Science Of Reincarnation The Science of Reincarnation, its applications and ramifications

The Science of Reincarnation, its applications and ramifications


This blog will now begin to explain the science of reincarnation, its applications and ramifications. This will lead up to Bob Good’s speech at FAU on March 6th at 11:30 am on the same subject.

Observations made and experiments done in the last 50 years have changed how reincarnation should be perceived. 350 years ago the earth was considered the center of the universe until Galileo pointed out scientifically it was not. The ramifications of those scientific observations caused an upheaval within the Catholic Church.

The aggregate scientific observations about this emerging science of reincarnation will similarly have far reaching effects within the worlds of religion, politics, war, sex and gender, culture and world governance.

Like any science we have more to learn, experiments that need to be done, and funding needs to do those experiments. We need scientists with the courage to come to the fore and lead the way. The University of Virginia is the first major university to put on its site that it is doing the Science of Reincarnation. University of Nevada Las Vegas (where the original research on near death experiences began) and the University of Miami that has pioneered past life regression are the first two universities that should follow suit. Collectively they have amassed data that needs to be mined. All of this information was random data points until 2 things occurred in the last 20 years.
Princeton’s PEAR anomalies lab proved that everyone’s mind has the ability to reach outside the body. Among cognitive researchers this is now regarded as fact. In fact the CIA, NSA and US Army have given Stanford University over 25 million dollars to run experiments using this common human ability we all have.

But proving the human body changes every cell in your body every 2 years means your mind has more permanence than your body and researchers like UVA’s Jim Tucker are now theorizing that your mind existed before you were born.

This science needs to be accepted, accredited and taught at major universities and the syllabus should simply be to aggregate the work being done at the universities I just mentioned and taught as a single body of information.

How do you write a funding proposal for a science that doesn’t exist? By accrediting it and teaching it here in the United States, you being to teach it all over the world. And what does this science show?

That souls change sex from life to life, that after death it is not a process of judgment but evaluation, that after you die it does not matter what religion you were, you could be a different religion the next time you were born, in fact you could be a different religion, race and gender the next time you were born. But these are the small changes.

This science shows that death is not the end, just a new beginning and that you have input on how you shape your individual future.

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