Science Of Reincarnation Where is memory stored? (Part 2)

Where is memory stored? (Part 2)

Where is memory stored part 2
But there needs to be a dual theory. If mind and memory are diffused wave patterns, then there has to be a theory of how they interact with our bodies on the macro level.

It appears that on the quantum level, there is no sophisticated theory to incorporate the energy in your body into biology. We measure the electromagnetic pulses of the heart in an electrocardiogram, and we’re always improving our imaging of brain scans, but the energy patterns of the body itself are only at the very early stages of being mapped, and it is these energy pulses that create the same kind of interference patterns that you see in a hologram. These energy pulses also create auras, which we’re able to capture on certain types of film, and it is these auras that can reach out and intersect other energy pulses that everything around us emits. We are, in essence, reducing our bodies into simple energy for such analyses.

In the 1600s, blood was just blood, and when a man was ill, it was because he had some bad blood. So, the doctors cut him and drained out the bad blood. Today, we know that blood is not merely some red liquid coursing through our bodies that needs to be drained when we have any sort of disease. It’s a life-giving solution rife with white cells, red cells, plasma, leucocytes, and all sorts of things that are carried through our body. Today, however, our view of our body’s energy patterns is just as primitive as the seventeenth century’s ideas about blood. Three hundred years from now we may have a more detailed knowledge of the body’s energy patterns, because right now we are finding that these energy patterns can intersect and interact with other energy patterns at the quantum level, resulting in the ability to carry vast amounts of information.

But our bodies are designed to limit this information. We have built-in blind spots that do not prevent us from seeing some of the reality of this life, but that do prevent us from seeing the greater reality around us. We hear in a certain range and see in certain wave lengths. We cannot see infrared wave lengths, but they exist.

I do not want to speculate here about the purpose of life, but I do want us to acknowledge and accept as truth that which science can replicate and repeat.

Scientifically, then, how do we separate mind and body for the point of this discussion? If our memories are stored holographically throughout our bodies, how do we separate mind and body?

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