Science Of Reincarnation System Design

System Design

The Science of Reincarnation is a cross disciplinary science so the System Design should begin with a brief explanation of The Science of Reincarnation itself.

Preface to the Science of Reincarnation College Textbook


Introduction to the Science of Reincarnation

The science of reincarnation is part of the cognitive sciences. It is a science that is just now emerging and will in the next 50 years grow to enormous proportions. This science will be the place that your grandchildren come to design their next life.

For the new student the science is broken into three parts. The first part of the science is evaluating what we see. This includes children who remember prior lives, past life regression and near death experiences. In a larger sense these three examples are examples of nonlocal consciousness. Categories such as clairvoyance and remote viewing are part of nonlocal consciousness but so is quantum mechanics, quantum biology and neurology. This part of the science of reincarnation is what is covered primarily in the science of reincarnation 101, version 3. This text book is available for free at (The International Association of the Science of Reincarnation)

The second part of the science of reincarnation is being done at Google’s deep mind and IBM’s AI program. Artificial intelligence is projected to pass human intelligence by the year 2038. In 2016 we’ve just connected an artificial eye to the optic nerve. By 2038 we should be able to connect the processor to the cerebral cortex. By 2050 we should be able to upload consciousness to a cloud and the very wealthiest of us would be able to purchase new bodies grown in a lab and download their consciousness to them. The science of reincarnation textbook for this has yet to be written.

The third part of the science of reincarnation is the study of the cultural, political and social ramifications of this scientific leap. It is touched on here at the end of this textbook but the approach is broadened in the next textbook in this science, The Applications of the Science of Reincarnation 1.0.

As with anything new there will be dissent, failure, and startling success that will seem mundane almost immediately after it happens. We welcome you to the course and the journey.

What follows is a Plug and Play pictograph of SOR. That means one organization in a category can be substituted for another organization performing the same task. This is important as it goes to ownership and intellectual property, there are huge sums of money involved here.

For the sake of simplicity we will start with this pictograph representing SOR.

University of Va. IANDS – (Children who remember past lives)
IANDS – (Near death experiences)
Transitive Process
Past Life Regression – (University of Miami-Weiss/Newton)
IRVA Remote Viewers – (Proven with DNA evidence)
Development of Architecture of AI
Google – (AI development)
Aggregators of data and process (owners)

When AI is twice as smart as a human it will look to this data to design a reincarnation process. If you are religious God would have to have done this for your belief to be valid.

Now in this model money must flow from the AI sector back into the Observations sector which is resource starved, not cohesive in their view of the SOR landscape and data rich.

So if a firm like Facebook made a 100 million dollar commitment to develop SOR (Keep in mind Mark Zuckerberg gave the Newark NJ school system 100 million dollars already) how should that be done and what should Facebook get for their money?

So let’s say hypothetically the initial grants were to UVA, IANDS and IRVA at $5 million per grant. Facebook would immediately own the most advanced data base on experiential non local consciousness events and it would be immensely valuable to firms like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba and others developing AI.

This larger pool of aggregated information would also be of great interest to the intelligence communities of the world.

With respect to IANDS and IRVA, IASOR’s position is that IANDS and IRVA does not understand their own significance to SOR or AI, even more importantly. But it also doesn’t matter. IANDS if evaluated as a data base, can be replicated worldwide. Tech’s interest and money in that type of data base will marginalize IANDS’s position for as long as IANDS ignores this dynamic.

The same is true of IRVA. While it is true IANDS is a data base and IRVA is a transitive process the two organizations need to reach out to each other for common studies and include the children from UVA. That research should be foundational in programming AI and should be funded from the tech sector.

Now if any of this happens it is not really relevant to this blog. This blog should be posted on Kahn Academy as to how to do the Science of Reincarnation in order to teach SOR’s scope and let it become the populist science it will.
Now if this begins to happen globally say China or India set up their own program can the US intelligence community not respond?

Visit The International Association for the Science of Reincarnation
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