change by teaching a new science.

Let’s start by analyzing the role twitter played in the Arab spring. If you want to see what this science is already proven you can go to the college textbook the science of reincarnation 101. For those who want a quick overview they can click on learn the science of reincarnation in one minute on our homepage.

In a nutshell the science of reincarnation has proven that it’s narrative, that you will be able to reincarnate, or choose not to, and if you reincarnate you can and will change gender race and nationality over multiple lifetimes. That your behavior in this lifetime is an aggregate of prior lifetimes and positions you in the future life. That karma and intent have real results.

This narrative by comparative analysis of all other narratives (religious and nonreligious) is the most likely by a wide margin. This is a new provable scientific discovery that is held by a wide consensus of scientists and physicians. This means the following:
– Apostasy laws anywhere are factually religiously invalid.
– Divine right of Kings has no basis in fact and positions held in governments that are passed down through lineage are held against the right of the people being governed. This also applies to military junta’s and insurgent groups.
– Mandatory dress is also factually religiously invalid.
– What does factually religiously mean? It means religious clothing is perfectly acceptable to be worn and honor the traditions of the Heritage of a specific religion. No laws however are to be passed imposing upon a gender or group the requirement of wearing such clothing. The wearing of such clothing is totally up to the discretion of the wearer.
– Prohibitions or restrictions based on race gender or religion are invalid. This means that women should be allowed to drive in places like Saudi Arabia as part of their constitutional rights. It means that women in India should be allowed access to toilets without having to pay for their use.
– It means that recruiting someone to take part in a religious war or jihad is also factually invalid and a lie being perpetrated on those recruited. Once the science of reincarnation is fully explained and taught it becomes clear that it is the only fact based logic driven narrative that is probable.

Come on Bob you’ll never convince the radicals to change by teaching a new science.

The McDonald’s theory of war (no two countries with McDonald’s franchises have ever gone to war with each other) really shows us that those countries with common cultures and economic ties do not fight each other. Teaching the science of reincarnation teaches a common understanding of our reality and corollary to the McDonald’s theory of war. It is the science of reincarnation corollary.

So how should this strategy be implemented and who should do it?

This change will not be complete until an entire generation passes and this scientific proof becomes the norm for the next generation. This cannot be done by scientists to discuss these things in groups that are invitation-only. These discussions have to be held in the public and the discussions themselves become the educational tool even more than the books the critics and scientists write.

Providing free textbooks and information on this emerging science globally in 30 different languages. Engaging the core proponents of radical ideologies in debates on the web.

Once engaged in these debates the goal is not to change someone’s mind who is not going to change but through the debate educate the listeners to this science.

As this science of reincarnation involves politics, neuroscience, physics and social engineering the thought leaders of each country will have to address this emerging reality.

This can only be done if the global thought leaders in the sciences speak with one voice through associations and initiatives.

The following article “Mining twitter data from the Arab spring” shows us the following:
That core groups are supported by larger and more inactive concentric circles of supporters. These larger concentric circles support but are less certain of the core group’s methods and ideologies. Then if those larger more inactive circle of supporters see more probable reality their support for the core group will diminish.

It is important to understand that logic cannot defeat the illogic of the core group. A belief cannot defeat a belief. But in fact based logic driven paradigm can change the DNA of a belief. One only need look as far as the recent history of the Catholic Church and by recently in the last 400 years to see the is gone from killing monks say the stars are other suns to accepting the possibility of alien life on other planets.

The governments or organizations who wish to implement the teaching of the science of reincarnation must understand that it is generational. But given what the science is showing is probable than those governments and organizations are designing the future world they will enter.

Acceptance of this reality is as large a paradigm shift as occurred in the beginning of the 20th century with the introduction of relativity. That radically change the perception of where we are in the universe. This changes the perception of who and what we are.

So now let’s look at this from each participant’s point of view.

To the Radical Fundamentalists:

Who you are ideologically fighting is the American conservative Christian ideologue.

He comes with a partner that is the American military industrial complex.
In any protracted war you simply don’t have the resources to fight this opponent. However you can use the science of reincarnation to subvert him. The science of reincarnation being a science can be used equally to essentially the same effect by either side.

If you stopped fighting today you would force the world into a global recession by taking the arms makers out of the world economy. It’s in the interest of your opponent that you keep fighting and we are talking here about the Dick Cheney’s and the Halliburton’s of the world.


The White Papers

The Benefits of framing a study entitled The Geo Political Ramifications of using the Science of Reincarnation (SOR) as a method of improving US Global Competitiveness

The US Government funds a study on the science of reincarnation to produce a common narrative as to what is the most scientifically probable reality regarding reincarnation and what might be technologically and medically possible in the next 30 years. This study is to recommend an action plan.

It is based on the current technology applications for uploading human consciousness to a cloud and accepted cognitive scientific observations and experiments done to date. AI is estimated to pass human intelligence by 2038 and the ability to upload the estimated bits of the human mind is 2050. We are currently growing all body parts and creating synthetic life by writing our own code for self-replicating DNA. But there are persistent observations that reincarnation maybe occurring naturally as part of a larger consciousness experience. This study is to fuse the disparate parts of what is occurring in the science world to examine what to do about what is becoming increasingly more likely in the short term, our ability to prevent death.

In doing this the Bi Partisan Policy Commission addresses several different national strategic interests. It:

– Gets an International anti radicalization narrative that is deliverable in 30 different languages that is a fact based model and deliverable to at risk populations in remote regions. The college text book on this science would be taught at European universities as a counter measure to radicalization and is written by leading global scientists in medicine, technology and the cognitive sciences.
– Spurs the development of the technological and military applications and takes a leadership position in the world. Taking the initiative on something that is inevitable, the intersection between the technological development of AI and the technological promise of the ability to upload human conscious would have real world political impact now. This would begin to put an organized action plan in place.
– Gets a lever to open more exploration for mining of rare earths. Today China predominantly controls this vital resource. The regions around the Chinese deposits are largely inaccessible. To undermine a radicalized culture there must first be a logical and beneficial alternative offered that stands on common ground.

What is the Science of Reincarnation? What is its strategic importance?
In its simplest form it is a scientific proof of race, religious and gender equality. That means apostasy laws, blasphemy laws, celibacy laws and infallibility claims are factually and scientifically incorrect. Simply acknowledging this is a science would unlock both natural and human resources.

The science of reincarnation is defined as the study of the energy of consciousness. By looking at the human body and quantifying and digitizing that energy we should be able by 2038 to prevent conscious death. When your body dies your consciousness can be uploaded to a computer and downloaded to a robot body. This is no longer fiction

But what may already be happening is that a part of us goes into a “cosmic cloud” which is as natural as consciousness itself.

At the basic transmission points of data all units are equal meaning that race, religion and gender variants are all equal. This is a scientific proof that would precipitate a political effect for social equality globally.

China – This would give the Chinese an opportunity to save face and step away from the laws they are passing outlawing reincarnation. It would support if not Tibetan independence then a reason and a policy to protect this indigenous population from the Chinese overstep in that region. If the Chinese were going to keep up with the American initiative then Tibet becomes a resource for the population and history they have. We do not oppose China with this policy but rather redefine the parameters and values of our common understanding.

Tibet – The narrative of the science of reincarnation would support Tibetan independence and the Dalai Lama. Since this is a scientific narrative with technological overtones China would be in the increasingly difficult position of refuting technology’s burgeoning processing power with its laws mandating belief systems. This science offers them a way to reconcile their own technological and political goals.

Saudi Arabia – Reliant on a fundamental brand of Islam, Wahhabism, this would allow the Saudi’s a scientific argument to step away from the radical narrative that fundamentalism presents. The plan here is a dialogue with the most extreme to present the alternative argument. The run time is one generation, less time than the DOD uses to depreciate fixed assets. While turning radical belief to knowable truth Wahhabism itself is left intact and a respected keeper of tradition but no longer a driver of action based on what we know now to be fact.

Iran – The Science of Reincarnation narrative would strengthen the moderate’s position versus the fundamentalists. It would also give a lever to the Iranian’s (Shia) against the Wahhabi brand of Sunni fundamentalism.

