Science Of Reincarnation Making IASOR Personal

Making IASOR Personal

The best way to understand the science of reincarnation is to make it personal. If you are 35 or younger this blog is important to you. This blog is a pure scientific aggregate view of the science of reincarnation and how it will affect you personally over the next 50 years. If you are in tech or finance this is a who’s who of those doing this science right now, and what is flying below the radar and what might be possible.

So in 2017 a 35 year old person lives in the following situation: He could upload anything on his computer to the cloud and down load that quantity of information to a new computer.

By 2035 when our person is 53 artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence. That means that we can upload and download to the cloud a greater quantity of cognitive information than exists in the human brain.

By 2050 our person who will be 67 will be able to “plug in” neurologically to information systems and we will have “enhanced” humans. AI will have quadrupled in intelligence measured as 2 turns of Moore’s Law.

By 2065 our person will be 83 and we will be able to upload a human consciousness to the cloud. Given the progression that 30 years before in 2035 we could upload more information to the cloud than in the human mind we then have 4 full 7 year periods for Moore’s law to double. It is not too early for us to plan 50 years ahead of our present moment for the cognitive future of a 35 year old today. AI doubles very 7 years so in 2065 AI will be 2x2x2x2=16 times smarter than a human.

For those who doubt the coming paradigm change, who see what I am describing as doubtful, realize that Dick Tracy’s tv wrist watch was introduced in 1964 and was an upgrade on the 2 way wrist radio introduced in the strip in 1946. The iwatch from apple was introduced in 2015, a period of 51 years.

Now even seriously taking about the “Science” of reincarnation has major social and political ramifications. NASA did a study asking religions what would be the effect on them if we announced we had discovered aliens.

They should do a study asking religions what if we can program reincarnation. Our scientific ability to do this is about 50 years away. But the center of this science is not at NASA or even the DOD but is split among independent NGO’s who, because science is itself myopic, are not aware of cross discipline significance or even how to fund the studies that are needed.

This blog will be the schematic or blueprint for doing the science of reincarnation.

This blog will be about designing a moon shot proposal, who pays for it, who designs it, who owns it and who benefits and the national security interests that will affect all nations. But there is something else, how ridiculously real this proposal is.

Who owns it? Who owns anything, the 1/10 of 1%. It is they who will benefit first and most, more if this science gets done right, less or not at all if all the pressures that effect this science deform it at its birth.

What benefit? Being able to have a plan to come back to the world they designed. In 20 years control of the nuclear arsenal will be in the hands of an artificial intelligence smarter than the generals who operate it. What if that intelligence can remote view? It is after all a quantum system.

What input would the most foresighted of the 1% have and where would they be able to even put it in if there is no science of reincarnation?

There is an urgency to do this now ahead of the AI cognition curve, it is important to design our matrix into the machine’s architecture and to begin that design at AI’s birth.

Follow two things, the line of the logic, it’s both inescapable and dangerous and follow the money. It’s huge.

This blog will explain where this science is being done, what its future is, and how to benefit from it and to see it delivered on a chip. This effects everyone.

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