Science Of Reincarnation SOR Not Taught Cohesitively

SOR Not Taught Cohesitively

People don’t understand the science of reincarnation because it is not taught cohesively and clearly do not understand the different sectors of this science and how they are related. So how would AI break down whether the science of reincarnation should exist at all and if it should what it would be composed of.

It would look at observable data, events where people claimed reincarnation. In this category it would look at common data points. This would include NDE’s, children who remember prior lives and transplant memories.

It would look at non local consciousness, the human ability for the mind to reach outside the body. Clairvoyance was first proven in the field of archeology (The Hidden Vaults of Time-Schwartz) with DNA evidence, a proof that would stand up in court. So it would analyze the data points of the experimental results testing what human consciousness can do outside the body. This would include the SRI and PEAR type events. It would also include transplant memory which is a subset of genetic memory.

An expository note to the casual reader, the program at Princeton ran from 1979 to 1994 and tested 250,000 people to see if they could influence a computer by just thought. As an example they programed a computer to produce 50% zeros and 50% ones randomly through and hour but at the end of the hour it would be even.

Next they put a person in front of the computer and they would see either a boat or a tree (each representing either the zero or the one) and the person was told to make one image appear more than the other with just intent.

They found everyone could influence the computer with just thought. If a person was alone they would get 52% trees and 48% boats. If a bonded couple a man and a woman did the test the average changes to 54%-46%. But if 2 women did the test together they could get the same result but in the wrong direction. Test done at Stanford and other labs corroborates this result.

The process of clairvoyance, remote viewing, and premonition are all different aspects of non-local consciousness well-grounded now in science and proven by double blind experimental data. It would also look at DNA evidence which would and should be accepted by a court of law as having been “proven”.

It would look at religions and belief systems to find common data points between religions but matching those data points with the observable data and the experimental results.

Finally its analysis would include DNA memory and transplant memory using genetic memory as a baseline for the children who remember prior lives.

In fact for us to truly know whether reincarnation is programmable and possible we need to connect these point ourselves and this is not being done. We are ignoring what should be done at our own peril, actually our grandchildren’s peril.

Remote viewers and people who have experienced an NDE or children who remember prior lives should have ongoing studies and joint symposiums.

They should be asking for help from non-local consciousness resources. Protocol development wellness and acceptance of a new larger paradigm are all symposium development issues. Think how Indian cultures in the Americas reacted to the more technologically advanced Europeans. We are in that kind of peril.

The aggregate of all this data would produce a common narrative. Would we be able to design a process of reincarnation? Is it happening already? If not could we design it? And is what we are already seeing that design being implemented and are we a part of that already occurring process?

Wave form vs particulate consciousness: Particulate consciousness is you, the consciousness that resides in your body. Non local consciousness or wave form consciousness is your hunch that gut feeling of what is right. We all have it, when the phone rings you know it’s your sister. That’s wave form consciousness. It’s what they measured at PEAR and used at SRI.

There is much evidence to say wave form consciousness is discreet, that means after you die you are still you. The religions say it, the observations agree and according to the emerging data it looks like we can program to it.

This is consistent with the wave particle duality. We can talk scientific theory here but let’s talk about the 3 year old who remembers dying in WW II and when he is 5 he means members of his old squadron when they are in their 80’s and they accept him as who he says he was because of what he couldn’t possibly know. A form of genetic memory of a prior life.

We see this genetic memory in nature, monarch butterflies remember a location in Mexico even though they and their parents have never been there.

But as we have proven that just thinking can influence a computer AI will have a field of influence that can influence a person! The same 2-4% just by the computer being on in a room with you.
So let’s break down the data and utilization groups in the next blog.

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