Science Of Reincarnation The Standard Model

The Standard Model

The purpose of this blog is to provide the road map for a moonshot proposal to do the science of reincarnation. That includes studying the political, cultural and social fallout. There is a standard model of reincarnation that can be drawn from the joint narratives of children who remember prior lives, people who have an NDE and people who have been regressed. The purpose of this blog today is to draw one feature from the standard model and examine its repercussions.

In the first blog we discussed the standard model of reincarnation and how religion does not seem to be very relevant to those experiencing reincarnation. For a fuller understanding of the standard model refer to the free text book, The Science of Reincarnation 101 on the top of the home page.

One feature of the standard model is that people change gender that is, in one life you may be male and another you may be female. This is a fairly standard narrative if you if you aggregate the narratives from Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, and Ian Stevenson.

Which brings me to HB2 the North Carolina Anti-LGBTQ “Bathroom Bill” where gerrymandering and voter suppression is being used to advance a white supremacist theocratic strategy. At the geographic center of this are our friends at IANDS with their heads in the sand.

You see the scientist themselves say Children who remember prior lives are now scientifically connected with people who have had NDE’s but people from Weiss and Newton, who have been regressed have not been scientifically connected with the first 2 groups. Yet these same scientists recognize that remote viewing and clairvoyance are now accepted phenomena with a clear scientific foundation. In fact it’s all connected and suppressed because of the political and social fallout.

A cohesive approach to joint studies of reincarnation is imperative for humanities sake, drives dollars into research, and allows this data base in search of a science to present those programming AI with a viable road map.

Science changes our reality, after all the pope thinks that there are aliens now and any clear thinking individual must recognize now that with our seeing life on other planets it is inevitable that we will one day meet other sentient extra-terrestrial species. Just like it is inevitable that we will be able to upload to a cloud and download to a computer a consciousness greater than that of a human mind by the end of this century.

This new emerging scientific information is a deep validation of belief of all religious believers because we are now documenting scientifically that consciousness doesn’t die, something all religions preach, but we are all interconnected equally and that thought changes the power structure of religion, be it Christian or Muslim.

But the political change occurs when science is not bought, sold or pummeled into submission by fear of speaking out. But is speaking out against HB2 because it is scientifically wrong, they begin the dialogue with the Islamic world on the same subject.

So we are going to leave this provincial backwater in the science of reincarnation that has much to offer the tech industry, needs an infusion of research and support dollars as much as the tech and programming industry needs them. As for the tech industry, organizations like IANDS will become much more important to them as they become more sophisticated in the development of AI, and then uploading human consciousness to a cloud.

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