Islamic Republic of Pakistan – 4/16/16 a Pakistani religious group from the Sunni Tehrik party held demonstrations warning the government against any attempt to amend the blasphemy law. They feel that changing the blasphemy law would pave the way for transforming the country into a secular and liberal state. They are right. Studying and teaching the science of reincarnation would limit their reach to only those who did not understand that blasphemy laws have no scientific validity or those who wish to benefit by this misconception.

By endorsing this science globally it would enable the more moderate individuals in Pakistan to correctly point out our technological advances will be capable in 35 years of uploading consciousness. So by recognizing this science and making a global show of support you enable the moderates and invalidate the argument of the extremists and the result is to weaken our enemy’s reach without great expense.

Russia – Russia already employs aspects of non-local consciousness (a core aspect of SOR) in their intelligence gathering operations, (remote viewing). Russia would stand to gain the same benefits that would accrue to America from de radicalization. Russian discovery and mining of rare earths would benefit America by increasing the supply and decreasing the cost.

The European Muslim Population – Segments can be easily radicalized and there is no counter radicalization narrative unless a science looks at what we see, our observations globally. If that is done then reincarnation is ubiquitous among the earths populations based on studies done at UVA, and the University of Iceland and examining groups like the Druze in the mid-east.

European Colleges and Universities can teach this course as a science course to the European Muslim population college students and the information itself is a fact based counter radicalization narrative. The text book is online at

Islam in general – There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and 500 million or 1/3 believe that apostasy laws are correct. This is not a feature of Islam but rather a feature of economics as the majority of the 1/3 of Muslims who believe that live in third world conditions or less. The first world and second world Muslims may take advantage of this educational disparity and use it for their own local geo political benefit.

But access to their constituency comes in the form of a mobile web site, any phone can access this data and in their own language. The presentation of the Science of Reincarnation as legitimate presents an alternative to the radicalization dialogue by scientifically incorporating religion into what is actually observed scientifically. The science supports what religion has said about an afterlife as do current scientific observations and studies. Introduction of legitimizing the study of reincarnation does not so much attack Islam as re arrange the playing board and in doing so it takes radicalization out of the religion in a way that is scientific and respectful. It will take a generation, but action now will change the world.

The Christian Conservative population of America – This would continue to challenge the beliefs of this group by presenting facts that did not square with their belief system. However this group is intellectually flexible in that this region, the American south, has a long history of the study of the component parts of SOR. JB Rhyne’s ground breaking work on non-local consciousness was done at Duke, for the last 50 years the University of Virginia has done studies on children who remember prior lives and has called it the Science of Reincarnation in their alumni magazine. The international Association for near-death studies is located in South Carolina, and the University of Miami hosts the Weiss Institute Center for past life regression. This demographic, the Christian conservative south, is the home of many of the advances in this science and they continue to redefine our reality.

The Catholic Church – Church Celibacy laws are not part of Christianity but came into being in the 11th century to prevent church property being owned by Priests or their families. SOR would pressure the church to remove celibacy as a mandate with science. The Church already accepts there may be aliens.

A reevaluation of the religious tax exemption-By extrapolating this argument the case could be made for removing the tax break that religions currently enjoy based on the fact we are publicly subsidizing ideologies that are not realities but rather parts of a larger reality. The tax exemption for churches ending will be an economic boon to the states. For the European Union the additional tax will be a god send. Its implementation will be in stages, contested every step of the way and the negotiations will include set asides and all sorts of side agreements.

Currently the tax exemption supports one group’s belief at the expense of all beliefs. Belief is unaffected by removing the tax break, you can still believe what you believe and support that belief, but by adding that new tax income it benefits all constituents fairly rather than one specific belief system.

The Uber wealthy – Legitimatizing the science of reincarnation would drive private money into research. Handled correctly this could be an economic boon to the research institutions doing this work. Simply legitimizing this will drive job growth in a new industry which the United States already has a small but precarious lead.

Multinational corporations – A rough survey to aggregate scientific opinion would be that AI would surpass human intelligence by 2038, 22 years from now. In the intervening time we should not only prevent death but “enhance” humans with processing power implanted in our bodies. By 2050, 34 years from now we should be able to upload human consciousness to a cloud. This is no longer fiction but within our technological sights. Banks and corporations should be positioning themselves for what is an inevitability.

Mining and technology – Rare earths will be the premier raw material of the coming century. China currently controls the world’s largest deposits. Exploration and mining in the border areas to the large deposits are critical to our national security in the coming century. It is here that the science of reincarnation is most important because if we can plan for the discovery mining and extraction in decades we must accompany it with the de radicalization plan to allow that to occur. It does not matter if you are a Republican or Democrat it matters if you are an American.

Battery storage capacity as a critical national interest – Based on the preorders that Tesla has received they would need to use the annual world supply of lithium to meet this demand. As a natural resource China controls the rare earths. But undiscovered deposits of rare earths exist in the borderline areas to China that are remote, fundamentalist controlled or influenced, and unexplored for mining rare earths.

The SOR narrative should accompany any mining operation that goes into these areas on a commercial basis.

Indigenous areas – These areas are defined as those remote locations that are at risk to radical narratives. When new deposits are found local Third World populations do not benefit from raw material discoveries in their regions. The science of reincarnation action plan is not just the delivery of the narrative but to deliver additive manufacturing technology so that the indigenous areas can improve their lives. This is a critical step in completing the loop of de radicalization. Using this method not only does the natural resource open up but a new marketplace as well.

Boko Haram – The Science of Reincarnation is not applicable in all cases. The most effective resolution is what Goodluck Jonathan has done before he leaves office, which is employing a PMI, private military contractor, using the strategy of relentless pursuit to eradicate this insurgent group. This is a tactical solution rather than a strategic one. Once Boko Haram is gone the SOR narrative should be taught to prevent re radicalization.

Medicine-Technology and Moore’s Law – With a computer and chemicals Celera Genomics and the J. Craig Venter Institute have created synthetic biological life. Simply put Venter programed a DNA code for a self-replicating organism. With our doubling of capacity occurring every 7 years and working on a geometric progression we will see an unstoppable progression in the understanding of human consciousness and our ability to replicate our bodies. This development will coincide with the development of AI. Sony has already warned against saying passwords out loud in front of your smart TV.

The Scientists themselves – Work is being done on many fronts but there is no overriding cohesive governing body. Technology will push this coming intersection. Funding is needed to unite different bodies of scientific work. There are many instances of military or business applications. Currently there is a palpable sense of fear in the science community of what might be surmised and ascribed to them before incontrovertible proof emerges, but the current numbers tell a tale. Being out in front of this could be career suicide and scientists are deftly stepping around this issue by not using the word reincarnation.

The Bipartisan Policy Commission Gets – What they asked for in their report, a deliverable anti radicalization narrative that is fact based, logic driven and globally deliverable. In the process America becomes a better competitor.

This anti radicalization campaign is low cost and throttle able and can be targeted regionally.

It will provide new human resources in remote locations and in at risk populations by providing protocols on how to treat foreign adversaries who experience an NDE’s and publishing training on Remote Viewing.

Partner with our enemies – Because this redefines our core assumptions about why we fight. Reposition the American brand from armed adversary to enlightened partner.

The antithesis of radicalization is common ground. What our belief systems have portrayed is now coming into the sights of being technologically feasible.

But persistent scientific observations based on probability studies suggest this is already occurring and is part of a larger consciousness experience.

Only more funding opens this door. The act of funding this research on the science of reincarnation has immediate and global benefits. Ultimately it is the friction we are trying to resolve that slows movement. A common understanding of the most likely facts will reduce that friction and open markets, resources and opportunities.
The following are very rough numbers but the work has already begun, visit

Action plan options
Cost $100,000
An Action Plan as presented and designed in this paper and done by leading US and Global Scientists that would include a call for grant requests. We will ask for certain studies to be done and let any organization, friend or foe, present peer reviewed work. The net aggregate of the results are our collective reality. Funding this creates the anti-radicalization narrative and increases our competitive opportunities.

Completion of the college textbook for the science of reincarnation 101.

