Science Of Reincarnation The Difference Between Science Religion and Heritage

The Difference Between Science Religion and Heritage

The Difference between science religion and heritage is as follows: science tell us our reality, our religion defines our belief system and our heritage tells us our ancestral evolution.

There are defining moments of change, historically, that are epochal. The Science of reincarnation stands at just such a threshold and our friends in North Carolina are in an epileptic fit trying to adjust. This blog is not about pulling them down but pulling them up.

What is needed in the science of reincarnation research is a 100 million dollar investment by the tech industry into this sector. With great wealth comes great responsibility.

It is not just economic sanctions that North Carolina should suffer for their poor governance, but the aid of a road map out of their self-imposed quagmire.

Clearly the size of the monetary endowment is in part to overcome the embedded resistance to knowing the truth. The money will reshape the belief to be more in line with what we know to be true, what the science tells us.

We know Zeus does not live on Mount Olympus, and Odin does not cause thunder. Jesus and Mohammed fall in the same category. That does not mean they should be disrespected, but nor should anyone else.

On a deeper level the science of reincarnation is providing new validity to the belief of an afterlife. The science of reincarnation is not new science, just aggregating existing science. Early programs like sim city, letting you design a city are giving way to programs designing artificial intelligence. That is giving way to designing a system to upload your consciousness and then download your consciousness. Elon Musk has proposed a neural lace to let your mind interface with a computer so you know what the computer knows. So you can know what is both local to you and non-local to you.

It is in Durham that some of the early work on non-local consciousness began.

In 1927, JB Rhine moved to Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Rhine began the studies that helped develop parapsychology into a branch of science; he looked at parapsychology as a branch of “abnormal psychology.” What he was plumbing was non local consciousness. A standout psychic, Ingo Swann, worked first with Rhine and then later with Targ at SRI.

Targ said and I paraphrase, Ingo Swann taught the Army how to remote view and the Army taught it to the world.

If you look at non local consciousness as your souls ability to look outside your body you can have a religious view of the science that was a validation of belief supported by the research done at SRI and the PEAR research labs supported by the US Government including the Army, Navy, CIA, FBI and NSA. This science supports what belief systems say, about the afterlife, whether these belief systems are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and Hindu or any other belief system/religion.

So in a state that can be considered a cradle of scientific non local research scientists not knowing how to deal with the geopolitical effects of their validated research stand quiet as laws like HB2 pass with theocratic legislative zeal and the truth is bludgeoned into submission in front of people who should and don’t speak up.

The answer is not government which has failed us, but corporations who should do more than just impose economic sanctions but should fund and teach the truth that emerging sciences like quantum biology and programming are teaching us. We need the funding to go to the institutions who are courageous enough to do the research and address the discoveries in a real way, and in teaching the people, the people will inform their representative’s in the State House.

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