Uncategorized Implications of the Science of Reincarnation

Implications of the Science of Reincarnation

I refuse to live in a world where truth is beaten into submission. You see the science of reincarnation is already being done at UVA, University of Miami, UNLV, Princeton and Stanford. Why isn’t it called The Science of Reincarnation? Because it would stand the current cultural and religious order on its head by proving the very thing they all believe in, life after death.

So why aren’t all these believers rushing to embrace this new science? Because what the science shows is that they are all equal. In fact this science shows that gender is not binary and that women are equal to men. In fact this research shows souls, may change sex from life to life, that we all have lived before, that you may choose not to reincarnate. That animals, in fact all life, is subject to the same conditions.

We have this body of observations, experiments and hypothesis and we have not connected the data to meaningfully extract its full meaning and consequences. So this blog and site are calling for the following.

That the above mentioned Universities accredit a 3 credit undergraduate science course, The Science of Reincarnation, and a 3 credit undergraduate science course, The Applications of the Science of Reincarnation 1.0.

The science in the Science of Reincarnation course would simply aggregate the science these Universities are already doing and teach it under one heading where it belongs. You can’t get a grant for a science that doesn’t exist to do the studies incorporating all the disciplines mentioned here unless you call it what it is, The Science of Reincarnation.

  • University of Virginia: Children who remember past lives
  • University of Miami: Past Life regression
  • UNLV: Near Death Experiences
  • Princeton: The Intention Experiments
  • Stanford: Remote Viewing

The above is the syllabus for the science of reincarnation so before judging what this blog says familiarize yourself with the most recent science on this topic.

This is vitally important because it is a counter balance for lies spread by people who through those lies gain control. These observations and experiments are all interconnected and provide a fact based logic driven analysis of our reality as a counter point to belief based systems. What is interesting is that the science supports the supposition that your consciousness will continue after the death of your body.

Now this is all fact and I challenge you my reader to verify everything this blog will say. You will determine whose truth is right.

Start by verifying everything about the above universities. More explanations will follow; the information is available and will surprise you.