Presented in 1 language

Putting the website on a mobile platform and beginning to translate this anti-radicalization narrative into specific languages to target at risk populations. We can only reach those who have cell phones but it is the cadre of our enemy we wish to educate about the reality of the science.

Cost $1,000,000

Action Plan as above

Presented in 10 languages

Supporting research currently being done and organizationally aggregating the disparate data to mine for trends.

Accrediting colleges to teach the science in Europe and Asia.

Cost $5,000,000

Action Plan as above

Presented in 30 different languages

A global initiative in 30 different languages to teach the science of reincarnation.

Targeted anti-radicalization campaign for at risk populations in remote areas.

Targeted hospital campaigns seeking enemy combatant NDE survivors.

Teach the science of reincarnation at European schools to first world Muslims.

Engage scientists globally in this effort.

Cost $10,000,000 Plus

Action Plan as above

At this level the exploration of inner space becomes as important as the exploration of outer space. This becomes a NASA like project with NASA like benefits.

The International Association for the Science of Reincarnation

Using the Science of Reincarnation as a counter radicalization initiative in accordance with the National Security Preparedness Group’s Guidelines

This white paper discusses how to use The Science of Reincarnation as a global counter radicalization and counter terrorism initiative as outlined by the Bi Partisan Policy Commission’s National Security Preparedness Group’s report.

The emerging science of reincarnation is being done at the following institutions and is defined by the various subsets of this science enumerated below.

Psychic ability (psi) does not immediately imply the existence of reincarnation. It does however lay an empirical foundation for the idea that the mind reaches beyond the body. That in turn implies that the traditional notion of reincarnation may have some basis. Independently repeatable evidence for psi effects has been established at beyond the 6 sigma level for at least six classes of experiments.

Examples of psi include remote viewing, a modern term for clairvoyance when used for a particular purpose. Remote viewing was developed into a training program at SRI International in the 1970’s through 1990s, and turned into an operational unit within the US Army. It was funded for 25 million dollars by the CIA, DIA, Army and other government agencies with measurable and acknowledged successes. Remote viewing indicates that the mind can reach beyond the conventional senses and ordinary boundaries of space and time.

The intention experiments done at Princeton University over a 25 year period statistically indicated that humans are able to influence events at a distance by simply applying their intent. This line of research challenges the orthodox assumption that mind and matter are completely separate. It appears that some aspects of the mind are intimately related to the behavior of matter.

Children who seem to recall previous lives is an ongoing 50 year study being conducted at the University of Virginia. The project is referred to as “the science of reincarnation” in a UVA alumni magazine article. This class of studies is the most direct evidence of the traditional notion of reincarnation.

Research on Near Death Experience began 40 years ago by psychiatrist Raymond Moody and is now being examined in detail by numerous investigators. One of the largest international consortiums on NDE research is being led by physician Sam Parnia. This work suggests that the mind and the brain may not be identical.

Past Life regression hypnosis, pioneered at the University of Miami, is controversial because it is not clear that the information retrieved is more than simple confabulation. However, while controversial this research implies that real or apparent memories of other lives can be significantly beneficial in modulating present behavior.

The last three examples “suggest” we reincarnate. What we are left with is a common narrative when the above categories are surveyed. From that we can develop a measurable statistical probability. At its base psi is the underlying event that creates these manifestations and psi is considered proven.

What is already proven is that we “shed” our bodies about every two years in totality. Our stomach ling every day, our ski every week, even the atoms in your bones, and the enamel in your teeth change every two years. This is undeniable definitive proof that whatever “you are” can exist in totally different bodies. And you already know that is true because you do not have a 5 year olds body, you see this shedding on a daily basis and we call it grooming.

So what is our reality? How do we “know” which religion is right? How do we “find out” if there is life after death?

If this speaks to us at all it speaks to us in mathematics. This is one example of an algorithm used in the science of reincarnation. Broader algorithms can be developed or weighting can be redistributed. In the following algorithm observations and belief are given equal weight because we don’t know which is more accurate. We are also looking to establish the mean.

In its most advanced analysis all data points must be used to calculate our true reality, at UVA this is happening already as they are coding 2500 cases for 400 variables. This is a data mine that needs to be explored.

What follows is an algorithmic example used in the science of reincarnation.
We will compare and contrast the following beliefs, ideologies, fact based narratives, current observations and technologies to arrive at our most probabilistic reality. In short we are creating a standard of scale to measure the proof of our reality.

According to prevailing cosmological models, we only “see” 4% of the available information as dark matter and dark energy make up 96% of the universe. Any assumptions that are drawn from this body of information should be prefaced with “With 4% of the precincts reporting in” we predict X will win. So what does the most probable X look like?

The Belief category
With that caveat we look at religion. For simplicity we will use just 6, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhists and atheists. The religions all promise that consciousness does not end at the body’s death. Four of five (Maybe all 5) that I know of have reincarnation as part of their dogma. Atheists are included as a null belief system. There are certain laws in some religions, i.e. Apostasy and women not driving, that are not common to all religions. This calculation will be explained more in detail when we construct the common denomination. Religions should be weighted by population. A more nuanced analysis can be achieved by adding more religions but the sum is always equal to 50. A weight can now be ascribed to each belief. The belief category is 50% of the total number.

When we look at observations in the real world we see people who claim to have experienced some variant of the promise made by religion but not adhering to the exact dogma of any religion. If fact some NDE’s report visiting various heavens of the different religions. If this is true then apostasy laws actually contravene God’s will because the observations support free movement.

From the “exit interviews” those people who have experienced not being alive the three distinct categories tell a statically significant similar tale. The three groups are children who remember previous lives, NDE’s and past life regression, PLR. Each group talks of guides or in the case of PLR actually has talked to the guides. If guides and angels are the same thing then what are the odds against chance of everyone saying the same thing? Why is it we don’t believe what we see?

The Fact category
This is the fact or observation category. We do not know if the stories are true but the facts are that people recount these events and some cannot be explained like the girl in Lebanon that identified by name 22 members of her prior family. Each of the 3 categories, Children who recall previous lives, NDE’s and PLR’s are weighted at 1/3 of the fact 50% or 16.66 percent.

We now have a number made up of 50% what we see and 50% what we believe. We can now measure the “hits” for specific positions on gender, or reincarnation itself. We can also analyze the information more deeply.

Each algorithm receives a probability factor as the common narrative, those items that distill out of the groups as being common to all. So Apostasy laws would make the result less likely but belief in angels would rate high as in the fact based narratives they appear as guides. In fact the whole hierarchy of the afterlife can be developed as the “most likely” narrative.

Fractal Geometric patterns underlie all life. If those patterns begin to emerge in our data then we can assume that our deaths will not end our consciousness.

Thought must be given to the possibility we are in an incubator state, that we can, will and are increasing our knowledge and that the universe exceeds our imagination that we must be open to all possibilities. Some of these possibilities point in a direction inward toward self.

Genetic memory must be factored into our probability calculations, this is an example of what we have not used in the algorithm but should have. Quantum medicine may one day have its own category.

We can now say to any religion/ideology your belief in an afterlife has a high probability of being true, based on the aggregate belief of humanity but also on the observed evidence as well. However your belief that you are the one true religion is not statistically accurate because the same variety of beliefs found here on earth seem to be in the afterlife as well. We cab say this both respectfully and factually.

To arrive at the kind of statement with scientific integrity would moderate behavior in populations over generations. The only way to bring them to this enlightened state of understanding is through education.

A few years ago in Afghanistan two young girls were killed in an honor killing. It was spring, it was the first rain, and they may have been 10 or 12 in were outside dancing in. Because they had violated Islamic restriction they were killed to maintain the honor of the family.

All religions assume God made the world and all we see in it. That being so now that we have waited our reality mathematically we can see this restriction comes in at under 10% of the entire population (I did not do the specific math on this calculation but it only occurs on the belief side of the equation in the above algorithm, and nominally 20% on the belief side so it’s aggregate number as a swag, a stupid wild ass guess, is that 10% is the number this restriction shows up in on the planet. So by their own argument, and by the value of their own God, this restriction actually goes against Islamic law when written in its truest sense.

