An Overview

Roughly 40 years ago a professor named Ian Stevenson began to study Children who remember prior lives at the University of Virginia. This was observable testable data.

These children are quite specific about the fact they don’t belong to the family they were born into but rather their other family is where they want to go back to. Please watch the 6 minute video of the boy who was a fighter pilot during WW II on the home page of the IASOR site for an example of this.

When taken back to the locale of their prior life they know geography and people of their prior life. After being introduced to the people who would remember them those people, the old people meeting this child who claimed to be among them in a prior life, those people accept the child for who they claimed to be. Somehow these children possess a knowledge they could not possibly have to a degree to convince strangers that they indeed are who they claim to be.

What began as vetting these stories over 40 years there are thousands such cases a form a data base, currently they are loading 2500 cases into a computer each with 400 variables to seek patterns. This is science the way science should be done. That is if science is a snail. How about tech funding? What could be developed if this whole field could be looked at cohesively? Who would own the data? Who would own process?

Yet the department that does this is not funded by the University but by a private endowment, the University of Virginia, in the opinion of this blogger, would like the program shut down.

The University of Miami in Coral Gables Florida is home to Brian Weiss who helped pioneer past life regression, along with Michael Newton on the west coast. Past life regression could be described as putting the subject in a hypnotic trance and having them remember events from prior life. It is a form of personal remote viewing, a type of will call clairvoyance. These are all forms of transmission mechanisms where wave form knowledge takes precedence over particulate knowledge because we intend that result.

The scientists at IANDS and UVA agree there is a scientific connection between their 2 specialties but not with the past life regression people. But the past life regression people are using basically the same technique as the remote viewing people whose process has been validated by Stanford, Princeton, the CIA, FBI, and NSA. In fact it’s all connected and should be seen as parts of a common whole.

Once you do that you scientifically invalidate every religious narrative and replace it with a scientific model that validates what religions collectively teach us, that our consciousness does not end with our deaths.

That means a Muslim can have a Christmas tree in Mosul, Mohammed won’t be offended and a transgender should be treated with respect and can use the bathroom of their gender in Durham and women in Saudi Arabia should be allowed to drive. It is all cut from one cloth.

The resistance to the development of the science of reincarnation should be obvious, the power shift in religion, cultures and belief systems is so overwhelming that an entire generation will have to die off for this to be accepted according to Thomas Kuhn.

Scientists themselves do not know how to deal with the geopolitical effects of the real science they are doing. To keep their jobs and funding they need to stay in their little academic enclosures and not make waves.

In this information there is a real threat to humanity. In less than 40 years AI will be able to remote view.

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