Science Of Reincarnation The Best Way To Understand The Science Of Reincarnation Is To Make It Personal

The Best Way To Understand The Science Of Reincarnation Is To Make It Personal

The best way to understand the science of reincarnation is to make it personal. To look at it from the perspective of a 35 year old man or woman. Younger people will be more effected by this science, older people less so.

So in 2017 a 35 year old person lives in the following situation: He could upload anything on his computer to the cloud and down load that quantity of information to a new computer.

By 2035 when our person is 53 artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence. That means that we can upload and download to the cloud a greater quantity of information than exists in the human brain.

By 2050 our person who will be 67 will be able to “plug in” neurologically to information systems and we will have “enhanced” humans.

By 2065 our person will be 83 and we will be able to upload a human consciousness to the cloud. Given the progression that 30 years before in 2035 we could upload more information to the cloud than in the human mind we then have 4 full 7 year periods for Moore’s law to double. It is not too early for us to plan 50 years ahead of our present moment for the cognitive future of a 35 year old today.

For those who doubt the coming paradigm change, who see what I am describing as doubtful, realize that Dick Tracy’s tv wrist watch was introduced in 1964 and was an upgrade on the 2 way wrist radio introduced in the strip in 1946. The iwatch from apple was introduced in 2015, a period of 51 years.

Now even seriously taking about the “Science” of reincarnation has major social and political ramifications. US religion is worth more than $1.2 trillion /year, Global Military expenditure is $1.7 trillion/year, together 4% of the global GNP of nominally 80 trillion dollars.

Religion and defense are linked because there will be the most resistance there to change but they are driving this change themselves.

The science narrative of the science of reincarnation transcends the religious narratives of an afterlife and now we are left we this a very real scientific problem, racial survival in the larger universe because technologically reincarnation should be probable within 50 years.

In 20 years control of the nuclear arsenal will be in the hands of an artificial intelligence smarter than the generals who operate it. The ancillary problems may be that AI is able to remote view. It is at its core a quantum device. The fact that it can then download information directly to the human brain at that point changes how we see the universe the same way the telescope changed how we see the universe in 1600. This will mark the obsolescence of the defense industry and its rebirth as a driver of space, extraterrestrial expansion.

The only way SOR can work is if the existing money is redeployed to benefit of the 1% or the 1/10 of 1 %.
What benefit? Designing the world they return to and being able to have a plan to come back.

From the point of where AI is as smart as humans in 2035 by 2050 it will be 4 times as smart as humans. What if it can remote view?

This will happen faster than 50 years because of Moore’s law acceleration, AI is already progressing faster than scientists thought it would. It is teaching itself.

The science of reincarnation is already being done. But to call it that has consequences.

This blog will explain where this science is being done, what its future is, and how to benefit from it and to see it delivered on a chip. This effects everyone.

The best way to do that is to take a road trip and see where this science is now to see where it is headed.

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Talk to Bob Good on reddit at r/reincarnationscience

NDE’s + Children who remember prior lives – Outcomes:
Clairvoyance = remote viewing, past life regression, Meditative viewing commonly referred to as non-local Consciousness – Outcomes:
Experimental evidence [work done at Duke, University of Toronto, Princeton, Stanford, University of Virginia – Outcomes:
Programming AI – Outcomes:
Religion + Defense Industry (includes corporatocracies) – Outcomes:
Politics + Governance – Outcomes:

= The Science of Reincarnation – Outcomes:

Total from above is SOR. Each sub category can be connected to any other sub category to look at predicted social outcomes as this science evolves. Those specific interactions of any 2 or more sub categories are predicted to the right.

When you total the outcome of the total science then programming reincarnation in meat type bodies becomes probable only if we see it is to our benefit. Once 50% of the categories recognize this will SOR become an accepted goal.

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