This science of reincarnation recognizes that the people living who make and enforce laws like this will not change their minds after having grown up with this is their normative. If you were to truly do the science of reincarnation your perspective must be generational in that you are in a sense writing the future. So then alongside future children’s education in Islam, Islam should have the responsibility of teaching their children this reality.

In the same sense you cannot judge Islam with its gender restrictions and its apostasy laws by where it is in the moment. Christianity stopped burning heretics hundreds of years ago. This science predicts that Islam is in the throes of its own reformation and that reformation can be accelerated by educating its practitioners.

Now the argument against the science of reincarnation and an algorithm like the one we just presented but each side in the argument has to answer the following questions.

Do you believe what you see in the Science of Reincarnation?
Do you see what you believe in your own religion?
Who are you going to believe me or your own eyes?

Now a few points before we leave this algorithm:
1 – The fact and belief categories cross support each other. The facts however caused are what we see. Can we believe our own eyes? Can we see or beliefs in action? Why don’t we believe those who say they’ve “seen “an afterlife?
2 – when we are finally assign a probability number to the above algorithm the Max probability we can assign is 4%. Within that 4% universe there is 75% likelihood that some version of a common narrative is true. Anecdotal reports from the facts side indicate that there are “heavens “for every religion. When Christianity was burning heretics at the stake, their version of apostasy laws, there was either no benefit or detriment to Christianity when viewed over a period of the thousand years.
3 – within Islam the science of reincarnation welcomes earnest Islamic scholars to study and verify our underlying facts and asks them to join us in this study of their own population and contribute their own studies to our aggregate human knowledge.
4 – if we’re talking about cognitive science then we must recognize there are more complex realities than our own. As we see and understand a greater percentage of the universe, dark matter, dark energy, and then our probability numbers for the above algorithm will skew to a higher probability of being true because we will see more of the equation of what is.
5 – Genetic memory: what would support this is the emergence of our ability to actually write code and change DNA. John Craig Venter programmed a DNA code for a self-replicating organism took the chemicals he needed and created self-replicating life. Taken alone that is amazing. But if the science of reincarnation suggests we “target “this research could we not in code are memory in our genetics to be re-remembered in the future lives? We already see this happening in monarch butterflies. How do we unlock the memories we already possess in this scientifically efficacious and provable way?
6 – As a probability for example apostasy laws, since they only occur in 10% of our sample the probability of apostasy laws being normative is less than 1%. Teach that to Islamic students when teaching the science and you will change the world in two generations.

Wahabism, is only a few hundred years old yet is virulent in creating religious discord would also be statistically irrelevant when factored into the religion section and then weighting it not just on population but also on age of belief as another criteria.

From these data points we can distill a common narrative into the following points: that we live multiple times, and that we change race, gender and religion from life to life. Taking one example, gender, we see in the common narrative in the population around us with many people between genders or in a transition phase.

7 – Final score of each algorithm as a probability and the common narrative it produces. We now have criteria to judge probability and weigh different approaches against each other. We may weight fact and belief at different percentages. We may introduce a third category like genetic memory but the total probability score will remain at 4% until we can “see” more of our universe.

By aggregating the collective results of these ongoing studies under “The Science of Reincarnation” we produce a fact-based logic-driven narrative that meets the needs of the Bi Partisan Policy Center’s National Security Preparedness Group’s report, Preventing Violent Radicalization in America, by using this science as a counter argument to radical ideologies.

“The State Department wants to make it harder for terrorists groups to radicalize and recruit in the first place.”…” if violent extremists seek to promote extremist narratives and make their ideology resonate, the purpose of counter radicalization is to expose and counter such ideas; educate communities and thereby strengthen their defenses against the extremists’ narrative; and empower community leaders to speak out against violent extremists and their ideas.” NSPG Report Page 17-18

This science changes the paradigm of how religion addresses its own belief systems. This science provides a fact-based argument that consciousness does not die with the body thereby providing scientific proof of religion’s own belief system. It engages an” ask” of each religious group to provide and add their own data to our pool and gives them access to the scientific data as aggregated and done at the institutions listed above.

By crafting the counter argument as a fact-based logic-driven paradigm we circumvent ideological opposing arguments. Scientifically we provide facts and then “challenge”/”ask” for them to refute our science with their data while at the same time offering our results for their analysis.

“There are formulas of how people radicalize… Given that radicalization often happens in a dense small network of friends in that extremist ideas are more likely to resonate if they are articulated by a credible or charismatic leader.” NPSG Report Page 15

We have a logical counterargument that can put branding on the street and the thought leadership in remote and hostile places articulated by the very children the radicals wish to recruit.

This initiative meets all of the report’s stated recommendations

1 – “Communication with Muslim communities must include in “ask”.” We are actually asking to co-opt their research capacity. We are asking them to verify our science. We will be engaging their mathematicians, physicists and students. Page 39
2 – “Al Qaeda’s ideology should be challenged as well as contested.” page 40 this initiative challenges extremist doctrine with scientific facts while respecting religious beliefs.
3 – “Government should be careful not to meddle in religious debates.” page 40 We are providing a fact based counter argument presented by our scientists without being involved in a religious debate.

*We will build capacity because this argument and information will penetrate “at risk” places and populations. “Making America safe from terrorism is a “generational challenge””.

By teaching this as a science we provide a counter point to extremist ideology and by presenting it on the web the children the terrorist seek to recruit will be the ones to articulate a counter argument to radicalization. We need to teach this to al Qaeda’s recruitment pool.

*This is more than just an interaction; it increases our data acquisition capabilities and can co-opt their intelligence gathering services

*This will cut supply of recruits by teaching it in schools in Europe with large Muslim populations as an alternative to radicalization while still respecting and supporting various belief systems.

This should be viewed as an important national security initiative

Problems: Our own Disorganization and Opposition
Disorganization: The NSPG’s report notes:
“Very little training is aimed specifically at counter radicalization.” DHS and DOJ offer counterterrorism and cultural competency training for their staff. They also provide training grants for state and local governments.” page 8

“DHS and DOJ must overhaul their procedures for awarding training grants. In their current state, they counteract the aims of counter radicalization.” Page 10

“It remains unclear who is leading the effort to share information and best practices. There are currently three departments and agencies which claim to be involved.” DHS’s Homeland Security Advisory Council, DOJ’s office for Community Oriented Policing Services, and the NCTC. Page 32;

Because of this disorganization there is no clear way forward to fund counter radicalization initiatives in the private or academic sector.

Opposition: Friendly Fire: this science may encounter resistance from conservative Americans. There are several points that will mitigate this resistance and ultimately it will be viewed as a net positive by those same Americans. The science supports their faith and shows their belief in an afterlife to be a statistically valid fact.

To fund a nonprofit 501(c) 3 whose mandate is to:

*Produce a college level text book teaching the Science of Reincarnation as developed at the above mentioned schools and have it taught at American and European universities that have a high populations of Near and Far Eastern Students.

*Produce a web site available in 30 languages that teaches this science.

*To fund future research to link data points between disciplines using protocols developed by the scientists themselves while involving foreign institutions to help with the data mining.

Final Effect you will stop the cycle of endless war and will retool the world.

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The best methods of implementing a counter radicalization initiative using the Science of Reincarnation in accordance with the National Security Preparedness Group’s Guidelines

This white paper discusses the best methods of how to implement the initiatives of the Science of Reincarnation strategy to counter radicalization and terrorism in accordance with the National Security Preparedness Group’s guidelines.

If guns and bullets could stop terrorism and radicalization then terrorism and radicalization would have been defeated long ago. An ideological argument against another ideological argument also has no chance of success as any resolution in this instance is always subject to the individual’s chosen world view. The Science of Reincarnation offers the first fact based logic driven paradigm that resolves competing ideologies and religions into one common formula.

The target audience is the children of the world. It asks three questions of them. Do you believe what you see? Do you see what you believe? Who are you going to trust, your teachers or your own eyes? The adults of the world are locked into their own world views, and are teaching those world views. This Science of Reincarnation offers a factual alternative.

This paper will be broken into 2 parts, first restating the tactical goals of this initiative, and the second the plan for its strategic implementation.

