Science Of Reincarnation SOR At The Crossroads

SOR At The Crossroads

So if you understand the first 3 blogs this changes everything in so many ways. If you don’t understand this I’ll say it again in small words in a few sentences.

You won’t die at the end of your life but you will have more responsibility. You get to choose your religion, your gender and your location for your next life. Look at how you are leaving this location. Clean up your campsite. Leave the woods as though you had never been there.

Now it is pristine for the next passage. That is everyone’s responsibility but with great wealth comes great responsibility.

So what is needed is support for a clear picture of this emerging science not sullied by belief or opinion, this information is too important for the human race to disregard or hide from.The consequences of this are immediate and profound. Here is how the ground lays right now.

1- Within 50 years we should be able to upload and download human consciousness.
2- To say right now we have encountered aliens would be an alarmist statement and get this site, which rests on logic and facts, branded as a radical type of site, which it is not.
3- To say we are going to find aliens on a day when Tesla announces it has signed a contract to fly 2 men around the moon because these guys can afford it, and NASA finds out from the media announcement and immediately makes reservations means humanity is outward bound. To look critically and analytically at the emerging science in the pipe line when you return there will be interstellar travel.
4- Current scientific observations indicate reincarnation is happening already, naturally, and the development of this science is being obstructed by religious belief and political action.
5- We spend trillions protecting ourselves from each other because we have no common threat except for disease. AI will be smarter than all of us in 50 years and control all the weapons.
6- If aliens don’t find us we’ll find them.

So the science of reincarnation is an infant among the sciences and it is at a cross roads with many opponents.

The purpose of the science of reincarnation is nothing less than a change in the human psyche for the next generation.

The proof of acceptance of this science in individual cultures will be the integration and safety of minority cultures races and gender expressions.

Example: Christmas trees in Riyadh protected by Wahhabi Clerics because the reciprocal keeps Wahhabi everywhere just as safe.

Now if you are going to program return to a new life do you want to come back to a place that is atrophied or a place that is nourished?

So we need to run 3 or more time lines sequentially.

What will happen in the next 50 years to: 1-Programming, 2-Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3-Space Travel/Aliens?

And we need to ask the 35 year olds at 85 what is the best configuration for these events for the wealthy. We can trust everyone to act in their own best interest. But sometimes best interests coincide and when that happens joint cohesive actions increases everyone’s benefit.

So this is important if you love your grandchildren or are under 35. This is why we are at a cross roads so how do you educate?

How do you teach a new science to people who are pre disposed to not wanting to examine critically the information that could help them so much?

How to use this blog from here. There will be many intertwined threads going forward. They will be clearly marked. The first thread is the standard model. It lets you see what the scientists are seeing and go to the interesting and underlying data. You can skip it go right to political or religious threads and come back. Other threads will be marked and are listed below.

In this blog we will follow the money, debate religion and politics and look at the military applications of the science of reincarnation (SOR) and its many component pieces.

So the coming blogs will have various threads. There will be a thread on:

The standard model of reincarnation so you can see the entire view of what scientists globally are seeing in one cohesive easily explained way.

There will be blogs on the political effect of the emerging science as it effects Saudi Arabia, China, Islam, and the American republican right.
There will be blogs on programming and robotic and future world design and the emergence of aliens. There will be gamer threads, Rich people threads, working stiff threads, Geo political threads, Talk to AI threads.

Out of this will emerge a Moonshot science and a Master Plan for Humanity.

Visit The International Association for the Science of Reincarnation
Talk to Bob Good on reddit at r/reincarnationscience


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