Science Of Reincarnation The Problem With The Science Of Reincarnation

The Problem With The Science Of Reincarnation

The problem with the science of reincarnation is its lack of fusion which was evidenced this past weekend December 21, 2016 in 2 separate events.

The first was an article in the New York Times magazine section on the development of AI, artificial intelligence and how they are programming a computer to think like a three year old child.

The second occurred the following day on Good Morning America when IANDS (The International Association of Near Death Studies) was featured.

Juxtaposing these two separate events explains the resistance to accepting the science of reincarnation as a legitimate emerging science and highlights the reasons for this embedded resistance within the science community and why that resistance will ultimately collapse.

The development of AI threatens mankind because in 20 years, by 2035, artificial intelligence will be smarter than human intelligence. That is why it is imperatively important that the designers of AI create a moral base within the architecture of the artificial mind they are creating to protect mankind.

By 2050 we should be able to take that mind from the computer that houses it, upload it to the cloud and then download it to a new computer. This is not science fiction any longer, it is merely an extrapolation of the predicted time line for this technological development.

This means we will be able to upload and download a cognitive though artificial intelligence through the cloud that is a larger information and processing base than the size of the human mind.

The IANDS model of near death experience seems to indicate that is already happening.

IANDS is roughly 40 years old yet only has 750 members. It is estimated that 4% of Americans have had an NDE which would mean that 12 million Americans have had an NDE that number extrapolates to 280 million globally if everyone had the same health care as provided in America. So what is the problem?

Relevance as a metric value can be measured in many ways. The number would seem to indicate that IANDS has little relevance if it is measured in reach and dollars. Their numbers (750) relative to the size of the NDE population (12 million) in the US reflects their current relevance. To be fair IASOR (The International Association for the Science of Reincarnation) the owner of this blog has even less relevance. Currently.

If relevance is measured by generic attention then AI has is very relevant.

But the information in IANDS is exceptionally relevant because they are a window to the cognitive world that is marginalized because it is not put in context with the larger science of reincarnation. In 35 years if we can upload human consciousness what belief system goes with it? Christianity? Islam? Once you determine the belief system you stand in for god.

If we examine the data points, those believers who have had a past life experience and combine that data with children who remember prior lives and people who have been regressed a standard model would emerge and it would show that your religious belief from life to life doesn’t matter. And then what would the good people of North Carolina do? For that is where IANDS is housed.

IANDS needs more than an infusion of money, it needs an infusion of relevance. It would be more relevant if it could be connected to AI and all the other disciplines of SOR like remote viewing or past life regression.

This will come shortly, in the next blog we will explain how the folks at DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is going to plug IANDS into AI by developing the neural interface.

But in saying that, the tech sector needs desperately to mine the data and use the talent that organizations like IANDS has. That is the reach that IANDS needs to become more relevant. There has to be a Facebook of NDE’s, kids who remember prior lives and transplant memory patients. Who do you think should pay for and own that data?

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