The Tactical goals of the Science of Reincarnation
The goals of this policy and its implementation are sequentially listed as follows:

One; write the textbook of the Science of Reincarnation as a first year college course. Then give it away both as a small book and as a free printable version online in 30 different languages. It should be written as a joint effort by the scientists doing this research as outlined in white paper 1 of 2 and updated yearly as new peer reviewed research is done.

Two; create the website in 30 different languages and maintain that website as well as an outreach program on the website that teaches this science in an easy to understand way. The website should also solicit case studies from around the world in each scientific discipline. There should be a downloadable, printable, free textbook in all languages available on the web site.

Three; accredit colleges globally to teach this course (there is a university in Malaysia looking for exactly this kind of course). Specifically we want to accredit colleges in Europe and Asia with large radical fundamentalist populations.

Four; we need to continue to fund this research in each of its disciplines and partner with anyone willing to join this effort, including our enemies. We specifically want to invite competing ideologies and religions to participate in the discussion and do this science with us. The science already supports and proves basic common religious tenants such as life after death and karmic principles.

Five; Political/Social implementation is done through education and by engaging all ideologies and religions in those areas that would be outside of the observed mean. An example of this would be the injunction of women not being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. There exists no reason in the science that would prevent women from driving, the science of reincarnation should make it clear that this injunction has no basis in reason or religion and would hold the women of Saudi Arabia as a group responsible for effecting this change while being supported from without. How can we better help you is the question we should ask them.

The strategy for implementing the goals of the Science of Reincarnation
From this platform of a group of accredited colleges, call for data and share data in an open architecture format to allow extremists to counter our arguments. This allows us to put indigenous college trained students in at risk populations and areas that can argue against radicalized belief systems and be backed up by scientific body of evidence. It is important to note here that the science of reincarnation undermines no religion but rather supports and proves religious beliefs that are common to all religions like life after death. This needs to be an open architecture to be most effective.

We want to engage enemy scientists and operatives. We should offer to train enemy remote viewers in programs the American intelligence community has used for years. That training in remote viewing opens the student up to the underlying science. He will never be very good at remote viewing if he cannot see that the science of reincarnation shows we change race, gender and religion from life to life. This invalidates apostasy laws from any religion and at the same time equalizes the genders and races while the science still supports their religion.

By publishing a book on the science of reincarnation similar to Mao’s little red book or the Bible or Koran we would inject a scientifically driven document into at risk populations. This will enable us to put thought leaders in those at risk places and populations. This book should be on the web and downloadable. The result will be in 10 years it will put children on the streets of Islamabad, Calcutta and Singapore who are able to argue logically because they understand the science of reincarnation because they found it on our website where it was free.

This type of work is not defined in years but in generations and each succeeding generation is going to have an increasing availability to the Internet and homogenize our world. The expansion of the use in cell phones and access to the internet in the third world will be the delivery platform. Don’t think this can work, how many people reading this have asked their children to explain a new device or new technology to them?

What we are looking to do is target the same population that our enemies target for recruitment and support. To start we are targeting universities with large Islamic populations and providing them with this science driven alternative to radical religious activity. We asked those universities who we accredit to help us do this science and we will help fund those efforts.

In fact examples of events of this science are everywhere. For instance a girl in Lebanon who remembered a prior life named 25 members of her prior family and also their relationship to her. This science treats us all equally; we can argue about beliefs but regardless of race region or ethnicity if one eats a high cholesterol diet one will get heart disease.

Non Negotiable Implementation Imperatives
– Scientific Integrity
– Outreach and inclusion
– Free availability of the information
– Actionable Morality

Brand Identification
This can be done most effectively by building an intellectual brand. Risking our scientific integrity is nonnegotiable. We will put the best facts that we can find from all sources on the website, fund research to analyze the events we’re seeing and then freely give those results to anyone who wants to look at them in an easy to understand format in their own languages. We will solicit information on this science globally and give free access to that information. Products to be offered are counseling services for NDE’s, gender support services as this may reflect genetic memories from prior lives, and funding for research at foreign universities. A complete list can be found in the charitable and business organizational plan in white paper 3 of 3.

Problems to be anticipated
Scientists need to be cautious with their involvement in something called the science of reincarnation if it in any way creates scientific integrity problems. This goes directly to funding. Without a broad consensus of scientists who support this effort, individually they risk their own scientific integrity. If large groups of scientists from the different disciplines already named support this effort significant funding will follow.

What scientists need to do is explain in layman’s terms the state of cognitive science incorporating all the disciplines mentioned in white paper 1of 3 with the probabilities for each class of event and then the aggregate probability for all classes of events together. No matter what world view or belief system a person holds this clear statement of our reality is the world they live in.

Our Politicians
Would be incapable of implementing this policy as most politicians lack the understanding of this emerging science and there would be no personal benefit to them to pioneer this science. Support for this science would make them seem radical as their own voters would not understand this science as well, particularly in the conservative American heartland even as this science supports their own personal religious beliefs.

Once you get past our own conservative heartland this initiative will provide our politicians with a way to connect directly to indigenous populations of the world where the idea of reincarnation is accepted more than in America. Both our politicians and their supporters would need to take the course we are talking about creating.

International Corporations, the Corporatocracies
More than ever it is the foreign policy of the corporatocracies that is shaping our world. Novartis threatening to withhold drugs from India if India did not extend patent protection on other drugs Novartis makes in contrivance to Indian Law is one example. Cigarette companies (annual sales 80B) suing Ghana (GDP 4B) over packaging laws on cigarettes is another example.

This science would disrupt power structures, the military industrial complex and lead to a retooling of our world. The disruption will create resistance from some corporatocracies but benefit others. This science is an example of retooling for the future. Tensions may reduce but the economic benefit of the western war machine will need to be retooled.

In Ohio a congressman got his district a 120 million dollar contract for tanks the Army did not want. His comment was “the people in my district are going to have jobs”. In India there is approximately one bathroom for every 30,000 women in most of the major cities. If we were to use economics as our sole guide in exchanging $120 million worth of tanks for $120 million worth of women’s bathrooms and then giving them to India then the bathrooms wins going away. Tanks pollute the air and leave holes in the ground and I’m not saying you shouldn’t have them. But the jobs created and the environmental richness that you will leave behind from the second act will pay dividends for generations to come. It will enable a huge category of workers to become better consumers and will unlock the potential that we see in the higher strata of Indian society like the telemarketers’ scientists and doctors. The net result is that huge markets will be opened up to be sold into and talent unlocked, a new resource created.

We know societally that greater affluence reduces both radicalism and births. Participation and support of the science of reincarnation would give the corporatocracies greater power, a larger customer pool, and more resources. Current military contractors like Halliburton should develop plans for this type of project implementation the same way they do for a military operation. What we need is the will of the politicians to do that. What we then leave behind is not the equipment for ISIL to form an army but an infrastructure and a new ideological framework.

Bankers will benefit the most by the way they measure gain, money. Once the Third World gets connected with cell phones which are happening quite quickly every one of those enabled people will be able to bank online.

The American Military
By distributing the Science of Reincarnation literature within operational areas the military would have a new ideological weapon that supports religious belief that is fact based, logic driven and derived from case studies that exist in the indigenous populations that are considered at risk.

Any conversation between an indigenous individual and a US soldier handing out the pamphlet should include the fact that they are both affected by this in the same way, by the science of reincarnation the soldier is presenting.

Our Radicalized enemies like Al Qaeda, ISIL and the Taliban
We should seek to engage our enemies in an ideological debate. This science treats us all the same, regardless of race religion or ethnicity. The debate should be public and on the web and we should be respectful even if our opponents are not.

For the first time there is a commonality of fact that needs to be presented. This will not be accepted by our enemies but the presentation of the information in a respectful fact driven way is to present it to those who would join our enemies.

Our enemies are recruiting in the west; we all know the stories of children from Europe going to join insurgencies in the mid-east. By teaching this it would offer a counter point that is logical, factual and still supports their religious beliefs while invalidating their extremist positions. The debate will not be won ideologically with whom we are having it. The debate will form the course of instruction for those considering joining the extremist position.

