Science Of Reincarnation Learn To Do The Science Of Reincarnation In One Minute

Learn To Do The Science Of Reincarnation In One Minute

In one minute and in very simple language we are going to do the entire science of reincarnation together.


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Learn To Do The Science Of Reincarnation In One Minute

Learn to do the Science of Reincarnation in one minute

In one minute and in very simple language we are going to do the entire science of reincarnation together.


You have to answer the following three questions to yourself:
1-Do you believe what you see?
This question means have you looked at the data from children who remember prior lives (UVA), the increasing number of people who report near death experiences (NDE’s), and people who undergo past life regression (PLR). They tell a common narrative but no one in the science community has run odds against chance studies which would show that this is our probable reality.

Buttressing this common narrative is our increasing ability to be at the door of where our physicality meets the energy it’s made up of. In the neurosciences and quantum biology we are dealing with our own bodies at levels below the cell down to the particles that are the energy that make up our being.

What the physicists and the doctors are not addressing is that we seem to have a system for life and death that very much resembles storing computer data in the cloud. The difference is the data, you, is conscious and self-directed. This is the narrative with the highest probability.

This site is littered with this scientific information. The question do you believe what you see?

2-Do you see what you believe?
Do you see Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Thor, Zeus or any other God or do you just read about them? If it’s only people telling you that they are real then you are not seeing what you are believing. But what all of these religions promise is a life after death. If I step back far enough so that I reduce all religions to a common narrative then the religious narrative is supported by the scientific narrative and then that landscape is our most probable reality.

The common narrative with the highest degree of probability when you combine 1 and 2 is as follows.

You can reincarnate if you wish. Our data shows some souls opt out of that. If you do reincarnate you can change sex, race, and religion from life to life. Younger souls tend to reincarnate in one sex but older souls reincarnate 50% in one sex 50% in the other sex.

In some lives you may not be religious at all, in fact no one religion had any advantage over any other religion in regard to reincarnation or the afterlife from any source on the science side. There are stories from these narratives where you can visit the different afterlives from each religion. If you see it here you will see it there is a good rule and that reality to the departed, they say, is as real to them as our reality is to us.

If this were understood as the experience we were having and were going to have then much of what we are experiencing in this world in regard to religious discord, social discord, and sexual/gender discord would have to be reassessed.

That would be because of two operating principles that leaches out of the data.

Karma allows you to improve life to life or increases the debt you impose upon yourself by your actions.

Fate is where you land when you live, and prescribes the path that you walk to your end.

While this may sound metaphysical within the next century we should be able to upload human consciousness.

Based on the exit interviews with the first three populations that we spoke of, the children, the near death experience people, in the past life regression people this is already happening. What doing this science may offer is the possibility of designing future lives.

3-Who are you going to believe what someone tells you or your own eyes?
This requirement means it is you responsibility to educate yourself. You need to make an informed decision. Remember you only have to answer this question to yourself. But it’s part of doing the science.

That’s it were done


Congratulations. You have done the science of reincarnation.

If you could educate the next generation of humans that this has become the norm then you would cut off the flow of recruits to aberrant ideologies and the religious wars would end. But it would still be about money and power. It then becomes how we address our collective karma and fate not individually but as a race.

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