With the recent shooting in Tennessee it has become clear that our enemies are pursuing a course of radicalization in place, in short telling our citizens to radicalize where they are. The Science of Reincarnation will provide a narrative where we can tell people to become rational in place where they are.

There is no alternative ideological measure that the US Government or any Western Government has to offer as even remotely as good as this measure. In fact individuals in at risk places have a greater acceptance of this science because it supports their beliefs with facts.

This cannot be done without a dedicated education program so regardless of how many bombs we can drop on our enemies this fight will continue forever. We are all subject to the laws of nature and a simple statement of our current understanding of our reality where science/fact/belief intersects would offer a logical alternative to belief without fact.

Foreign institutions
Foreign institutions should be engaged. Foreign populations in at risk areas have existing belief systems that this science would support with facts. This science should be done and taught at institutions around the world.

The science of reincarnation foundation would contain the public domain results of the studies done at places like Princeton, Stanford, and other institutions but would also invite peer reviewed participation from institutions anywhere regarding the ongoing research.

Foreign women
The discussion becomes the tool we use to teach both with foreign institutions and NGO’s. We now have an irrefutable argument against moral imperatives advanced by spiritual power brokers. But it is the women’s responsibility to change this from within as support for this change comes from without. Women’s bathrooms, rape, driving in Saudi Arabia are all topics for discussion.

Local Engagement Example: Engage the Imama, the female Imam, of India with a dialogue about transgender Muslim woman. The conversation you are trying to ignite is a woman’s rights issue but also a gender issue. This is not necessarily to spark revolution but educate through the press, academia, and accepted social mores. This in a location where there already exists a belief in reincarnation. Activism example fund for women’s bathrooms run operated by SOR in India.

Foreign men
A fast study of 2 men and 2 countries, Ayatollah Khomeini deceased Iranian ruler and Recep Tayyip Erdo_an, current President of Turkey.

Khomeini issued a fatwa in 1987 allowing male to female transgender operations. Khomeini’s original fatwa has been reconfirmed by the current leader of Iran Ali Khamenei and also supported by many other Iranian clerics.

Erdogan recently described being transgender as a sexual preference that is contrary to the culture of Islam.

Which culture and leader is more progressive on this point?

None of the above groups are able or willing to implement this strategy of the Science of reincarnation.

There is a solution.

Crowd sourcing and crowd funding the science of reincarnation by the people who understand it and the science behind it
A full explanation of how to do this is given in white paper 3 of 3, how to crowd fund and crowd source a foreign policy initiative using the Science of Reincarnation. There is already in place a global group of supporters, individuals who are vanguards, and affiliate institutions.

The McDonalds theory of war states no two countries with McDonald franchises has ever gone to war with each other. Underlying this humorously titled theory is the real fact that common cultures do not fight with each other. Like the McDonalds’ theory of war the science of reincarnation drives a common narrative. The McDonalds theory of war is taught at our military institutions and discussed in the think tanks in Washington. So should the science of reincarnation.

Politicians do not lead, they follow.

To implement this policy on a crowd sourced, crowd funded open architecture platform.

How to crowd fund and crowd source a foreign policy initiative using the Science of Reincarnation.

This white paper discusses the best methods of how to found and fund the Institute for the Science of Reincarnation, fund the education, fund the science and fund the foreign policy.

No organization can do independent scientific research and hold a political position unless it is self-funding. The Institute of the Science of Reincarnation’s scientific position is independent and peer-reviewed. It’s social and political position is the reflection of the consensus of its members based on how they view the results of the aforementioned science. Its goals are generational. Its actors and actions are local.

The community that is the science of reincarnation is decentralized and unrecognized. The community can be compared to mid-evil France, each dutchy with its own politics and agendas. The community includes classes of institutions like academia (UVA, University of Miami, Stanford), institutes that are 501(c) 3’s (IONS, IANDS), private-sector corporations, corporatocracies, and government agencies like the Bipartisan Policy Commission and the NCTC. This framework can be extrapolated to other countries.

The Larger Organization-creating community content
Creating community content is connecting the data points from different disciplines. An example would be studies that need to be done comparing the statistical probability of what an NDE person experiences and describes versus someone who looked at the same event during a past life regression or a child who remembered a prior life.

They all seem to be describing the same thing; there are many common data points. The leaders of each discipline should be banding together to drive this research. Imagine what could be accomplished if Depak Chopra, Brian Weiss, Stephan Schwartz, Jim Tucker, Pim Von Lommel, Dean Radin Michio Kaku, Bill Nye, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Ray Moody and Bob Good made one kick starter video, or 50, describing what they wanted to fund.

If each one took their cell phones and videotape themselves supporting this effort they could design the experiments they need to do and get both the support and the money they need to do them. They could then post them on Reddit/reincarnationscience to the larger community. This would allow them to draw on untapped resources both human and monetary and sidestep the current institutional and social roadblocks that are preventing this from being done.

Driving growth / organization
The Science of Reincarnation must operate like a business. It must be independent with its own source of revenue. It needs to be both at once decentralized and centralized. Funding for local studies can be done locally; all work must be peer-reviewed.

The Science of Reincarnation Central (SORC) is anywhere aggregating studies or laying out what studies need to be funded next is located. This location or locations has yet to be determined.

How crowd sourcing needs will be met
The sub reddit r/reincarnationscience is the format we will use to connect with populations of interests that this science touches. It is here if all the scientists use this board to debate and discuss this opportunity that we can achieve distinct recognition for this science.

We need cross posters to post comments and discuss the issues in r/science r/debatereligion, r/pastlives r/reincarnation r/politics/ r/philosophy, r/remoteviewing, r/clairvoyance, and many more. The aggregate populations of the sub reddits mentioned here are over 10 million people. There are workers in those populations who are willing to contribute time and effort to see probability studies done.

We need translators, scientists, and a variety of social media and programing specialists. Each individual may only contribute an hour a month but at present there is no common platform to which they can go, that is why the cross posting is first.

So if the scientists previously mentioned would post on r/reincarnationscience and cross post where they think appropriate the larger organization, The Science of Reincarnation community would coalesce. In order to bring a new science together scientists must work together and cross support each other. The community must support the scientists.

The commitment for the scientists mentioned is posting what studies they would like to fund and how much they need. It would take them 10 minutes to do that post and it would be free.

A central organization needs to be funded to run conferences write and update the textbooks and the website. This organization also supports local field chapters and aggregates studies between disciplines.

Kick starter programs can be locally run. They can do studies both authorized and rouge. Authorized studies are those needed by SORC as outlined in the map of the science below. Rouge studies are those local locations feel they need to do based on conditions as they are encountered. Both types of studies must be put into the common data base, be peer-reviewed and submit to double-blind testing.

Incentive competitions can be run on too many levels to layout in this paper but maintaining scientific integrity is not negotiable. Incentive competitions of corroborating studies can be used to verify results.

The crowd can vote on the best chapter submitted for each discipline to be included in the Science of Reincarnation College textbook or create their own discipline as more is learned.

How to do the science
This paper will now explain how to do the science of reincarnation through explaining how to fund the research. This will become a chapter by chapter map of the science of reincarnation textbook.

Each discipline of the science of reincarnation is explained in the layout below, the site map of the science of reincarnation. The studies that need to be done in each discipline are italicized below the explanation. The first kick starter program that needs to be done will be done by SORC which will be to fund the science of reincarnation textbook. This work needs to be sourced and funded by the crowd. Like any science this is fact based and logic driven.

Probability studies using odds against chance help us determine our reality. Requests for probability studies using odds against chance are suggested in various disciplines. A Meta-analysis of the aggregate data points will help us prove or disprove if the common narrative from these disciplines is actually our reality.

It was using these analytical tools that allowed physicists to say clairvoyance had been proven. Using a meta-analysis on the common data points from the different disciplines will lead to a result that tells us if the common narrative from the aforementioned disciplines is probable or not. We will either know an afterlife exists or not. Leading indicators seem to indicate that this is true. The following is a factual representation of the science and the landscape it presents.

Science of Reincarnation textbook
What follows is the layout for the science of reincarnation textbook. A site map of the entire science incorporating what’s been done, what needs to be done, and the probabilities for each discipline being our reality.

This text book needs to be aimed at a college freshman and understandable to them. The site map will be expanded by the community as new research is done. This information needs to be put on the website and translated into 30 different languages; it needs to be universally available.

Kick starter campaigns can be done locally to support, writing individual chapters of the text or the studies needed by SORC. SORC should run their own kick starter campaigns to help fund that research as well.
Site map of the science of reincarnation with study requests and funding plans


Studies and funding that needs to be done
Children who remember prior lives
Studies being done at UVA are now coding 2500 cases of children who remember prior lives using 400 variables to identify trends. These baseline data points need to be connected to a larger body of information both scientifically and mathematically. Statistically other disciplines are already considered proven. As you go through the disciplines below you will begin to see the interconnections. Staffing is needed at every level. Individual researchers on their own time can do the recommended studies and post them to the SOR website.

Jim Tucker is a leader in this evolving science. SORC would request a kick starter video requesting funds for his own staff to take on an additional study interconnecting his data points with data points for example from near-death experiences or past life regression for example.

Near Death Experiences
The International Association for Near-death Studies (IANDS) houses an aggregate body of information and a professional staff. So you have both the data mine in the miners to mine it.

IANDS should do a kick starter video aimed their current supporters. It should be their own crowd sourced and crowd funded analysis of their data. They should connect with Tucker to agree on common data points. The funding should also cover the interconnected data points with UVA’s archived information on children who remember prior lives. At the end of this you let the physicists and mathematicians at the aggregate data points and you will create an refutable scientific reality. This set of common data points needs to include case studies from Weiss at Miami.

Pim Von Lommel should do a kick starter program in Europe to connect his data into the larger program in database.

Past Life regression
Both the Weiss foundation and the Newton foundation house and hold the records of a large number of people who were regressed into the past life.

Both Weiss and Newton are being asked to do a kick starter video that would fund connecting an analysis of their data points to an analysis of the data points from the other disciplines. They can develop and fund their own analysis departments that would interact with the aforementioned groups or a team from SORC can come in and do the analysis. Either way they have huge followings in their people who are in those communities who could do the analysis and interconnect with the other groups. If Weiss and Newton ask for the money the funding for this would virtually be guaranteed.

Common data points include prayer, past lives, and intersex events which would show up in both past life regression and children who remember prior lives. There are too many common data points to mention here but crowd sourcing someone who would be willing to create the list would be an example of SORC’s use of crowd sourcing.

Once that is done a probability study on the aggregate data points should be done.

The Human Biome/how we replace our bodies
We now accept this scientific fact the following statement that 50% of the cells in our bodies are other organisms and that every cell and atom in our bodies is replaced every two years. Our memories are housed holistically and are more permanent than the cells that hold them. No one denies they no longer have the body they had when they were six yet the memories remain. Deepak Chopra speaks of this impermanence when he speaks of our mental connection to our bodies and meditating through which a fuller access to nonlocal consciousness can be achieved.

Deepak chopper speaks of how our wisdom traditions handle the inherent ability of the human mind to access the spiritual/nonlocal consciousness space.

If we have proven our minds are more permanent than our bodies why can’t we “move” into a new body?

The kick starter program needs to be done to fund the center for the science of reincarnation in India. Deepak Chopra should provide a five minute video that would support the kick starter program. There are so many studies that could be funded with the most important thing would be to have a center where this could be studied in the information be interconnected with a global network of scientists. Whatever he thinks is a good idea to connect his body of work to the whole. Write the chapter

Another kick starter program should be to hold an annual convention where the difference studies could be interconnected. This annual convention would also have to include the religions and politics that are part of this science.

Venter and levels of DNA
In the last 20 years we’ve begun to write the code of life. J Craig Venter wrote a code on a computer for a self-replicating organism. We’ve also found levels of DNA organized below the double helix. This organization reaches all the way to the quantum level. Ultimately we will be able to write code on the quantum level is what this science is suggesting.

Genetic memory: Butterflies/transgender
Monarch Butterflies remember locations they nor their parents have ever been to. If memory is housed holistically (Transplant memories) then those same memories are passed on in our genes. Memory may be stored in physics not biology and projected onto biology.

Dark matter
Like a child being fascinated with something shiny we study the light matter that we see. It only makes up 4% of the universe. The dark matter and dark energy make up 96%.

I am not going to suggest studies in this area. If our consciousness here has been proven to reach outside our bodies then in fact we can reach into this dark matter and energy area and it promises a much more vibrant reality beyond the limitations that this environment has imposed upon us.

Where is our memory located? /Consciousness collapses to a wave
Our memories are stored throughout our bodies. Examples of this are transplant memories, where transplant recipients of major organs experience memories that the donors of these organs had. We can now take a medicine like a vasodilator or constrictor, digitize the chemical compounds and using a transducer and a sound card create a wave that will cause the recipient heart to respond to the wave as though the chemical were being applied.

We are then the self-created narrative of the wave’s story and our existence has the same format as wave particle physics does and that is why religion sounds so much like physics. We are both local and nonlocal, both particle and wave.

Non Local Consciousness – Clairvoyance (Remote Viewing)
Nonlocal consciousness is considered proven. It was proven in the field of archaeology using DNA evidence that would stand up in a court of law. Nonlocal consciousness is the mind’s ability to reach outside the body. But it was not one event that brought scientists to the conclusion that it was proven it was millions of events. At Princeton a quarter of 1 million individuals were tested and it substantiated the results of the work done at Stanford which was funded by the CIA, FBI, DARPA the U.S. Navy and other government departments.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) has the ability to do the mathematical analysis of the above data points from the first three disciplines. It should be noted here to the layman that when fractal patterns begin to show up in the data reincarnation will be considered proven. At that point this science will then shift from proving it to learning to manipulate it, design it if you will.

IONS education department can also produce the text book for the first year college course, the science of reincarnation 101. This needs to be printed and distributed in 30 different languages.

As in the other disciplines Dean Radin and the other scientists of this discipline need to do a kick starter video so they can fund their portion of the research and analysis. They need to work with scientists who do work with NDE’s past life regression and children who remember prior lives to set algorithms so they can determine probability. Additionally contributions need to be made to writing the textbook, and maintaining the website the science of the

Non Local Consciousness
Work on nonlocal consciousness has progressed from does it exist to how do we work with it? Stephan Schwartz explains how nonlocal consciousness becomes local because nonlocal awareness projects itself into the physiology of consciousness research in six different protocols.

Nonlocal consciousness research is being done in the neurosciences, quantum biology, nonlocal perturbation, and near-death research. Perception studies include remote viewing, ganzfeld, presentiment, and retro cognition/precognition. The rage of this research is wide but I will mention just one aspect in this paper, non-local perturbation.

At the University of Pennsylvania radiologists used standard imaging technologies focused on monitoring brain activity in spiritual practitioners as they exercised their practice scanning the brains of nuns, Sikhs and Buddhists and detected changes in their brains in the lateral prefrontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex.

Jeanne Achterberg’s therapeutic intention studies showed changes in the brain of the recipients toward whom a therapeutic healer has expressed therapeutic intention. Each recipient was placed in the MRI scanner and isolated from all forms of sensory contact from the healer. It was concluded that instructions to a healer to make intentional connection with a sensory isolated person can be correlated to changes in brain function of that individual.

This is too large a body of research to present here.

But this work has three major problems.
1 – Physicians and physicists don’t talk to each other.
2 – When they do speak they don’t say it in plain English.
3 – None of this interconnected work is presented cohesively.

Non Local Consciousness explained
Simply put there are two competing models of consciousness. The first is a physicalist model holding all consciousness is being contained within an organism’s neuroanatomy. Models of the second type are nonlocal models, in that the mind can reach outside the body.

What the above disciplines indicate is that the second model is our reality. Then that suggests the anecdotal reports in the first three disciplines are true. This information is couched within scientific jargon that precludes the layman from fully understanding its significance. It also insulates the scientist from suffering from real world reactions to discoveries that will shift power structures. If what the science is showing is accurate and by all indications it is then the scientists need to say what is happening in plain English. Reincarnation is being studied and proven and that the anecdotal reports in the first 3 disciplines describe that landscape/reality.

The power of prayer explains scientifically
All religions support the power of prayer. As we break particles down further and further we find they are more wavicles than particles. All particles have a particulate state and a wave state. Another way of saying it is all particles are made up of energy. This energy expresses itself in waves. What we are finding is consciousness has both a particulate state, you, and a wave state, when you seem to sync with everything around you. When you enter a house of prayer you come on your own particular wavelength. But when you pray as a congregation you sync that wavelength with others in the congregation and in doing so can effect change at a distance, in short, a nonlocal effect. This is now been proven and is accepted as scientific fact. In the work on non-local consciousness we track brain changes in the recipient of intent by healers. They larger population sees prayer as a theological endeavor when scientifically we are beginning to unravel the “mystery” of how it actually works.

Physicists and physicians are having difficulty processing this change
They’ve discovered a disembodied form of consciousness and they really don’t know how to explain it to laymen because if they use the word reincarnation there are a variety of pressures and impugnation’s that they are subject to.

So they are cautious and obtuse when speaking this of topic because of the detrimental experience both personally and career wise they will have from explaining what’s really occurring.

In simple English, we have reached a point where there are studies we can do can to prove reincarnation exists. Nobody’s willing to connect the data points that would prove it.

To the physicists I say this emerging science of reincarnation is the changing paradigm expressing itself, embrace it.

As a group, physicists deserve much praise but their responsibility now is to continue doing this scientific work they are doing and teach nonscientists what they have learned in an easy to understand way. This paper is to help them get through the roadblocks they have encountered and help them get funded.

They can help themselves do this in the following ways, they can do a series of Kick starter programs and experiments to ask for money to:

Run an annual convention

Write a simple text book aggregating in one place in clear easy to understand language all the interconnected data points and what it means. ELI5 Explain it like I’m 5.

Ask for money and human resources to do probability studies.

Band together to do a Kick starter video with IANDS/IONS study with Weiss, Tucker, Moody and Radin all doing one Kick starter video jointly.

Let Abundance 360 run the global rollout of videos

Science Conclusions of Reincarnation science
If the probability studies turn out probable then the common narrative can be considered equally as probable.

If physics is proving and explaining how the mind is non local then the common narrative is supported by our understanding of science.

This should be said simply by physicists, physicians and healers.

Simply explained the brain may be more a fax machine than a computer.

Do the studies to provide one simple explanation with probabilities on what our reality really is.

That is where reincarnation science wants to go

Rather than attack the science of reincarnation religions should see this as a validation of their beliefs. No matter what religion you ascribe to you cannot say that the people in other religions are not human. This science is proving what you personally believe but the various belief systems are being homogenized into one fact based logic driven narrative.

Religions have three things they have to deal with regarding the science of reincarnation.

First is scientific validation for their beliefs. These include an afterlife, angels, guides or parts of the heavenly host the described by the specific religion and the proven efficacy of prayer and how we theorize it works.

The second is for people, individuals, religion is transitive. A true believer in one life may not be a true believer in the next may be part of a different religion or opposing religion.

If what religions say about an afterlife is true, then religions are positing we have two lives, one here on earth, and one in the next world. There is no text in any religion where God prohibits himself from giving more lives. For the more fundamentalist theologies this science shows that there is no reason to restrict one class or gender so laws like women not being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia or apostasy laws in the Asian subcontinent have no basis in reason or fact.

This science gives those oppressed by restrictive laws the reason in logic to overturn that oppression. It is their collective responsibility. But this karmic account upon which all religion is based affects the oppressors and the bystanders with equal responsibility.

Based on the exit interviews of children who remember prior lives, NDE’s, past life regression, and clairvoyance that is the common narrative. That narrative is supported not only by probability statistics that this is our reality using odds against chance, but that it is also supported by the hard sciences where we have begun to unravel how nonlocal consciousness, your spirit mentality, becomes local, you’re physical self.

Researchers in the neurosciences, quantum biology and nonlocal perception are seeing how this nonlocal awareness projects itself into the physiology of their consciousness research as we saw in nonlocal consciousness.

The third is that the common narrative may change some of the power structure of the religion or render that portion invalid. Regardless how they argue this point it is their God in their belief system that made this world. They should rather see this science is revealing more of the world to them.

Religions are repositories of our collective consciousness. They give us our wisdom traditions. If each religion is a denomination then the science of reincarnation is the common denomination of religion. All gods would want their followers to know this science just as all gods would want their followers to use the most recently developed weapons. For instance from the scimitar to the IED.

The opportunities for studies in this area are simply boundless. When you are dealing with religions you are dealing with a quantum of consciousness. Each stands alone as a mindset but they are more similar than different. But each one regardless of belief system is subject to the same laws of nature that we see in the above events.

Enterprising young researchers could crowd fund their own studies in this area keeping in mind that the goal of each study is to connect the data points from one discipline to another.

The specific area of interest to focus on is the statistical match between the common anecdotal narratives versus the common religious narrative versus what we actually are seeing. In short the collectively and accurately describe our reality. No one can stop the power shift that this is going to cause or what the full scope of this new information will mean to each and every one of us.

I would like to see on odds against chance study comparing the common narrative of the anecdotal disciplines to the common narrative of the religions. They seem to match. Can we believe what we see? Do we see what we believe? Who are you going to believe, someone else or your own eyes?

Do not expect this new information/analysis to change an individual’s political perspective but any child born after this information coalesces will incorporate the new information. It will simply restrict the number of recruits any radical ideology can get by virtue of reason and the false logic radical ideologies present.

The political position extracted from the above data is based on fact. There is nothing in the above political position that does not extend an equal amount of freedom, civility, and respect to every human being regardless of their race, religion, or gender.

The science of reincarnation needs politicians and bureaucrats who are going to reshape policies based on the new paradigm, the new information. By connecting the above data points the likelihood is that there is more than a 50% probability that our consciousness reincarnates. The current politics is for us not to do those studies because power structures would need to change. What happens when you prove using the available data and an odds against chance that we change religion, race, and gender?

The only way to know is to do the studies. We need to fund the ones that will change our reality, like all religions being totally equal. Or ways to choose your gender in your next life. If we know how to write that code we could do that. But to be able to write the code we have to do the studies.

All politicians from all countries should want their citizens knowledgeable about this emerging science. Its effects are seen in all populations, that means everybody. This science is part of the changing paradigm, and this new science a manifestation of this change. The scientists themselves need to lead the politicians and populous on understanding this change.

This information must be made available in the vernacular of every country in the world.

Governments and Corporatacracies
Governments and corporatocracies are simply communities that are self-sourcing and self-funding and that have interests unique to themselves. They all have a foreign policy. The Science of Reincarnation Community cuts across all these planes and is made up of all of us. That’s a paradigm shift.

One thing about corporatocracies and management. The karmic ledger sheet upon which religion is based now begins to have some very real teeth. While the science of reincarnation seems to indicate that you are evaluated more than judged we have to life after life bring a positivity to our actions.

Studies should be done comparing lives that individuals have led to calculate how that karmic ledger sheet is kept. We have multiple life individuals in all the categories that begin this science. We can take those cases, extract common data points and then analyze those common data points to see if we can find trends.

The simple first steps that need to be taken
The scientists we mentioned on page 2 each need to record a short video supporting the publication of the textbook and what experiments they would like to fund.

They can begin the discussion on r/reincarnationscience at no cost to them and get community feedback and support.

SORC needs to put out their own request for funding in kick starter format.

The crowd can be put to work managed by the experiment designers

Scientists need to open up the databases for the crowd funding support

IANDS needs to aggregate the collective data from the University of Miami and UVA as well as their own database to prepare it per IONS instructions so it is ready for analysis. They should also mine the Cayce Institute and reevaluate the historical data along these lines.

IONS then gives us a calculation on the odds against chance that the common narrative from data points of children who remember prior lives, near-death experiences, and past life regression as a probability. Then it needs to do a Meta-analysis including the other disciplines.

The Crowd
The good news is everyone can participate. Individuals can DIY on any of the studies I have discussed. Do the work, put it up on the boards and post the probabilities and how you created your algorithm. Then let another individual do a double bind corroborating study. That’s how this begins.